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Can she take over Blanchett?Screenplay Lord of the Rings Elf Queen Candidate Exposure

Can she take over Blanchett?Screenplay “Lord of the Rings” Elf Queen Candidate Exposure
Sauna Night News December 18, according to foreign media reports, Moffid Clark (“Dark Matter” “Sage Maud”) joined the script “The Lord of the Rings”.It is reported that she will play the young version of Elf Queen Kellan Trier, a role played by Kate Blanchett in the movie versions of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.Amazon has not commented on this, and Clark’s representative did not immediately reply.Moffid Clark.The picture comes from the online drama “Lord of the Rings” in the first season of the actor level includes Makela Cavinach, Joseph Mahler (“Game of Thrones”), etc.Juan Antonio Bayana (“Jurassic World 2”) will direct many of the episodes, Patrick McCay, John D. Payne for script development, Brian Cogman (“Power”Games”) as an episode consultant.The drama is scheduled to start shooting in New Zealand in 2020, and is expected to begin broadcasting in 2021.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian

Weekly Wine News | Over the first four months of this year, the output of brewing companies increased by about 10%

Weekly Wine News | Over the first four months of this year, the output of brewing companies increased by about 10%
◆ Bofen price increase, green bottle Xifeng successively raise prices, high-grade light bottle wine market smokes four times After the price increase of Bofen terminal, Xifeng high-line light bottle wine product green bottle Xifeng boxed series and Xifeng integrated productsThe terminal price and supply price were raised respectively.After Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, and the willing wine industry, Jinseed Liquor also started to launch the new “pure seed” of Guangping Liquor, locking the price band of 48-99 yuan.Some analysts believe that the polished wine market has been upgraded, and the price ceiling has been further increased, so it continues to attract big brands into the game.The high-end light bottle of wine in the price range of 30 to 100 yuan has a very high anti-risk period and ability, which is a very important strategic choice for companies, distributors, terminal vendors, and wine industry partners.◆ Sales Zhujiang Beer: Since April this year, beer sales have resumed growth, with a growth rate of about 10%. On May 12, Zhujiang Beer found in the investor survey activity that since April, the company ‘s beer sales have resumed growth, with a growth rate of about 10%.At the same time, in order to improve the product structure, in April this year, Zhujiang Beer has launched a new zero-degree beer in Dongguan.The company expects the market pattern to be relatively stable this year, with little change in market share.According to reports, in the first quarter of this year, the sales volume of Zhujiang Beer decreased by 30%, the proportion of pure raw wine continued to increase, and the unit price of ton wine gradually increased by about 4%, while the revenue only fell by 26%, which was more than the decline in sales.Since April, the company’s beer sales have resumed growth, with a growth rate of about 10%.◆ Production January-April National regulations reduce the total output of brewing companies 11.7% On May 16, the China Wine Industry Association released data showing that from January to April 2020, the total wine production of enterprises in the national wine industry regulations was 1506.460,000 hectolitres, which had previously dropped by 11.73%.Among them, the total output of liquor companies is 231.310,000 kiloliters, down 11.87%; the total output of beer enterprises in the regulation is 857.400,000 kiloliters, down 22.58%; the total output of wine companies in the regulation is 9.05 million kiloliters, down 27.51%; fermented alcohol production 334.580,000 kiloliters, an increase of 43.02% ◆ Dispute response In front of nearly 30 dealers, Guizhou Alcohol Zhu Wei responded to the three-year challenge of 4 billion yuan. On May 13th, Sauna and Yewang learned during the on-site communication meeting of antique dealers in Guizhou Alcoholic WineryGuizhou Alcohol has set a development goal of 4 billion for three years.In the face of doubts about internal goals in front of nearly 30 dealers, the new chairman of Guizhou Alcohol Zhu Weiwei, in addition to the transformation of Guizhou Alcohol Single Winery, will next acquire 1 to 2 provincial-level wines every yearThe speed of the enterprise has gradually created a “Diageo” style wine industry group to achieve its development goals.◆ Performance Yiyuan Wine Industry: The revenue in the first quarter of this year was about 686 months, a year-on-year decrease of 46%. On May 14, Yiyuan Wine Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. released its first quarter 2020 performance report.As of March 31, 2020, the company’s revenue in the first quarter of this year was RMB 686.10,000 yuan.The earliest drop was 45.98%.The profit attributable to shareholders is approximately 244.20,000 yuan, a decrease of 23 per year.5%.Preliminary guess 0.31 points.◆ The market “10 billion liquor companies” absorb 90% of the net profit, the liquor market reshuffle accelerates the transformation, and the liquor companies listed at the end of April successively announced the 2019 annual report and the first quarter report of 2020.Turn to more stable development.However, whether it is a steady and rising 2019 performance, or a sharp decline in the first quarter of 2020 data, to some extent, it shows the increasingly clear trend of centralization of the Chinese liquor market.There is a clear gap in the operating income between the 10 billion camp and other listed liquor companies.The total number of liquor companies listed in 2019 is 2,383.Of the 22 trillion total operating income, the ten billion camp contributed 2070.6.9 billion yuan, accounting for 86%.89%; the net profit is more obvious, the total ten billion camp is 746.Net profit of 6.9 billion yuan (except Shunxin Agriculture) accounted for 814.The total net profit of 3.2 billion (except for Shunxin Agriculture) is 91.7%.◆ The original Luzhou old warehouse: Five major products continued to exert force, and the normal execution was repeated in May. On May 15, Luzhou Old Warehouse Co., Ltd. disclosed in the announcement of its online performance briefing that this year, Luzhou old warehouse will continue to deepenCarry out the strategy of dual brands and large single products, and consolidate the brand system that creates “dual brands, three lines, and five single products”.In response to the extension of the contract budget in the first quarter of 2020, whether the company’s merger and dealer payments have been completely restored, the old warehouse in Luzhou said that due to the epidemic, the company took the initiative to cancel this February-March this year to reduce customer pressureaverage.With the epidemic situation under control, the company began to recover gradually in April of this year, and the normal replacement will be implemented in May.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Jingjing picture Taobao screenshots, Guizhou alcohol for image editor Xu Jingjing proofreading Li Ming

