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1 minute rapid anti-aging maintenance techniques_1

1 minute rapid anti-aging maintenance technique

Do you think the maintenance steps are many and complicated?

And it seems that it takes a lot of time to complete a complete set of maintenance procedures. It seems difficult for busy office workers. In fact, as long as you master a little tricks, you can achieve the highest maintenance effect in a very short time to make aging late.Skin glows naturally!

  After getting up: cleaning + moisturizing and synergizing to generate oxygen skin Step 1: Quickly clean for 10 seconds Use a facial cleanser or facial mousse with moisturizing ingredients, so that the skin will not be taken away with excess moisture, there is no tension and discomfort, and naturally delay aging.

After the skin is cleaned, the surface moisture is easily taken away.

It is recommended to use the introduction liquid before the lotion to promote the penetration of subsequent skin care products, and use the foam while washing the face to massage at the same time.

  5 seconds: Gently massage the left and right cheeks, chin and forehead with a circular motion from bottom to top, and draw 5 on the face up and down?
10 round massages.

  5 seconds: Particularly strengthen the strong areas of oil secretion, such as the T-shaped part and the nose, and then rinse the foam with plenty of water.

  step2: High-efficiency moisturizing 30 seconds after using cleansing essence to help penetration and absorption, high concentration, powerful moisturizing products make anti-aging in one step!

  5 seconds: After the skin is cleaned, use a cotton pad to dip an amount of about one yuan, and the introduction liquid should be soaked into the back of the cotton pad.

  5 seconds: Use spiral massage to strengthen the dark skin and large pores. In addition to accelerating skin metabolism, there are also follow-up maintenance ingredients to absorb.

  20 seconds: The focus is on gently massaging the entire face.

Specifically, press on the face in sequence, gently wipe, and lightly press it a few times in order to use it on the entire face. Pay attention to using the piano to gently touch the eyes. The limbs should be pulled up and massaged along the skin lines.Tila can’t be ignored too!

Only when the introduction liquid can really absorb and permeate can we really quickly resist aging.

  step3: Deeply moisturize for 20 seconds to do a second cleansing and moisturizing. The next step is to lock the moisture in the skin. The deep nourishing cream comes out.

  20 seconds: To make full use of these 20 seconds, we must grasp two key points: the strength of moisturizing cream + moderate massage intensity.

After dipping the cream, use your middle finger to gently spread your face along the edges of your toes, and then spread it out in a circle.

Moderate intensity, pull up and massage, the nourishing ingredients really enter the skin.


30 Days Newborn Early Learning Game

0?30 Days Newborn Early Learning Game

0?Early education game for 30 days newborn.

  ◆ Hold the objects in the vertical position to reduce weight.

Looking at moving and vocal toys, watching outdoor scenery, arousing the baby’s interest in scenery.

Marked graphics use the method of extending the gaze time to distinguish between new and unseen graphics.

  ◆ Dialogue Let the family change diapers, talk to the baby during feeding and bathing, let the baby recognize the face and know the family.

Touching the body, amusement, eye contact, the taste of breast milk, and temperature can make your baby safer and more comfortable; hugging, lifting, changing body position, etc., will make your baby feel caring, and will have trust and affection for your parents.

  ◆ Grasp and listen to the sound with soft sounding toys to entice the baby to grasp, a firm grip is the first skill to train your hands.

Musical rotating toys and music boxes allow the baby to listen to the beautiful music while reviewing the toys, to review the prenatal education music, to consolidate the memory of the music, and to inspire the right brain to appreciate the function of beauty.

If not reviewed during infancy, the effects of prenatal education will disappear within six months.

  ◆ Mouth play faces are relatively open mouth, tongue out, tongue out, etc.

Newborn babies will suck, so the movement of the mouth is more flexible than other parts.

Exercise the ability to imitate.

  ◆ When the baby should cry, the mother should cry, the baby will stop crying, and identify who is crying, and then there is a sound other than crying; when the mother speaks, the baby will respond with a small mouth and make small”Oh oh” sound, “ah ah” sound when happy, the mother can also respond to make the baby’s voice louder.

Talk to your baby often, encourage your baby to entertain yourself, or interact with others to lay the foundation for speaking later.

  ◆ Funny Lives in a happy environment. There are often people who laugh. The baby will laugh earlier, and the sooner you will laugh, the smarter it will be. Happy emotions can promote infants’ brain development.

When teasing your baby, scratch your body, touch your face, and use happy voices, expressions, and actions to infect your baby.

