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Eat healthy home cooking three taboos

Eat healthy home cooking “three taboos”

禁忌一 “宁可多做半锅,不能少做一碗”  很多家庭主妇在做饭时总是担心饭不够吃,饿着家人,因此有“宁可多做半锅,不能少做一碗”的思想.

With more meals, family members often eat more. If you eat more for lunch, too much dinner will easily cause some diseases.
  Hong Zhaoguang, a well-respected health expert, said something like: 8,000 steps a day, eight hours of sleep at night, three full meals, and eight glasses of water a day.
One full meal is a reminder that we cannot eat too much.
There are no fewer than a few hundred ways to extend life in ancient and modern China and abroad, but they are all ineffective. One of the most effective ways to extend life is really recognized. We call it a “low-calorie diet”, which is full.
  American scientists have done such experiments. They found 200 healthy monkeys of the same age and weight and the same sex. 100 monkeys were fed with it every day, and another 100 monkeys were full at a daily rate.
As a result, after a period of time, the 100 monkeys who were full enough to die and 50 died; the other 100 monkeys, which were full and full, were slim, healthy, and full of spirit, and rarely got sick.
The 100 monkeys that were full of food were raised for 10 years, and only 12 died. It was observed that all high-lived monkeys were full of food.
  Therefore, seven to eight fullness is really important. There is an old saying in Chinese medicine: if you want to be healthy, you must be hungry and cold.
The family often eats too much or eats too much while eating, which is difficult to control.
This requires our housewives to control when cooking. Of course, this process cannot be implemented too quickly. It must be slowly reduced. For example, the family ‘s staple food is reduced by 10% in the first week.10%.
This is because less rice is made, which not only makes the family feel that the food is very delicious, but also makes the family healthier. Why not?
  In addition, if the family still feels hungry after a meal and want to eat, they can add a little fruit after dinner for half an hour.
  Taboo 2: “Good cooks a handful of salt” Many housewives have always had the concepts of “salty is fresh”, “good cooks a handful of salt”, and “salty dishes are good for meals.”
However, long-term intake of a large amount of salt has a great health impact and harm, which not only induces hypertension, but also can cause diseases such as gastritis, peptic ulcer, and upper respiratory tract infection.
In addition, excessive salt is the culprit of osteoporosis.
Because the kidneys excrete too much sodium with the urine every day, every 1000 mg of sodium is excreted, while about 26 mg of calcium is lost.
Therefore, the more sodium the body needs to excrete, the greater the consumption of calcium, which will inevitably affect the normal growth of bones.
  Although with the emphasis on diet and health, more and more housewives are aware of the harms of a high-salt diet, and they will carefully control the amount of salt when cooking.
But if you want to make a healthy diet with low salt, it is not enough to put in less salt, and you must be alert to foods with high salt content.
Such as all kinds of pickles, ham, sausages, preserved eggs, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, preserved bean curd, dried beef, dried fish, dried fish, roasted meat, bacon, and soy products
In addition, I usually like to eat high-salt snacks, snacks, etc. These humble foods are also the main reason for the increase in salt intake.
  For housewives who are “heavy”, it may not be customary to suddenly reduce the salt in food. You can use the following methods without salt or less salt to make food delicious: 1.
Use oily fragrance.
Onion, ginger, garlic, and other oil flavors produced by edible oil fragrant, can increase the taste of food.
Take advantage of sourness.
Use white vinegar, lemon, apple, grapefruit, orange, tomato and other sour foods to enhance the taste of dishes.
Season with sweet and sour.
Can increase the sweet and sour flavor of food, stimulate appetite, and relatively reduce the need for salty taste.
Use cooking methods that maintain the original flavor of the food.
Such as steaming, stewing, etc., help maintain the original flavor of the food.
It can be seasoned with Chinese herbs and spices.
Use angelica, wolfberry, chuanxiong, red dates, black dates, cinnamon, spiced, star anise, peppercorns and other spices to add flavor.
  6.Eating more fruit salads, vegetable salads, etc. can not only use salt, but also supplement potassium, which is great for the body.