[How can a woman say goodbye to the painful past]

[How can a woman say goodbye to the painful past]

We can always hear the painful complaints of people around us “why can’t I always forget those previous things”, “I know it’s not good, but I just can’t forget”.

Some people feel that life is painful, because those memories that they want to forget always appear, and people can’t extricate themselves from the painful memories.

Why do we always want to forget?

Time is an interesting thing.

Not only can we turn ordinary things into good memories, but also we can remember the pain of the past.

Some people say to be busy, and then to be busy, some things are quietly forgotten.

But what should we do when we are idle?

In the early afternoon of the heavy rain, looking out the wet window, the scene of events began to emerge one by one.

In fact, we all know: For things that we desperately want to forget, we often can’t forget them, and even get deeper and deeper.

Psychologist Keith Payne and his colleagues at the University of North Carolina in the United States have given us the answer from a physiological basis: emotional memory is the most difficult to forget, especially because this memory comes from visual cues.

This emotional memory allows people to firmly remember the emotions they experience, especially those that are emotional and have aroused their emotions.

The condition for people to deliberately forget one thing is to be completely separated from the event-related information mentally.

However, when people’s emotional memories are formed, they are related to many parts of their lives, so it is difficult to isolate themselves.

Once someone wants to suppress or deliberately forget something, they have to face it again and again for a long time, and chewing these things repeatedly for a long time, so that the memory accumulates in consciousness.


[How to cook chicken with zizi]