The baby’s eyes are gradually softened and relaxed, small wrinkles appear in the corners of the eyes, the mouth angles slightly upward, and a happy smile appears.

  ◆ Passive exercises such as flexing the elbow up and down, inside and outside during bathing and dressing, make the body move, the skin is stroked, and the whole body is massaged.

  ◆ Development of smell and taste Feel different odor stimuli and develop the connection between smell, taste and movement.

Just play once in a while.

5 Tips To Eliminate Lip Peeling And Withering_1

5 Tips to Eliminate Lip Peeling and Dryness

Because the epidermal structure of the lips is thin and the water evaporates quickly, if the moisture protection is not done well, it may even look dull and dull, and even dry peeling may occur.

How to properly maintain our lips in order to keep her healthy and hydrated every day?

  The chapped and dull lips really look good, and once they chapped, they will start peeling, allergies, and bleeding.

Although the lips are a part of the skin with a relatively small amount of cholesterol, because the lips have less sebaceous glands, they are prone to chapped. How can we properly and properly maintain our lips in order to keep her healthy and supple every day?

We invite beauty experts to answer the right lip care techniques.

  Q: How is the skin on the lips different from the skin on our face?

  A: Due to the thin epidermal structure of the lips, the moisture evaporation rate is fast. If the moisture protection is not done well, it may even look dull and dull, and even dry peeling may occur.

  Q: How do we usually take care of our lips?

  Answer: Dry lips and dandruff: If the lips begin to appear dry and rough to the touch, it is recommended to use moisturizing products such as lip balm to enhance the moisturization, avoid dry lips and peeling, and even the symptoms of festering inflammation.

  · Lips are dull: Lips are mucosal tissues that supplement blood vessels, so the color of lips and blood redness are closely related. If you find that your lip color is getting darker and darker, it is recommended to take more exercise in addition to vitamin supplements.Promotes blood circulation and restores the complexion of lips.

  · Deep lips texture: In addition to moisture, the collagen of the lips will continue to age and increase, which will cause the lips to deepen. It is recommended that in addition to the basic maintenance of lip moisturization, collagen can be added in time to maintain the lips.Fullness and fullness.

  · Choose a suitable moisturizing lip care product. You can choose to contain oily moisturizing ingredients, which usually have very high moisturizing properties, which can effectively help the lips to lock in moisture, and at the same time have the function of repairing sebum membranes. They can also be classified as plant based on the source.: Lotus leaf oil, Hawaiian stone fruit oil, and non-vegetables such as vaseline.

  In addition, you can choose to have hydrophilic moisturizing ingredients to help prevent lip moisture, such as: hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. Such natural moisturizing factors have powerful water-holding power.

However, we must remind everyone that the real and complete moisturizing work must be combined with the two ingredients of moisturizing agent and water retaining agent, and at the same time achieve the effect of retaining moisture and retaining water, so that your lips are water and tender from the inside out.
  Q: There are some small things to pay attention to when protecting your lips: A: Unquestionable lip maintenance steps: Choose only ingredients, and the correct maintenance steps cannot be ignored.

In addition to lip care products to moisturize and repair lips, there are several small steps in daily life that can help you have beautiful lips. As long as you pay more attention and add lip moisture in a timely manner, you can also become a supple lip and eyebrow!

  Pay attention to protect your lips: when A wipes his mouth, don’t rub it hard with toilet paper, just press lightly to avoid scratching his lips.

  BIf you often apply lip makeup, you can rub lip care products before applying lip makeup to enhance the hydration of lips.

  C. You can choose a sunscreen for your lips. Apply the sunscreen for your lips half an hour before going out. After you go out, it is recommended to apply it every two hours to maintain sun protection.

  D Use a non-alcoholic, mild rot special makeup remover to avoid excessive cleansing power and take away lip grease, which can cause lip irritation.

  E Avoid licking your lips constantly with your tongue, but it will cause your mouth to become drier due to the evaporation of water.

  F Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and ensure adequate sleep. Avoid irritating foods such as spicy food when your lips are dry and cracked.

  The choice of G toothpaste is also important. When we brush our teeth, the toothpaste will directly contact our lip skin.

If people with sensitive lips or wounds do not alternately foam, the ingredients of this toothpaste are less likely to irritate the skin of the lips.

  ● Kiehl s No. 1 Lip Balm Product Introduction: The best moisturizing care product specially designed for chapped lips, containing soothing factors, moisturizing ingredients, vitamins and UV blocking ingredients (SPF4).