  Taboo three Animal oils are not good for health Vegetable oils are good for health, so a lot is good Many housewives have recognized the slight harm of animals, rarely use trace amounts of animals, and take in fat, but the amount of cooking oil used for cooking has not decreased, but has an increasing trend.
At present, most households have used vegetable oils as cooking oils. Although this is a great improvement over animal oils, the conversion of vegetable oils is also very high. The conversion of 100 grams of vegetable oil is as high as 900 kcal, while that of 100 grams of porkThe universe is only 395 kcal.

Excessive plasma intake can significantly increase the risk of obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and malignancy.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends only 25 grams of cooking oil per person per day.

However, the actual average intake of urban and rural residents has now reached 41 grams, which is even higher in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

  In addition, although some vegetable oils are rich in linoleic acid, which helps reduce the cholesterol content in human blood, vegetable oils are unsaturated. If you eat too much, it is easy to form peroxide esters in the human body.

This substance accumulates in the body and can cause diseases such as cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction, and may even induce cancer.

  Therefore, although vegetable edible oils can promote more delicious foods, you can still restrain yourself most of the time when health and taste are difficult to unify.

It is suggested that housewives should choose a more healthy cooking method, how to stew, cook, steam, cold and other oil-free methods.

You can try making only one stir-fry dish with one stew dish and one cold dish with each meal.

Believe that a low-oil diet will definitely make your family healthier.

Moving the body during summer vacation

“Moving” the body during summer vacation

Imagine centuries later, our children have huge heads, thin limbs, short-sighted eyes, and obese body . what kind of situation should they be?
  Health experts point out that adolescents are becoming weaker and the problem of obesity is getting worse. The main reasons are too little activity and fat accumulation.
Science has confirmed that more than 45 minutes of aerobic exercise can consume fat in the body’s fat bank. If the time is too short, the effect will be greatly reduced, and non-overweight students will exercise for too long, which will affect their diet and rest.
  I suddenly remembered seeing in an article that Tsinghua University had a tradition of “forced movement.”
That is, every Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 17:00, the library, dormitory, and classroom are closed. Every student in the school must wear short clothes to exercise on the playground. This tradition is left by the famous sports expert Professor Ma Johnof.
It can be seen that exercise is as important to students as learning knowledge.
  Exercising is not only responsible for yourself now, but also for yourself in the future.
And summer vacation is a good time for students to exercise.
  Remember the summer vacation more than twenty years ago, when the children knew each other.
Although there are different ages and schools are not the same, but from a young age on, playing billiards, scraping cigarette brands, hopscotch, strung a pile of “playmates”.
Many afternoons in the summer vacation, crowded on the bench of a playmate’s house to do homework, and then play all the games until it was dark before returning home.
The setting sun turned into a unique scenery in the alley with the laughter and laughter.
At that time, the children were very active and strong.
  After that, the children lived in Liangtang’s new house, and the hall gradually moved away.
The original game scenes gradually faded away, replaced by screen games such as “online games” and “PS2”.
The object of the game is only the real one, and many virtual characters on the screen.
  At the beginning, parents felt relieved because their children are “quieter” than they were when they were young. They are always used to staying in their own room. Even though they are mostly playing computer games, parents thinkThis is much safer than “wild” outside.
But slowly, parents are worried, and their children are becoming less and less physically active.
“He occasionally followed me for a few steps, and he was breathing worse than a man in his 40s. What do you say after that?
“Mothers were worried about this” quietness “, so they missed the years of” moving “games.
  Fortunately, children’s nature is to play, and they have an inherent interest in sports.
Although the changes in the environment make it difficult to recover many things, the revival of these “noodle games” has brought children’s interest to the outdoors again.
In the summer vacation, it is not difficult to “move” the body.

Communication: Learn to remove obstacles first

Communication: Learn to remove obstacles first

The quality of communication directly affects the development of everyone’s life and career.