銆 愭 7 瀮 椮 楦 $ 殑 锅 氭 桶 銆 慱 鍒 多 綔 珂 揂 珶 _ 锅 氭 硶 澶 у 叏
Niu Banluo, Niihuan, Qiuqiu, Qiuqiu, Niuban, Qiu, Qiu, Qiu, Qiu, Jiu, Jiu, Jiu, Jiu, Jiu, Jiu, Jiu, Jiu, Jiu, Qiu, Qiu, Qiu, Qiu, Qiu, Qi, Yu, Yu, Yu, Yu, Yu, Yu, Yu, Ye竴瀹氱殑钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝鍙﹀锛屾ぐ瀛愯繕鍙互涓庡叾瀹冮鐗╀竴璧峰埗浣滄垚缇庨銆傛7瀛愮叢楦℃槸涓€閬撳崄鍒嗙編鍛崇殑鑿滃搧锛屽湪鍗楁柟鍗佸垎甯歌锛岃€屼笖妫峰瓙鐓查浮鐨勫仛娉曞彲浠ヨ鍗佸垎绠€鍗曪紝鍛抽亾姣旇緝娓呮贰锛屾槸鐞嗘兂鐨勮惀鍏婚銆備富鏂欐ぐ瀛?500鍏嬮浮 500鍏嬭緟鏂欑孩鏋i€傞噺 鍐弴 閫傞噺 濮?阃 傞 噺 友 告 潪 阃 傞 噺 锏 介 見 阃 傞 噺 妗 嬗 毊 阃 傞 噺 鍒 朵 綔 姝 ラ?銆佹潗鏂欙細楦°€佹ぐ瀛愩€佺孩鏋c€佹灨鏉炪€佸啲鑿囥€?銆佺孩鏋c€佸啲鑿囥€佹灨瀛愭礂骞插噣銆?Floating inlays and squeezes out the effect of squeezing out loudly and loudly, and swaying the fanning.銆佷粠妞板瓙鐨勭溂绌夸釜灏忓瓟鍙栧嚭鐨勬按锛岃洰娓呯敎鐨勩€?銆佹妸绾㈡灒銆佹灨鏉炪€佸啲鑿囥€侀浮鍧楁斁鍏ョ數楗叢锛屾ぐ瀛愭按涓€璧锋斁鍏ワ紝鍐嶅姞閫傞噺娓呮按锛屾寜涓嬬數楗叢鎸夐挳銆?銆佺粡杩囦竴鐣姫鍔涳紝妞板瓙鑲夊紕鍑烘潵浜嗐€?銆佹礂骞插噣锛屽垏鎴愬皬鏉°€?銆佹鐨礂骞插噣锛屽鍒囩墖骞舵媿鎵併€?銆佸€掑叆妞板瓙鑲夈€佸銆佹鐨紝鏀惧叆閫傞噺鐧介厭锛屾媽鍧囧寑锛岀户缁叢銆?0 銆 佺 丛 娌 炗 射 椈 捈 鍒 version Lu Xian 撶 殑 女人 Forging simple and effective, and forging up and down and down and down and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth?涓紝楦″崐鍙紝鐦﹁倝250鍏嬶紝姘撮€傞噺锛屽厷鍙傦紝妞拌倝锛岀孩鏋o紝鏋告潪锛岃泲榛?Juan?.妞板瓙涓や釜鎸戣€佺殑銆傚厛鐢ㄨ灪涓濇壒鎶婁笂闈㈢殑涓変釜灏忓瓟寮€澶у€掑嚭妞版眮锛屽啀鎶婃ぐ瀛愮敤閾侀敜鏁茶銆傛妸鑲夊彇鍑哄墛鍘诲唴鐨紝娲楀噣銆?.楦″崐鍙拰鐦﹁倝鍗婃枻銆傚姞涓婃ぐ瀛愭按鍜岄€傞噺鐨勬按鍜屽厷鍙傘€佹灨鏉烇紝绾㈡灒/妞拌倝涓€璧风叢鎴愰潛姹ゃ€傜槮鑲夎姘村紑鍚庡啀涓嬪晩銆?[1]钀ュ吇浠峰€兼姹ゆ湁婊嬫鼎鑲岃偆銆佽ˉ琛€鍏婚銆佽ˉ鑰屼笉鐕ヤ箣鍔熸晥锛屽洜涓烘ぐ瀛愭湁娑﹂槾鍏昏偤涔嬫晥锛岀泭鑲犺儍銆傛ぐ瀛愮倴楦℃槸涓€閬撳崄鍒嗘竻鐢滅殑姹ゆ按锛屾ぐ瀛愮殑鐢滐紝楦¤倝鐨勯锛屽疄鏄浮姹や腑鐨勪笂鍝併€備篃璁告湁浜鸿妞板瓙楦℃堡鏄コ鎬т笓灞炵殑鍏婚姹ゆぐ瀛愮叢楦℃堡鐨勫姛鏁堬細琛ヨ偩鍋ヨ剳銆佽ˉ琛€鍏荤銆佹粙娑﹁倢鑲ゃ€傜敤鏂欐ぐ瀛?1 trickle last?1 鍙  崡 飉 岎 粊 1 姹 ゅ 宠 (15g) Read the book  吙 30g 呓 呮 Press 3000ml?2鑼跺寵(10g)鐧借儭妞掔矇 1/2鑼跺寵(3g)鍋氭硶灏嗘ぐ瀛愰《绔敤鍓佸垁鍓佸紑涓€涓皬鍙o紝灏嗗叾涓殑妞版眮鍊掑嚭寰呯敤锛屽啀浠庝腑闂村妶寮€锛岀敤閲戝睘姹ゅ嫼灏嗗唴澹佺殑妞拌倝鎸栧嚭锛屾帴鐫€鍓婂幓琛ㄩ潰鐨勭娓o紝鍐嶇墖鎴愬皬鐗囥€備箤楦℃礂鍑€锛屽墎鍘诲ご鐖紝鐢ㄦ墜灏嗛浮鐨挄鎺夈€傞It ‘s a good idea to break it, and it ‘s very difficult to keep up with it. It ‘s a good thing. It ‘s a lot of things, it ‘s a lot of things, it ‘s a lot of things, it ‘s a lot of things.What is the best way to feed a girl? If you want to eat it, you will be able to mix it with you, if you want to eat it, or if you want to use it?灏忔椂銆傛渶鍚庡湪绂荤伀鍓嶈皟鍏ョ洂鍜岀櫧鑳℃绮夊嵆鍙€傚皬璐村+鐓箤楦℃堡鏈€濂介€夌敤杈冭€佺殑涔岄浮锛岃繖鏍锋堡姹佹粙鍛充細鏇村姞娴撻儊鏈夎惀鍏汇€傚湪鐓茬叜涔岄浮鏃惰涓嶆椂鎾囧幓娴搏锛屼互淇濇寔楦℃堡鐨勬竻绾€傚姛鏁堬細妞板瓙鐓查浮姹ゅ懗缇庡懗椴滅敎锛屾湁鐩婅偁鑳冦€傛ぐ瀛愭€уHooked up?銏 ヨ 集 銆 佽 劸 銆 佸 ぇ Embedded 粵 粡; 揋 滆 倏 鍏 锋 湁 琛 ヨ 嫄 寮 寮 傮 寮 Coaxing.锛岀泭姘旂椋庯紝娑堢柍鏉€铏殑鍔熸晥锛屼箙椋熻兘浠や汉闈㈤儴娑︽辰锛岀泭浜烘皵鍔涘強鑰愬彈楗ラタ锛屾不灏忓効娑よ櫕銆佸鐗囪櫕鐥?The version of the girl version is as good as it is. It ‘s not so good. It ‘s awesome: It ‘s so rich, it ‘s not so good. Is it so cold? Is it frozen?妞板瓙澹虫补娌荤櫍锛岀枟鏉ㄦ鐤€?.鐢熸触姝㈡复銆佺泭姘旂椋庢ぐ姹佸湪澶忓ぉ鏈夊緢濂界殑瑙f复绁涙殤銆佺敓娲ュ埄灏裤€佷富娌荤儹鐥咃紝鍏舵灉鑲夋湁鐩婃皵銆佺椋庛€侀┍姣掋€佹鼎棰滅殑鍔熸晥銆?.缇庡鎶よ偆妞拌倝鐨勫惈娌归噺绾︿负35%锛屾补涓殑涓昏鎴愬垎涓虹櫢閰搞€佹姒堥吀銆佹补閰搞€佹湀妗傞吀銆佽刚镶吀銆佹父绂昏刚镶吀鍙婂绉岖斁璐囩墿川鍏锋湁琛ュ庞链轰綋钀ュ吇銆佺編瀹广€侀槻娌荤毊鑲ょ梾鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傛ぐ瀛愮殑钀ュ吇浠峰€?.妞版眮鍙婃ぐ鑲夊惈姘撮噺铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佹灉绯栥€佽憽钀勭硸銆佽敆绯栥€佽剛鑲€佺淮鐢熺礌B1銆佺淮鐢熺礌E銆佺淮鐢熺礌C銆侀捑銆侀挋銆侀晛绛夈€?.妞拌倝鐨勫惈娌归噺楂樿揪35%锛屼富瑕佹槸妫曟閰搞€佹补閰搞€佹湀妗傞吀銆佽剛鑲吀鍜屾父绂昏剛鑲吀绛夈€?