It can bring soft and plump comfort to lips, which is widely used by Olympic skiers and climbers around the world.

  Xiaobian experience: Kiehl’s No. 1 lip balm has already become a favorite lip balm for many MM, Xiaobian, who did not believe it, finally saw its true face recently!



The packaging of the lip balm is tube-shaped. It is easy to control the amount of it, but it is relatively inconvenient to use, because it must be taken and applied by hand. The filling is relatively small, several times smaller.When we open it, we accidentally fall to the ground.

But having said that, the texture of the lip balm is very good, it is very comfortable to rub on the lips, it is very easy to apply, it will not be too oily or too sticky, and the durability is even more important. When using it in winter, you won’t be afraid that your lips will dry again.
The lip balm does not have any taste, but if you smell it carefully, it will have a little oily taste, and you will get used to it after a long time.

Now I must carry this lip balm on my body, highly recommended!

How can I help myself when I encounter an emergency by elevator?

How can I help myself when I encounter an emergency by elevator?

Core tip: The escalator at the zoo station Exit A of Beijing Metro Line 4 failed, causing 29 passengers to be injured and 1 to death.

The sudden tragedy seems to be a real version of “Death Comes.”

Make the elevator safety issue once again arouse people’s awareness.

In the face of crises, little common sense of self-help and mutual rescue may play a role in critical times.

Some good riding habits may also minimize injuries.

  After the escalator fails: protect the brain and neck, and the abdominal cavity1. Each of the escalators has an emergency stop button at the upper, lower and middle sections. In the event of an escalator accident, passengers who are close to the button should press the button as soon as possible,It will automatically stop, which can effectively avoid further deterioration of the situation.

  2. Cross your fingers with your fingers, protect your hindbrain and intervene, with your elbows forward and your temples.

Because when slipping or falling from a height, it is dangerous to notice a strong impact.

Because the spinal cord passes through the cervical spine, if the combined nerve is damaged, the mild person will be paralyzed, and the severe one will be life-threatening.

  3. When you accidentally fall to the ground, bend your knees forward as much as possible, protect important organs in the chest and abdomen, and lie on the side.

  4. When someone finds that someone has fallen suddenly in front of them, they need to stop and immediately call for help, realizing that the people behind don’t approach forward.

  5. Try to protect the elderly and children.

  6, try to maintain emotional stability, because when people plus danger, running, escape, it is human instinct.

Most of them “panic” because of fear, which may cause congestion or even trample.

  How to rescue the wounded: Do not move the wounded easily. For safety reasons, do not move the wounded unless necessary.

It should be placed in a position that best suits its physical condition or injury.

Don’t let him get up or move around.

  2. Avoid extra surgical operations and interference to the injured.

  3. It is recommended to cover the wounded with a blanket or quilt to avoid freezing.

If the weather is cold or severe, put some clothing or blankets under the wounded and cover more.

  4. Look for medical cards for the sick; try to notify the families of the injured as soon as possible.

  Attention when riding the escalator: Fasten the laces, pay attention to the skirt corners, and the edges of the escalator step pedals are generally provided with yellow safety warning signs.

When stepping into an escalator, passengers should pay attention to their feet leaving the edge of the rung, stand within the yellow safety warning boundary of the step pedal, do not step on the junction of the two rungs, and support the handrail. This is the most basic safety requirement.

At the same time, we must keep in mind the “three requirements” and “two requirements”.

  ”Three essentials”: Before biasing, tighten the laces, pay attention to loose, dragging clothing (such as long skirts, dresses, etc.) to prevent being dragged by the edge of the step, comb plate, apron board or inner cover; ifWhen the handrail is not synchronized with the running of the step due to malfunction, pay attention to adjusting the position of the hand at any time; when leaving, lift the foot and follow the trend of the step to quickly step out, stepping over the comb plate and landing on the front plate to prevent tripOr the shoes are pinched.

  ”Two Don’ts”: When avoiding, do not touch shoes or clothing to the glass or gaps of the escalator, to avoid serious injuries caused by dragging during step movement; do not stop at the escalator or sidewalk exit when leaving to avoid affecting other passengers and avoidCauses crowding.

  Why accidents occur because elevators are complex products of mechatronics, structural principles, and control technology content are large, especially high operating frequency is a major reason for failure.

In many high-density communities in Beijing, an elevator often runs more than 1,000 times a day. If repairs and maintenance cannot keep up, accidents are unavoidable.