As the saying goes: “The wine is still afraid of the alley.”
In such an era of fierce competition, it is especially important to effectively promote yourself, gain the approval of others, win the support and cooperation of others, and promote the success of your career.

As a manager, it is necessary to promote the development or maintenance of friendly cooperation with people in different positions within the organization through communication, and to work together to help you establish a win-win cooperative relationship with others. It is naturally self-evident.

  What if communication is extended to the work of the organization?

So let’s first understand communication management.

  Good communication management does not reflect the management and coordination capabilities of managers in the organization, but also reflects a sound corporate system and a healthy corporate culture.

From the perspective of the company’s organization, there must be a set of effective communication measures and information communication channels to ensure that employees can understand and master the company’s development strategy, goals, objectives and plans, and inform employees of the company’s operating activities and problems., Achievements, performance, and concerns.
As a manager, he is responsible for the passing-through role. It is an important part of the manager’s job responsibilities to correctly and quickly communicate the operating status of the enterprise and the working status of employees and increase the scope of management.
In the process of communication management, due to the two-way nature of communication, the effect of communication does not lie in how much you say, but in how much the other party accepts.
This requires analysis from communication.
  First of all, we must understand the obstacles to information communication in the organization process.
Generally, during the communication process, the effects of communication will be affected due to the different mentalities, expression skills, understanding, and the environment and communication methods adopted by the two parties.

In the organization, there will be another layer of communication barriers due to organizational relationships.
The most prominent phenomena are: 1. Delay in communication, that is, grass-roots information is too slow when it is passed upward.
Some subordinates are hesitant to report problems to their superiors, because when the work is not completed satisfactorily, reporting upwards may mean acknowledging failure.
As a result, people at every level may delay communication and step on to decide how to solve the problem.
  2. Information filtering, which is quite seriously related to the previous problem.
This information is partially screened out because employees have a natural importance.
That is, when reporting to a supervisor, only report what they think the supervisor wants to hear.
However, there are reasonable reasons for information filtering.
All information may be very extensive; or some information is inaccurate and needs further verification; or supervisors require employees to report only the main points of those things.
Therefore, filtering must be a potential problem in communication.
  To prevent the filtering of information, people sometimes substitute shorter ones to bypass supervisors, so they cross one or more levels of communication.
On the positive side, this kind of short circuit can reduce the filtering and duplication of information; but on the negative side, it is generally discouraged in management because it is a more advanced reaction.
Another question concerns the need for employees to get answers.
As employees reflect the situation to their superiors, they, as transmitters of information, often strongly expect to receive further communication if managers provide rapid response.
  3. Distortion of information, which refers to information that intentionally changes the information armor to achieve personal goals.
Some employees deliberately exaggerate their work in order to get more praise or gain more; some people cover up problems in the accessories department.
Any distortion of information prevents managers from accurately understanding the situation and making informed decisions.
Moreover, distorting the facts is an immoral act that undermines the trust of each other.
  Through the above phenomenon, we can grind to produce certain obstacles caused by inequality of categories and categories.
The two parties are equal in terms of status, so the barriers to communication are the least, because the mentality of both parties is natural.
For example, when communicating with supervisors, subordinates often develop a sense of awe, which is a psychological obstacle.
In addition, the information held by bosses and subordinates is not equal, which also causes obstacles to both parties in communication.
  So how to reduce communication barriers and improve departmental information exchange?