[Don’t shoot cucumber in the same way as the old one]_How to do_How to do

[Don’t shoot cucumber in the same way as the old one]_How to do_How to do

Photographing cucumbers is a very common feature in northern regions. It is usually common on dinner tables. Traditional photographing cucumbers only need to be seasoned with onions, ginger and garlic.I feel tired, you can also use some special methods to shoot cucumber in normal times, taste good, and high nutritional value.

Knife shot cucumber material 2 gherkins, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, salt method 1, peel the cucumber and cut into two pieces, use a kitchen knife to pat with a kitchen knife to smash, and cut ginger and garlic into minced pieces for use.

2. Put the cucumbers in the dish, sprinkle with soy sauce, vinegar, salt, ginger, and garlic.

3. Add peppercorns to the cooking oil in the pot and heat, pour on the cucumber and seasonings while hot.

Quick shoot cucumber material 2 cucumbers, half garlic, moderate coriander, half spoon of MSG, half spoon of salt, half spoon of sugar, half spoon of vinegar1.

Wash the cucumbers, use the knife to pat them into pieces and cut them into inch segments; wash the garlic and pat them into pieces.


In a clean bowl, add minced garlic, salt, monosodium glutamate, coriander, sugar, and vinegar, stir well and combine.


Put the chopped cucumbers and marinate them for 10 minutes.


Place cucumbers or other plates together and serve.