  It turns out that elevators cannot take the elevator. Such problems often occur: sleepy people (mainly due to power outages and equipment failures); the car and the platform are misaligned; roof punching (the elevator does not stop, straight up and down without listening to control); trolley (no floor selectionThen start); open the door and take the ladder (the elevator door suddenly starts when the door is opened, the most dangerous phenomenon).

  Hidden places that users can feel: the speed of the elevator does not seem to be the same as usual, otherwise it is too fast and it can only be too slow; there is an obvious impact sound or abnormal sound in the car; a smell of scorching or obvious in the carSmoke sensation; touch the wall of the truck, there is a numbness phenomenon . In such cases, you should step down quickly and notify the maintenance department to deal with it.

  How to rescue the trapped elevator Once the elevator falls, you can: First, if there is a handle in the elevator, hold the handle tightly with one hand.

  Secondly, the entire front end is closely aligned with the head and is in a straight line.

  Third, the positive electrode is in a bent posture.

  Explanation: Because when the elevator falls, you wo n’t know when it will land, and it is likely that you will die with a whole body fracture when landing; so the first is to fix your seat so that you will not be unstable due to the center of gravity.And fall.

  The second point is to use the elevator air as a spine protection.

  And the third point is the most important.

Because the ligament is the only tissue of human fatigue and elasticity, the use of contraction and flexion to withstand heavy pressure is greater than that of bones.

  Basically, through the development of urbanization and the expansion of high-rise and multi-story buildings, elevators have gradually become a common tool. At the same time, elevator accidents have also increased.

Today’s horror


Today’s horror

The horror profile is one of the twenty-four solar terms. Every year when the sun runs to 345 degrees of the Yellow River, it is a horror. Generally, it is on March 5 or 6 every year. At this time, the temperature rises faster, and the spring thunder sprouts.”It means that the small animals that have been drilled into the soil for the winter are awake by Lei Zhen.

According to the general climate rules, the weather has started to warm up before and after the horror, and the rain has gradually increased. Most of the areas have entered the spring ploughing.

When the various insects that hibernate in the soil are awakened, the eggs that have passed through the winter will also begin to be eggified.

This shows that horror is a solar term that reflects natural phenology.

People with horror and temperament should pay attention to the forecast of strong cold air activities by the Meteorological Observatory, beware of changes in cold and warm, and prevent the spread of complications such as colds.

Some young people, especially girls, often wear a lot of dresses in the early spring, which is actually bad for the body.

If the temperature is too low, especially in the rainy days, wearing skirts, the exposed limbs will appear cold and numb because of the cold, the action is not working, soreness and other discomfort, especially the knees under the skin, less protection, lack of protectionIt is sensitive to the attack of cold air. It is more prone to local numbness and soreness after cold, and it will cause arthritis for a long time.

Therefore, at this time, the festival should be kept warm when wearing, and it is mainly “鎹?.

In the spring, pay attention to conditioning the daily diet to prevent disease.

First of all, do not overwork in life, resulting in a decline in physical fitness, easy to make the disease take advantage of the situation; Second, to maintain a happy spirit, a calm and good attitude, should not shake the liver, otherwise the liver is too strong, prone to dizziness, dizziness, stroke and spiritDisease.

It is recommended that people with anger and anger should not leave mutton, dog meat, fish and poultry that choose clearing the liver, reduce fire and nourish yin, nourish liver and protect liver, and soothe the liver.

Spring liver qi is easy to hurt the spleen, so when you are convulsed and thrifty, you should eat less acid, eat more dates, yam and other sweets to raise the spleen.

It is recommended that the old Chinese medicine yam glutinous rice glutinous rice powder, instead of yam, glutinous rice, medlar, red dates and other eight healthy grains as raw materials, using a hundred years of classic formula, through low-temperature baking, fine grinding and other processes, the taste of the fragrant nutritious.

Warm stomach and nourish spleen and high nutrition, a cup of good health every day!

What to eat with duck blood spinach soup: simmering oil in the casserole, heat the ginger, and saut茅 the scallion. After the saut茅, the sea squid is cleaned and put into a casserole for 15 minutes, and the ginger and shallots are removed.Duck blood washed and sliced, cooked in a pot, simmered in floating foam, and finally put salt, seafood powder seasoning, add spinach section, and cook for two or three minutes.

銆€銆€Efficacy: should eat more plant protein, vitamins light food, eat less animal food.

Duck blood is flat, nutrient-rich, nourishing liver and blood, treating anemia, is one of the best foods for liver protection; spinach has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, relieving liver and nourishing blood.