  Making a policy or making the necessary publicity is the beginning of a good upward communication.
Subordinates explain that some kind of upward communication is what managers expect.It may be a problem involving transformation, it may also be a suggested improvement plan, and so on.
In addition, the policy clearly states that further measures need to be taken to improve upward communication.
Certain employee complaint systems, employee suggestion systems, work acceptability investigations, etc.
In addition, in the process of organization and management, about half of the management communication requires communication between managers and subordinates, and the rest is communication with superiors, colleagues and external.
The key to good communication is that managers are highly sensitive, carefully prepared, and communicate with sincerity and care for employees.
When communicating with subordinates, you can actively promote communication with employees in the following ways.
  1. Questioning: Managers can encourage subordinates to communicate upwards by asking some intentional questions.
This measure indicates to employees that the leaders ‘opinion survey on employees hopes to get more information and get employees’ opinions.
Problems come in many forms, but the most common are open and closed.
Open-ended questions are a broad subject of dating, giving people the opportunity to express them in different ways.
On the contrary, closed-ended questions are focused on a narrower topic. Recipients are asked to provide both open-ended and closed-ended questions that can promote upstream communication.
  2. Effective listening has two levels of functions-helping the recipient understand both the literal meaning and the emotion of the other person.
The good news is that managers who listen effectively also send an important signal-they care about employees.
Although many people are not skilled listeners, training can improve listening skills.

  3. Talk to employees: An effective way to promote and achieve upward communication is to talk to employees.
At such meetings, employees are encouraged to appoint them to work on issues, their needs, and management practices that promote or hinder job performance.
These talks can try to delve deeper into the employees’ minds.
With the corresponding measures and follow-up measures, employees’ attitudes will be improved, and dissatisfaction and resignation rate will decrease as a result.

  4. Open policy: Open policy refers to encouraging employees to replace their problems with their supervisor or higher level of reflection.
Generally, employees are encouraged to find their supervisor first.
If their problem cannot be solved by the supervisor, they can resort to higher and higher.
The purpose of this policy is to remove barriers to upward communication.
But this is not easy to implement, because there are often real and imagined obstacles between managers and employees.
Although the manager’s door is open, psychological and social obstacles still exist, making employees reluctant to enter the manager’s door.

  For managers, a more effective open policy is to walk out of their rooms and mingle with employees.
Managers can understand more information than ever sitting in the office.
This approach can be described as walking management, with managers initially initiating systemic contacts with a large number of employees.
By getting out of the office, managers get additional important information from employees and use this opportunity to establish an equal and friendly way of working, which will benefit both parties.

  5. Organize temporary cultural activities: temporary entertainment activities can provide excellent opportunities for upward communication.
These spontaneous exchanges of information better reflect the real situation than the formal announcement.
In various departments’ party, sports, and other activities, upward communication is not the main purpose, but actually they can provide a good communication environment for information exchange between departments.

  In fact, the information exchange within the department is good or bad, and the corresponding management staff’s own communication skills and initiative.
The inter-departmental coordination and interaction effect depends on the exchange of information between the departments.
Because of this, no matter what measures we take, we are hoping that managers can actively guide the communication with subordinates at any time in their work; fully consciously promote the smooth communication of information between members; be aware of and improve communicationManagement will determine the vigorous development of your department’s overall performance.

  The reason why humans become the masters of the earth is because humans have highly intelligent thinking and cooperative spirit; advanced computers can not replace the human brain to quickly deal with complex affairs, that is, the numerous nerve centers in the human brain can each other in the shortest timeComrade Mao Zedong said: “Unity is power.”
No one will be more powerful than a group’s outburst. To produce this kind of force, every member of the team needs to work together and react quickly.
“Cohesion generates strength, unites new students and flourishes”. As a modern manager, the enterprise can make you a higher mission, which is to transfer your department, integrate your subordinates, and use communication management to make them a dynamic team.

The unpleasant distress signal of the human body has some kind of physical meridian performance.


The unpleasant distress signal of the human body has some kind of physical meridian performance.

The unpleasant distress signal of the human body has a certain performance of the body meridian, and the principle of acupoint is where the pain is where the hole is, and the effect of the treatment is often good.

This shows that the human body is very sensitive. If the meridian is unreasonable, it will send out a lot of uncomfortable signals for help.

Let’s take a look now, if the meridian does not work, the body will send out any unpleasant distress signal.

First, cold and cold, other parts of the body are cold, some of the most common is cold hands and feet, often the signal of meridians.

