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NBA Playoffs-Horford Wrestling Action Video Watching a Level Two Malicious Foul Was Expelled_1

NBA Playoffs-Horford Wrestling Action Video Watching Malicious Fouls Deported
The Cleveland Cavaliers trailed the Atlanta Hawks 48-49 at halftime.LeBron James feels cold, only 3 of 16 shots, while still contributing 10 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals, Matthew de la Vidova performed well, getting the team’s highest on 4 of 10 shots14 points, JR-Smith also scored 9 points.For the Hawks, Al Horford scored 14 points and 4 rebounds on 7-of-10 shooting. However, he was directly ejected from the game by eating a second-level malicious foul before halftime. Jeff Teague contributed 10 points and 6 assists.Horford really didn’t expect it before the game. Although there were reports that Kyrie Irving was relaxed in training, he still didn’t appear in today’s starting position.Matthew Delavido continued his starting fight and scored four goals in a row, showing strong self-confidence and desire to attack.  However, the offense must not be a characteristic of the Australian. After the first two goals were scored, his shot behind was obviously stronger and the efficiency began to replace.Instead, the Hawks, using the advantage of Al Horford’s internal line, slowly overlapped the advantage. The game reached 7 minutes and 20 seconds. After he scored his own 8th point in the field, the Eagles led the Cavaliers 12-4 to stop.  Delavedova is certainly not the most preliminary of the Cavaliers’ offense. LeBron feels cold today. It is the key to losing all six shots before the opening.Fortunately, New York will give a lot of effort, and suddenly pulled the score too much. 3 minutes before the end of the first quarter, James Jones made a foul on a three-pointer and after the free throw, he scored 18-21.  James took a short break from the end and continued to play iron after returning, but Delavidova regained his feel after being silent for most of the quarter and hit a three-pointer on the outside.After the first quarter, the score on the court was 24-21, or a 3-point gap.  After the start of the second quarter, Delavido made another three-pointer to tie the score.However, because James has been unable to open his hand, the Cavaliers are still very passive.The section reached 7 minutes and 03 seconds. James made his 12th shot in the game and finally knocked on the rim. Then he broke through and scored a goal, which was a good thing. However, at this time, the Cavaliers have fallen behind by 30-38.The opponent has 8 points.  After a timeout, the Cavaliers counterattack finally arrived. James first assisted JR to make two points, and then completed the steal in the backcourt, easy and fast attack dunk succeeded.This counterattack greatly boosted the team’s morale. Then, James sent two assists in a row. Jones’ three-pointer and Mozgov’s basket gathered for the Cavaliers to complete a 12-2 offensive momentum.2-40 minutes before the end of the half 42-40 overtake the score.  This time it was the turn of the Eagles, but after returning, Carol made a three-pointer to stop bleeding in time.After that, the two teams came and went, and started fighting.  With the escalation of the game’s heat, the physical conflict between the two sides also began to increase. Delavedova and Horford fell together in a grab. The referee clashed and predicted that Horford had malicious retaliation and was directly expelled from the game. Delavedova wasOnly one technical foul was received.  From the slow-mirror observation, when both sides were fighting for the ball at the time, Horford first had a concealed pull action, and Delavido fell down to the other side’s foot.In connection with the last Victorian injury to Korver with the same action, Horford might be a little irritated, and after pulling his foot, he fell to his opponent, pressing it under his body and pressing it down with his elbow.This ball does exist, and it will have serious consequences. In such a crucial game, it is such a crucial player. If the player is directly sent off, the referee’s whistle is also tight enough.  After one free throw from each side, the halftime score was fixed at 49-48, and the Cavaliers were one point behind.(panda)