Duck blood spinach soup can protect the liver and calm the liver.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, aloe vera, radish, bitter gourd, fungus, celery, rapeseed, etc., can clear the heat and diarrhea; yam, lotus seeds, white fungus, etc., can help the stagnation of evil, nourishing yin and kidney, spleen and stomach.

Sangyu Guiyuan drink practice: 60 grams of fresh mulberry, 30 grams of longan meat.

Wash the mulberry, longan meat, add some water, stew.

銆€銆€Efficacy: good heart and shortness of breath, insomnia and more dreams, sweating, head vertigo eaten.

Lily yam porridge takes 10 grams of lily, 30 grams of yam, 30 grams of rice, and the amount of crystal sugar.

Wash the yam clean, cut off the epidermis, and cut into thin slices.

After the rice is washed clean, put it into the pot together with the yam, add water to cook the porridge, and add the washed lily when the porridge is ripe.

When the porridge is boiled twice, add rock sugar, and then serve it after cooling.

People who are not good at the spleen and stomach can drink yin and moisten dryness, and warm the stomach and raise the spleen.

It is important to note that if you want to exercise in the morning, it is best to go out after the sun comes out.

In the morning of horror, the fog is relatively large, and it is easy to cause respiratory diseases. Because the temperature in the morning is still generally low, it is better for people who want to practice early to wait for the sun to come out and the fog to dissipate. After the temperature rises, they will go out to exercise.

The problem of convulsions and health problems is spring. People are often sleepy and sleepy. They wake up late and wake up in the morning. The folks call it “spring sleepy”, which is a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs when the physiological functions of the human body change with the seasons.
Spring returns to the earth, the weather is getting warmer, the blood vessels and pores of the human skin are gradually relaxing, the blood supply is increased, and the secretion of sweat glands is also increased.

However, since the volume of blood in the human body is relatively stable, the supply of continuous blood increases, and the blood supplied to the brain is relatively reduced, so “spring sleepy” occurs.

In the early spring, the yang is gradually growing, and the climate is getting warmer, but the cold weather in the north is not exhausted, the cold air penetrates, and the climate changes greatly.

Therefore, in order to resist the chill of the gradual retreat, people have proposed “Spring Festival.”

This is especially true during the horror.

Summer solstice health: heat and summer recipes


Summer solstice health: heat and summer recipes

Lead: June 22 is the summer solstice, TCM health believes that the summer solstice solar energy into the most prosperous time of yang, this season’s health care, to adapt to the characteristics of summer yangsheng, pay attention to protect yang; diet should be light, not fatSweet and fragrant.

Here are two health recipes for the summer solstice heat-clearing summer.

Stir-fried purslane material: purslane, salad oil, salt, ginger, garlic (white skin), sesame oil practice: 1, wash the purslane, cut into 3 cm long, into the boiling water pot after drowningDrain, drain the water; garlic, ginger and minced.

2, set the pot on the fire, put the salad oil, burn to 70% heat, ginger, minced garlic, add the salt and stir fry evenly, add the sesame oil, and serve the pan.

Efficacy: Purslane is also called longevity dish in the folk.

This dish has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, diluting water and dampness, dispersing blood and cooling blood; adapting to eyesight, cardiovascular disease, nephritis edema, heat toxic diarrhea, blood in the stool, hemorrhoids bleeding.

Note: The purslane is used with the armor.

Seaweed green bean ribs soup materials: pork ribs, seaweed, mung bean, ginger, pepper practice: 1, small ribs, ginger patted, seaweed soaked washed, mung bean soaked.

2, the pot is filled with water, ribs, ginger and the amount of pepper to cook.

After the water is boiled, the foam is removed.

3, cook for about 1 hour, under the mung bean.

After about half an hour, the laver is boiled, and after boiling, it is simmered for about 1 hour.

4, before the bowl, add some salt and chicken essence according to personal taste.

Efficacy: appetizing detoxification, clearing heat and water.

Cry out health, cry out longevity


Cry out health, cry out longevity

As the saying goes: joys and sorrows, people’s ordinary feelings.

Even a person with strong personality will inevitably have a painful cry, or when he is in tears.

When people are sad, sad, and sad, they will shed tears; when people are happy, they will shed tears.

Tears seem to have a symbol of emotional change. In fact, tears do not fully indicate changes in mood.

To explore the specific reasons for tears, or “there are tears in the heroes,” or “the tears before the flowers, the injury under the moon”, the difference between people is great.