[How to cook carrots delicious]_Carrots_How to cook_How to cook

The most important thing is that the Ning Ge Song is the best way to go to the Ning Ge, and it ‘s a good idea. The father and the father are rushing in and out of the air. They are in a hurry.父瑙佺殑鍚冩硶锛岄偅涔堟€庝箞鐐掓墠鏇村ソ鍚冨憿锛熶篃瑕佽绌朵竴浜涚粏鑺傛妧宸э紝涓嬮潰灏辨潵浜嗚В鑳¤悵鍗滅児鐓殑鎶€宸с€?涓€銆侀厤鏂欎富鏂?鑳 ¤ melancholy?250 ounces?What are you talking about?100 surnames?Pu 厜 Q?50 ounces?Pu Pui Xian 25 Arrogant?The back of the drama 10 随 嚭 璟 鏂?Dibububu 5 鍏?搈 滈 新?5 guns?Recognition supplement 5Clash of Realm?5 guns?娣€绮?(Pu Peng Xuan) 5 鍏?Sick and tired 5?Huh?5 guns?Was it rough?20 ounces?鍚勯€傞噺1. 鑳¤悵鍗溿€佽眴鑵愬共銆侀鑿囧垎鍒垏涓侊紱2。 透 剧 背 鐢 ? 訉 “夂 柘  鍒 囨 垚 缁 嗘 汤”?。 閿呭唴鏀炬补鐑х儹鏀捐睂璞嗙倰鑷虫柇鐢燂紝鍔犲叆鑳¤悵鍗溿€佽眴鑵愬共銆侀鑿囩倰鍑洪鍛筹紱4。 鍔犵敎闈㈤叡銆佸鏈€佽櫨绫冲強灏戣姘达紱5. 缈荤倰涓婅壊鍚庯紝鍔犻叡娌广€佺櫧绯栥€佺敤婀挎穩绮夊嬀鑺℃敹姹侊紝娣嬪叆棣欐补鍗冲彲銆?浜屻€佹潗鏂欎富鏂欙細鑳¤悵鍗?00 嬭 緟 緂 揙 欙 Fine Pu 呜 媞?Fifty-five-year-old to make up 10Clash of Realm?0 鍏?Forge 2Hagi?鍏?Was it rough?5 嬏 嬫  楠?.鑳¤悵鍗滃幓澶淬€佸幓灏俱€佹礂鍑€锛屽垏鎴愯杽鐗?2.Pu 厜 厫 鎞 鎏 掮 哖; 3.娲楀噣鐐掗攨缃椇鐏笂鐑х儹锛屽€掑叆妞嶇墿娌癸紝寰呴攨涓鐗╂补鍗囨俯鑷冲叚鎴愮儹鏃讹紝鏀惧叆璞嗚厫骞茬吀鐐掑嚑涓?4.鍐嶆斁鑳¤悵鍗滅墖锛岀倰鑷宠儭钀濆崪鐗囧皢鐔燂紝鏀惧叆閰辨补銆佺簿鐩愩€佺櫧绯栥€佸懗绮?5. What’s the difference? What is the difference between Hong Chong and Hong Chong?涓夈€佸仛娉?. 鑳¤悵鍗溿€佽眴鑵愬共銆侀鑿囧垎鍒垏涓侊紱2. 透 剧 背 鐢 ? 訉 “夂 柘  鍒 囨 垚 缁 嗘 汤”?. 閿呭唴鏀炬补鐑х儹鏀捐睂璞嗙倰鑷虫柇鐢燂紝鍔犲叆鑳¤悵鍗溿€佽眴鑵愬共銆侀鑿囩倰鍑洪鍛筹紱4. 鍔犵敎闈㈤叡銆佸鏈€佽櫨绫冲強灏戣姘达紱5. 缈荤倰涓婅壊鍚庯紝鍔犻叡娌广€佺櫧绯栥€佺敤婀挎穩绮夊嬀鑺℃敹姹侊紝娣嬪叆棣欐补鍗冲彲銆?

Demystifying how she stood at 62


Demystifying how she stood at 62

The Avenue of Stars is where all the actresses must compete. In the end, who is the most beautiful actress in Admiralty this year, the appearance of 62-year-old Pan Yingzi has lived up to the expectations of the audience and became the most outstanding one.

The generation of empresses who came out of the models in the car, wearing fire red evening clothes, have a simple and elegant design. Although the arm line is slightly tilted, the style and the noble dress different from the past have not diminished the style of the year.Deserves to be the best-maintained woman.

Few people can be as young as her forever, but we don’t interfere with her maintenance tips.


hzh {display: none; }  驻颜秘笈一:运动+食素  在《神雕侠侣》演小龙女知名的潘迎紫,日前接受专访时,对外界好奇的不老秘诀,她透露除了靠长期运动,还If you have edible fruits and vegetables, you may wish to do more activities every day, such as taking time to take a walk, practice exercises, and punch.

Exercise can accelerate heart rate, promote blood circulation, and improve the body’s function of oxygen utilization.

You can also adjust your physical condition so that the fatigue of some muscles does not spread to other muscles.

  Staying Mystery II: Drinking more water + eating less meat The age of Pan Yingzi has always been a mystery, and she is reluctant to respond. According to Wikipedia, she is 62 years old this year, and her appearance has not changed much. She said: “I started exercising as early as 2, 30 years ago. I used to exercise for 5 days a week, at least 2 hours at a time. Now I am busy. It is expected to be 3 days a week. In addition, I eat less meat and drink more water.

“Pan Yingzi has settled in the United States in recent years. Even when she returns to Hong Kong, she does not wear makeup when she goes out, and she is not afraid of being seen.

  Staying Secret Secret: Try different skincare products. She also added that she should keep her mind open and not be too jealous. Although there are often ups and downs in life, as long as you maintain a red heart, you will be young.

She recently researched skin care products and also talked about cooperation with biotech companies. She said: “It usually takes 1 month for skin care products to cut the effect of the product. I use different brands, each one wipes different parts.Applicable, my eyes are swollen and scared to death.

“Staying Beauty Tip 4: Soak in a bubble bath for a special time, pick a favorite bath, soak in a beautiful bubble bath, listen to music while reading a book, and make you happy and energetic after bathing.”

