The best for women at night


The best for women at night

Under the effect of caressing sexual self-discipline, the body has an excitatory reaction (sexual arousal), shortness of breath, rapid heart rate (increased 10 times/min or more), facial flushing, mental excitement; feeling breast swelling, nipple swelling due to congestion, the contact will have a slight pleasure; the vulva secretes a small amount of fluid, and the lower part of the vagina occasionally has reflex muscle contraction and has a distinct pleasure.

After the penis is inserted, under the stimulation of the penis, the body is further excited, the pelvic cavity is obviously congested, the lower part of the vagina contracts, and the penis is tightly wrapped (platform period), and the feeling of stimulation of the penis is more obvious, and the pleasure is deteriorated.


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銆€銆€Finally, the regressive period, the muscle rhythmic tics during orgasm lasts for about 5 to 30 seconds and then gradually stops naturally.

The regression of the physical reaction, such as pelvic congestion, gradually subsides within 20 to 30 minutes, and the body returns to its normal state.

銆€銆€In the above process, multiple sexual intercourse may have an impact on physical health.

銆€銆€The penis is inserted into the vagina and twitched, which is a mechanical stimulus to the vagina and may carry bacteria into the vagina.

The vagina is composed of stratified squamous epithelium, which has the anti-friction ability of complications. If there is no pain when the friction is stimulated, even if the sexual intercourse is frequent and the sexual intercourse is long, there is no problem.

銆€銆€Individual women have obvious pain when inserting the penis, which may be related to insufficient preparation of caress, too little liquid in the vaginal mouth, or related to the obvious fear of sexual intercourse and the deterioration of the lower part of the vagina muscles.There is an inflammatory reaction in the vaginal infection that causes pain when the penis is inserted.

銆€銆€Repeated sexual intercourse, if the penis or female vulva is not clean when the penis is inserted, it may bring some bacteria into the vagina and increase the chance of vaginal infection.

However, lactobacilli naturally grow in the vagina of women, which can produce lactic acid and regulate the acidity in the vagina.

The Ph value is maintained at 4 under normal conditions.

About 5, the general bacteria can not survive in such an acidic environment.

銆€銆€Therefore, the vagina has a certain anti-infective ability. In the case of normal body immunity, even a short period of sexual intercourse will not cause vaginal infection.

銆€銆€The impact of multiple orgasms on women’s health.

銆€銆€Orgasm is a human instinct produced by long-term biological evolution.

The human body is naturally capable of launching and taking on an orgasm response.

銆€銆€Therefore, the orgasm response is not harmful to women’s health. Modern scientific research results show that orgasm can improve the body’s function and contribute to human health.