Because the body temperature of a person is determined by the delivery of blood and blood, the blood temperature is strong and the body temperature will be normal.

The place is cold, and the place may have meridians, and the blood is hard to reach.

In addition, there is body temperature, sweating asymmetry occurs, such as some people with half-length body, the meridian is seriously impracticable, healthy parts and unhealthy parts will have normal limb temperature and reverse cold.

The effect of meridians on the skin surface, in addition to the feeling of cold and heat, can also be expressed as large pores of the skin, hair follicles and other problems, blood gas is not available, the pores in the pores can not be discharged, the pores are plugged, the hair follicles naturally grow bad.
Therefore, if the above problem occurs in a certain part, you can look up the meridian in the meridian map, perform massage and other conditioning, and after clearing it, maybe many problems will be eliminated.

Second, the main performance of heat is low heat, dryness, or some abnormal sweating in some parts of the body.

Generally, this is also because the meridians in the body are unreasonable, and the hot air cannot be emitted through the normal channels.

In addition to the red, swollen, hot, pain caused by external evils and the meridians of fever, the general low fever may come from the connected meridians.

The blood and blood run in the body and start again. If this path is not available, it will find a breakthrough from the continuous meridian. The first thing that is easy to affect is the meridian with the relationship between the top and the bottom, so that the meridian is hot.

For example, the head is low in heat, not necessarily all of the problems of the bladder, but it may be caused by insufficient or poor blood in the kidney.

Third, pain and pain and pain are two concepts, each of which is related to meridians, but slightly different.

For example, if we are tied up, the feeling that is immediately generated is called “pain”; if it is followed by a sudden injury, the feeling generated at this time is called “pain.”

The word “鐤? below “鐤? refers to the discomfort caused by the invasion of the meridian by cold evil. Generally, when the disease is just onset, the meridian is disturbed by external evils, and the body automatically sends a “pain” signal.More blood and blood rescue, but “not smooth”, “insertion” situation has not yet formed, so, “pain” is usually flashing, showing point or scatter, if not wasted, after the painThere may be no traces to be found.

In this case, we can self-heal or not repeat as long as we strengthen our protection.

The pain word is the word “鐤? below. The ancient 鐢?is the “tunnel”, the meaning of “corridor” can be understood as the internal passage of the human body – the disease of the meridian.

In fact, the pain is that the meridians gather a lot of blood and stagnation.

“The pain does not pass, the passer does not hurt”, this is the truth.

Therefore, the pain is generally pressed, the touch will feel, it can be repeated, the area is bigger than the pain.

In general, “pain” is the initial stage of meridian dysfunction. The position is in the “jing”, and the “pain” is the further aggravation of the meridian, spreading to the “complex”.

“The initial illness is in the classics,” “Long illness is a long time in the network”, this is the truth.

Among them, the acupoint is the “point”, the passage is the “line”, and the network is the “face”.

In the case of pain, you can take a point-to-face approach to dredge the meridians.

A small area can be used A Acupoint, which is where the pain is massaged, the area is slightly larger to scrape, so the meridian slowly passed.

Fourth, the pain caused by the failure of hemp and wood meridians is further development of hemp or wood.

For example, if we sit cross-legged for too long, the lower limbs will be impassable, and it will be painful; then, the meridians will be blocked, the blood will be completely impassable, and the legs will be numb. Only by changing the sitting position, the blood can be smooth to restore consciousness.

Symptoms of hemp and wood often appear together, but in Chinese medicine, their causes are different. “Ma is qi deficiency, wood is blood deficiency.” If hemp is heavy, it means that the gas is insufficient, and if the wood is heavy, it means blood deficiency.

When numbness occurs in the limbs, it is necessary to raise awareness. Especially for patients with hypertension, it is necessary to pay attention to clearing the meridians in time, which can reduce the probability of occurrence of stroke.

Fifth, the acidity indicates that the blood supply to the meridian is slowed down and cannot meet the body’s needs.