  Staying Secret Tips No. 5: Develop good habits, go to bed early and get up early, the human body must obey the law of natural changes, “lie early and get up early, walk in the court”, take a short break at noon, “charge” the brain, make people full of spirit, mindwide awake.

Eat a good breakfast. Nutritionists believe that eating a good breakfast instead of people ‘s metabolism starts early in the morning, and eating more and eating less and fatty foods can ensure that your energy maintains a relative balance throughout the day.

  Many people think that a woman can’t be beautiful when she is 40 years old. In fact, you can look at this old lady, but the more you age, the more charming and elegant you are.

Let ‘s learn her maintenance tips together.

8 Nutrition Mistakes of Vegetables

8 Nutrition Mistakes of Vegetables

Long-storage vegetables-fresh greens, bought at home and not eaten, will slowly lose some vitamins.

If spinach is left for one day at 20:00, vitamin C loss is 84%.

To preserve vegetables, store them in a dark, well-ventilated, dry place.

  It is rich in the most vitamin-rich parts-such as bean sprouts. Some people only eat the top buds and throw the watercress away.

In fact, Douban contains 2-3 times more vitamin C than the shoots.

Another is to squeeze out the vegetable juice when making vegetable dumplings, and vitamins will be lost more than 70%.

The correct method is to cut the vegetables and mix with oil, then add salt and seasoning, so that the stuffing will not make soup.

  Stir-fry with low heat-vitamin C, B1 are afraid of heat and afraid of cooking. According to measurements, vitamin C is lost by only 17% in fast-fried vegetables. If you stir-fry again, the vitamin C in the dish will lose 59%.

Therefore, stir-fried vegetables should be cooked with high heat. Such fried vegetables are not only delicious but also have less nutrition loss.

Adding a small amount of vinegar when cooking is also conducive to the preservation of vitamins.

Some vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, are best served cold.

  Cooked dishes are not eaten right away-some people save time and like to cook the dishes well in advance, and then wait for someone to eat in the pot or eat the next meal.

In fact, vitamin B1 in vegetables can lose 25% in the process of warming after cooking.

If the cooked cabbage is warmed for 15 minutes, it will lose 20% of vitamin C, and if it is kept for 30 minutes, it will lose 10% of vitamin C. If it grows to 1 hour, it will lose another 20%., Dissolved in the vegetable soup loses 25%, if it is heated on the fire for 15 minutes, it will lose another 20%, a total of 65%.

Then we have very little vitamin C from the vegetables.

  Do not drink soup-Many people like vegetables but not soup. In fact, most of the vitamins are dissolved in the soup when cooking.

Take vitamin C as an example. After the cabbage is fried, 70% of the vitamin C will be dissolved in the vegetable soup, the fresh peas will be boiled in water for three minutes, and 50% of the vitamin C will be dissolved in the soup.

  Cut vegetables before rinsing-When washing and cutting vegetables, if the vegetables are cut and rinsed, a lot of vitamins will be lost to the water.

  Prefer fried foods-Some people prefer vegetables fried with meat in order to lose weight without snacks.

According to researchers recently, all fat-rich vegetables are filled with air between their cells, while meat cells are filled with water, so vegetables can absorb oil more easily. A dish of fried vegetables often contains more oil than a dish.Fried fish or pork ribs contain more oil.

  Being vegetarian and not eating 荤-Nowadays, more and more people are vegetarian, which is really beneficial for preventing arteriosclerosis.

But don’t pay attention to matching, and being vegetarian is not a blessing.

Modern science has found that vegetarianism has at least four major harms: first, most of the necessary cholesterol, and an appropriate amount of cholesterol has an anti-cancer effect; second, insufficient protein intake, which is a risk factor for gastrointestinal tumors; and third, riboflavin absorptionInsufficient vitamins will lead to a deficiency of vitamins. The fourth is a severe zinc deficiency. Zinc is a very important trace element to ensure the body’s immune function. Generally, zinc is lacking in vegetables.

  Like to eat raw without washing-vegetables are mostly contaminated with pesticides or mold.

Occurrence of pesticide poisoning from eating vegetables.

Vegetables are also parasites of molds. Most molds do not decompose water, and some even survive in boiling water.

It can penetrate a few millimeters deep into the surface of vegetables.

Therefore, you must wash and peel the vegetables with water, peel them, and throw away some old yellow rot leaves. Do not be sorry, especially if you eat them raw, otherwise, it will bring harm to your health.

Lotus leaf

Lotus leaf

Lotus leaf (“Therapeutic Materia Medica”)[synonym]蘧 (“Erya”).

  [Source]The leaves of the lotus of the waterlily plant.

  Plant shape detailed lotus seed strips.

  [Gathering]Harvesting is from June to September. The petiole is removed, dried to 70% to 80%, folded in half into a quadruple shape, and dried.