銆€銆€When a foreign matter such as dust falls into our eyes, a lot of tears are generated and the foreign matter is washed out.

In addition to a large amount of water in the tears, there are lysozyme, immunoglobulin, complement system, lactoferrin, 尾-lysin, etc., which have the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

So tears have another very important function – defense.

銆€銆€Most people have had this experience: When you are in a hurry, the stomach begins to burst into aching pain.

If you go to the doctor, he will give you some stomach medicine, and you will tell you that you have neuropathic gastritis, and the stomach is “digesting” your nervousness.

At the same time, I suggest you add a bit of tension for a while, it is better to go home and cry, and sigh with grievances and tears together.

Sure enough, this approach is really effective.

銆€銆€According to the Russian family psychologist Nadezhda Shulman, tears proved to be the most effective “good prescription” for the rehabilitation mental burden.

It is probably the reason that women have fewer infarctions and strokes than men because of nervousness.

According to statistics, the frequency of male tearing is 1/5 of that of women. Therefore, men suffer from ulcers and other diseases more than women. Some studies have found that prolactin in female tears is higher than that of males. This hormone difference is likely to be female-loving of the reasons.

In fact, when you are wronged or saddened by grief, you can shed tears and vent your pain. It is very beneficial to improve your mood. The tears do not shed tears, which is an important cause of ulcer disease, high blood pressure and mental disorders.

銆€銆€It can be said that whether it is sadness or tears, or crying with joy, tears are actually a good thing for the body.

If you encounter a problem that cannot be solved, don’t be too difficult for yourself. If you can’t bear it, you can cry aloud. Don’t scare others if you are not too shameful.

Also note that sometimes crying too long can result in loss of memory and attention, or even reduce immunity, or “get it right.”

And if you can’t always control the sad mood, always crying, you have to find the reason.

Experts say that this symptom indicates that you need to calm down and objectively face reality.

銆€銆€There are too many psychologists who think it is good to cry and cry.

However, it is only appropriate to whisper, not to be large, while imagining the situation of pain and grievances.

銆€銆€By the way, those who see tearful books or sorrowful movies will shed tears at a critical moment than those who “have tears and do not flick”.

銆€銆€Some people simply don’t cry, this is some unfortunate people.

Psychologists regard this phenomenon of not crying as an emotional disorder and consider it necessary to see a doctor.

Doctors will think that these people have schizophrenia or tumors.

Because the secretion of tears promotes the normal metabolism of cells, it does not allow them to form tumors.

銆€銆€In addition, when we cry, we will continue to take a short breath and long gas, which greatly contributes to the work of the respiratory system and blood circulation system.

This “breathing with crying” has been applied to some of the most effective breathing exercises for the treatment of asthma and bronchitis.

銆€銆€Anthropologists have found that among the many primates, humans are the only members who cry and cry.

Tears are simple behaviors that people are born with. No need to learn, everyone will be as instinctive as heart beats, kidney excretion, like sighs, sneezing and spontaneous.

So why do people have to shed tears?

What is the role of tearing on the human body?

has no meaning?

銆€銆€Psychologists have found that the protein content is high in the tears that fall out when people are sad.

This kind of protein is a harmful substance produced by mental depression. The accumulation of suppressed substances accumulates in the body and is detrimental to human health.

Experts from the Psychiatric Laboratory of the St. Paul-Remsey Medical Center in the United States found that tears can alleviate the feeling of depression.Through chemical analysis of tears, they found that tears contain two important chemicals, the enkephalin complex and prolactin.

It only exists in tears that are replaced by emotions and cannot be detected in tears that are altered by onions and other stimuli.

Therefore, they believe that tears can reduce the psychological stress caused by the accumulation of chemicals that cause depression in the body.

銆€銆€Experts believe that women’s life expectancy is generally longer than men’s reasons, in addition to occupational, physiological, hormonal, psychological and other advantages, good at crying, is also an important factor.

Usually, when people cry, they will reduce their emotional intensity by 40%. Conversely, if you can’t use your tears to eliminate emotional stress, it will affect your health.

Therefore, experts believe that tolerating tears is equivalent to “suicide.”

However, crying should not exceed 15 minutes.

The depressed mood is vented, and you can’t cry again after it is relieved, otherwise it will be harmful to the body.

Because people’s kidney function is extremely sensitive to emotions, sadness or sorrow or crying is too long, the movement of the stomach will slow down, the secretion of gastric juice will decrease, the acidity will decrease, it will affect the appetite, and even cause various stomach diseases.