After a person’s blood sugar exercise, a slight sprint race, after the body will be sour or weak, this is because the sprint needs more blood supply, exceeding the limit of normal body blood supply, resulting in blood and blood supply is not sour.

Under normal conditions, consumption and supplementation is a balance, so the health movement is never exercise, but the movement of blood supply and demand balance, similar to Tai Chi, guidance, etc. Western medicine also highly praises aerobic exercise, sometimes jogging, flexibleSexual sports, etc.

If a part of the body is sore for no reason, or if it is slightly acidic, it means that the meridian is not smooth and the blood supply is slowed down.

At this time, tapping, the meridian where the massage is located, may reveal the symptoms of potential pain, swelling, swelling and other meridians.

Sixth, swelling and swelling of the meridians can be tangible, this is swollen, often caused by blood stasis.

To reduce swelling, you have to promote blood circulation, you can use the scraping method or cupping method to regulate.Many people scrape it out, and the purple or black “鐥? that is pulled out is actually the blood in the meridians.

At the same time, it can also be combined with acupressure and placed on the blood acupoint on it[replace the acupoint method: bend the knee, press the left palm to the upper edge of the right knee, 2?
5 Point up and straight, the thumb is about 45掳 oblique, and the tip of the thumb is a hole.

The opposite side is like this.


The blood of the blood sea refers to the spleen and blood, and the blood of the sea finger spleen is gathered here, and its blood and blood energy is as big as the sea.

The blood sea acupoint is located in the spleen and the spleen is the main blood. It has the function of controlling blood without disorder and no siltation. It can often promote the circulation of blood and blood, and has the auxiliary therapeutic effect on eliminating the slurry.

If you feel pain when you massage, you should pay attention to regular massage.

The meridian can also be invisible, which is expansion, caused by gas stagnation.

Inflation is usually the “vortex” that gas forms when the meridian is not running smoothly.

If a part of the body swells, you can first massage the meridian on the part, find the pain point and then massage.

It is also possible to find the pain points in the San Jiao Jing. The “Difficulties” said: “Three Jiao main gas”, all “qi disease” can be treated by Sanjiaojing. For example, the acupoints in the middle can cure the calf cramps.Treat hypochondriac pain.

The three-focus gas is mainly concentrated between the intervention and the upper arm.

When the patient has nothing to do, he can turn his hand to the aiming arm, from the alignment, the shoulder to the back of the arm, carefully to the bottom, until the ring finger.

Then, where the pain is, focus on scratching for a moment, so that you can straighten out the gas of Sanjiao.

What snacks do children eat healthy?


5 kinds of snacks to eat in summer

What snacks do children eat healthy?
5 kinds of snacks to eat in summer

There are many advantages to eating yogurt in the summer. There are many advantages to drinking yogurt in children: 150ml of yogurt per day can meet one-third of the energy and calcium required in a day; lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can regulate the normal flora of the body.To promote digestion; galactose contains galactose, which is a component of the brain, the brain system of cerebrosides. Drinking yoghurt can promote brain development.

It is generally recommended that children drink a cup of yogurt one hour after a meal, which is good for growth and development.

Although dried fruit often has news reports that dangerous fruit is stuck in the throat of the baby, it is undeniable that the dried fruit has a very high nutritional value, but the walnut can eat the brain and enhance the memory. The peanuts, melon seeds and pistachios are rich in essential fatty acids.The content of the elements, the zinc content of almonds is very high, the cashew nuts can provide high quality traces, blood circulation and so on, we can not waste food.

It is generally recommended not to eat nuts directly under the age of 3, but you can cook the nuts or fry them into powder to give them to your baby.

Fruits or fruit juices are rich in vitamins and minerals. When your baby eats, it can promote appetite and help digestion.

The time to eat fruit is stressful. Eating before eating has a feeling of fullness affecting appetite. Eating after eating is not conducive to digestion and absorption. It is generally recommended to eat between meals.