  In summer, fresh leaves or primary tender leaves (money) are also used.

  [Medicinal materials]The dried leaves are usually folded into a semi-circular or fan-shaped, intact or slightly broken.

  The blades are round-shield-shaped when unfolded, with a diameter of more than 30 cm.

  Frontal turquoise or brown-green, with white short thick glandular hairs: grayish yellow or light gray-green on the back, smooth and shiny; petiole residues placed in the center; entire; obvious veins, 21-22 thick veins, outward from the centerRadiation and meristematic veins.

  Crispy and brittle.

  Slightly dissipates aroma and tastes slightly astringent.

  The leaves are large, intact, green, and spotless.

  It is produced in most regions of the country.

  【化学成分】叶含莲碱、荷叶碱、原荷叶碱、亚美罂粟碱、前荷叶碱、N-去甲基荷叶碱、D-N-甲基乌药碱、番荔枝碱、鹅掌楸Alkali, Graphitin, Isophosphatide Peel Mix, Lotus Powder, Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Gluconic Acid, Oxalic Acid, Succinic Acid, Sulfate.

  Also contains anti-mitotic alkaline ingredients.

  [Processing]lotus leaf: wash with water, cut off the pedicle and edges, shred, and dry.

  Lotus leaf charcoal: take the lotus leaf, place it in a pot, cover it with a slightly smaller pot, put white paper on it, seal the junction between the two pots with yellow mud, calcinate until the white paper is brown, stop the fire, and wait for cold extraction.
  [Sexual taste]bitter, flat.

  ① “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: slightly mild and mild, Weixin.

  ② “Materia Medica Chongyuan”: The smell is bitter, flat and non-toxic.

  ③ “Yi Lin Compilation”: bitter, flat, slightly salty.

  [Guijing]into the heart, liver, spleen.

  ① “Ben Cao seeking truth”: enter the gallbladder.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Enter the heart, liver, and lungs.

  ③ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: into the foot Taiyin, Yangming Sutra.

  [Function Indication-The effect of lotus leaf]Qingshu dampness, raises the sun, stops bleeding.

  Treatment of heat and diarrhea, dizziness, water edema, thunderstorm, vomiting blood, bleeding, bleeding, stool blood, postpartum halo.

  ① Bone epiphysis: rupture of blood.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: main blood bloating and abdominal pain, postpartum coats are not lower, boiled in wine; and staple food wild fungus poisoned, boiled in water.

  ③ “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: quenches thirst, and has postpartum dry mouth, dry heart and lungs, and boredom.

  ④ “Medicinal herbs for daily use”: cure vomiting blood, vomiting blood.

  ⑤ “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: the phoenix of the supernatant chief, heat dizziness, phlegm clearing, flatulence, vomiting, and headache.

  ⑥ “Pinhui Essentials”: cure crab poisoning.

  Outline “Outline”: To develop vitality, expand the spleen and stomach, astringent and turbid, loose blood stasis, cause edema, bloating, and acne.

  Hematemesis, hemoptysis.

  Blood, bleeding, drowning, gonorrhea, collapse, postpartum malignancy, injury and sepsis.

  ⑧ “Ben Cao Tong Xuan”: appetizer digestion, hemostasis and solid essence.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica”: Dialysis diarrhea.

  ”Preparation of raw herbs”: 舂 juice, cure white turbidity, (calcination) existence, cure lotus rash.  ⑾ “Tai Ping is new again: cool and relieve heat, quench thirst, relieve diarrhea, relieve fiery fever.

  ”Modern Practical Chinese Medicine”: It is used for women with chronic uterine inflammation, red vaginal discharge, men’s nocturnal emission or nocturia syndrome; it is also an antidote.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 1-3 money (fresh ones 0.

5-1 two); or into pills, scattered.

  Topical application: mashing, grinding, or frying.

  [Should avoid]① “Outline”: Tung oil, Poria, silver.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Consumption for ascension and dispersal.

  ③ “Dietary spectrum of living with interest”: Anyone who is on the scorch, and should be cleared, should not be used.

  [Selection]① Treatment of late summer heat in autumn, and treatment of dampness and warmth from the beginning: Forsythia three-money (to the heart), almond two-money (peeled, sharp, ground), melon shell three-money, Chenpi-moneyFive cents, Poria three cents, Pinellia one cent, Licorice five cents, Pei Lan Ye one cent.

  Add lotus leaf two money as a guide, decoction.

  (“On the Diseases”) ② Treatment of edema of sun water: burnt lotus leaves, research.

  For every two yuan of serving, the rice drink is adjusted and served three times a day.

  (“Keys to administering syndromes”) ③ Treatment of thunder head syndrome, swelling and pain in the head and face, cold and fever, like typhoid fever: a lotus leaf, Cimicifuga five dollars, Cangzhu five dollars.

  Warm decoction.

  (Qing Zhen Tang of the Internal Medicine Class): ④ Governance of Yang is caused by yin, which results in vomiting blood and bleeding: raw lotus leaves, raw wormwood leaves, raw cypress leaves, raw radix rehmanniae.

  On the ground, the chicken is big.

  One pill per serving, decoction.

  (“Women’s Recipes” Sisheng Wan) ⑤ more than cure vomiting blood: Qijing cream defeated lotus leaves, burnt, research, new water service two money.

  (“Behind the Elbow”) Seven lotus lotus leaves, water suit.

  (“Outline”) ⑥ treatment of hemoptysis and hemoptysis: lotus leaves are dried, as the end, rice drink two money dagger.

  (“Rear of Experience”) Zhi Zhi collapses the middle and lower blood: lotus leaves (burning research) half two, Puhuang, Huanghuang one or two each.


  Three dollars per hollow wine service.

  (“Outline”) 痢 Government under the red water: lotus leaf burning research, two dollars per serving: red lotus honey, white lotus root sugar soup.

  (“Outline”) ⑨ treatment of postpartum blood flow, bored and ignorant.

  Or gossip, anxiety: three lotus leaves, two Puhuang, two licorice.

  The medicine is sieved as loose.

  For each three servings, take one medium in water and fry to five minutes, add raw dihuang juice, half a spoonful of honey, and fry three or five.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang” lotus leaf powder) ⑩ treatment of pregnancy typhoid fever, sweltering fever, dryness, fear of injury to the fetus: roll lotus leaf tender (baked) one or two, mussel powder flower half.

  Top is last.

  For every two yuan serving, the least amount of honey is added.

  (“San Yin Fang” covers the fetal powder) ⑾ treatment of prolapse anus is not closed: discount lotus leaf, baking, research, wine and two money, still sitting in the lotus leaf at the end.

  (“Experience Recipes”) Zhizhi’s styles: thirty lotus leaves, one bucket of lime, drenched juice, combined with boiled stains, half a day out, one day.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) Zhi Zhi Chi You Huo Dan: Fresh lotus leaves, smashed, and coated with salt.

  (“Zhiyuan Fang”) ⒁ cure yellow water sores: burn charcoal with lotus leaf, grind fine powder, mix with sesame oil, apply to affected area, twice a day.

  (“Selected Unilateral Recipes for New Medical Methods”) ⒂ Treatment of foot sore fractures, impregnation of legs and knees, dripping pus, heat and itching pain: four dry lotus leaves, two and a half dollars.

  Finely cut on top, simmer for 2 liters, and fry to 5 liters to remove residue.

  Warm and warm, drenched, still taking rhubarb Zuo Jing Tang.

  (“Zheng Zhi Zhi Yuan” lotus leaf soup soup) ⒃ treatment of lacquer sores: lotus leaf (dry person) a pound.

  Use a bucket of water to cook five liters.  Wash it, mix it with the powder, and dry it with oil.

  (“Sanji General Records” lotus leaf soup) ⒄ Zhi flapping and falling damage, bloody heart attack, boring pain: fire dry lotus leaf five pounds.

  Burn to make the smoke exhaust, study carefully, urinate with a child before eating-Xiaozhan, adjust three money dagger, three servings a day.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) ⒅ treatment of axe sores: lotus leaf burn research rub.

  (“Simplified recipes of lakes on the brink of extinction”)[Master Rules]① “Outline”: According to the rules of the “ulcer and rash eighty-one theory” cloud, the acne has come out, and it is recovered from the cold and wind, then the blood clotting is closed., Its point is not long, or become black, this is inverted lumps, it will hurt the body, limbs micro-jue, but warm muscles scattered evil, then the heat re-emerged and the spots come out also, should be purple back lotus leaf Sanzhi.

  The cover lotus leaf can elevate yang, disperse blood stasis, retain good blood, and stiff silkworm can relieve stagnation of qi. This medicine has only a lot of living people, better than human teeth and dragon brain.

  And wearing Yuan Li’s “Zheng Zhi Jiu Yun” cloud, lotus leaves are served, it is thin, a single serving can eliminate the edema of Yangshui.

  ② “The Compendium of Medical Forestry”: lotus leaves, the same function as the lotus root and lotus heart, but more liver, hot, dehumidification, to clear the air, to green into the liver also.

  Of course, the bitter taste is to purify the heart and clear the gold and water, so it can remove blood stasis, preserve sperm, remove delirium, and calm qi and blood.

Make home your gym

Make home your gym

Lazy food at home is easy to cause temporary accumulation, but if you make a few changes, your home can also become your mecca for weight loss!

  1. Leave a room at home as your gym, put some yoga mats and dumbbells and other equipment, then your enthusiasm for exercise will be greatly improved; 2, replace the food in the refrigerator with healthy low-fat foodsAlternatives that will reduce your conversion; 3, change the kitchen light to dark blue, which can reduce your appetite; 4, change the tableware to a smaller size, because people’s food usually depends on the size of the tablewareTableware can reduce your appetite.

  These simple changes can help you lose weight successfully!