The type of fruit depends on the season. In summer, you can eat watermelon, melon, peach, grape, summer orange, plum, etc., but pay attention to the amount of food should not be too much, especially some cold and easy to get angry.

The juice is best freshly squeezed, which is more nutritious than the processed juices that are currently bought.

Bread and cakes are more healthy than fresh biscuits and cakes, and can also be used as baby snacks.

However, because these foods have a certain sense of fullness, take up time away from the dinner, in general, tea time (3-4 points) is a good choice.

For children who don’t like to eat, bread and cake are good choices to supplement energy, but for the chubby pier that loves to eat, bread and cake must be controlled to avoid excessive energy and continue to gain weight.

Summer syrup is hot and sweaty in summer. Many people will eat some summer syrup, such as mung bean soup, sago dew, white fungus soup, sweet potato powder and so on.

Mothers may wish to do some sugar water for the baby as a snack, you can mix the ingredients yourself, the baby will love it very much.

It should be noted that the syrup can be used at room temperature, it is best not to eat cold, so as not to be too cold.

Children’s summer diet should be moderate and reasonable.


Drinking green tea has a lot of benefits

The traditional “Ten Germany” of Liu Yuliang in the Tang Dynasty is relatively comprehensive.

He categorized the acidity of drinking tea: tea taste, tea to nourish, tea to suffocate, tea to prevent disease, tea to raise anger, tea to suffocate, tea to be merciful, to pay tribute to tea table,It is possible to make tea with tea.

銆€銆€How much benefit does drinking green tea have?

Let’s break down the following ones: 1.

Green tea is anti-aging and Ms. Amy should pay attention.

Green tea is a natural anti-aging drink.

It contains antioxidants that help fight aging.

Because of the metabolic process of the human body, if it is peroxidized, it will produce a lot of free radicals, which are the root cause of human aging and also cause cell damage.

SOD is a free radical scavenger that effectively removes excess free radicals that are harmful to humans and prevents free radical damage to the human body.

The catechins in green tea can significantly increase the activity of SOD and help scavenge free radicals.

Thereby achieving the purpose of anti-aging.


Antibacterial research on green tea shows that catechins in green tea have an inhibitory effect on some bacteria that cause human disease, and at the same time do not harm the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Therefore, green tea has the function of whole intestine.

Studies have shown that tea polyphenols can regenerate high-efficiency antioxidants in the human body, thereby protecting and repairing the antioxidant system, enhancing immunity to the body, and having significant effects on anti-cancer and anti-aging.

銆€銆€Drinking green tea can lower blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, and thus prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The medical research team at Showa University in Japan added 10,000 highly toxic toxins to 0-157 in 1 ml of tea polyphenols instead of ordinary tea. After five hours, all the bacteria died and none died.Left.


Animal experiments conducted by green tea hypolipidemic scientists have shown that catechins in tea can reduce the amount of total cholesterol, free plasma, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglycerides, and increase high-density lipoprotein.Cholesterol is a good amount of cholesterol.

銆€銆€Experiments on the human body have shown that the incidence of arteriosclerosis is reduced.

Green tea contains flavonols, which have anti-oxidant effects, can also prevent blood clots and platelets from forming agglomeration, and reduce cardiovascular disease.


Green tea slimming fat-reducing green tea contains theophylline and caffeine, which can activate protein kinase and triglyceride lipolytic enzyme through many actions, reducing a small amount of cell accumulation, thereby achieving weight loss.


Green tea anti-caries, clear mouth green tea fluoride, which catechin can inhibit the action of sputum bacteria, reduce the occurrence of plaque and periodontitis.

The tannic acid contained in tea has a bactericidal action and can prevent food slag from propagating bacteria, so it can effectively prevent bad breath.


Green tea anti-cancer green tea has an inhibitory effect on certain cancers, but its principle is in the inference stage.

For the prevention of cancer, drinking more tea must have its positive encouragement.


Experts in green tea whitening and UV protection found in animal experiments that catechins in green tea are resistant to skin cancer caused by UV-B.