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National Olympics warms up to potential opponents in the Olympic preliminaries, Hiddink wants to win the game

National Olympics warms up to potential opponents in the Olympic preliminaries, Hiddink wants to win the game
Hiddink is well known for this warm-up match.Figure / Sports The Yellowstone Football Championship is about to open at 18 o’clock tomorrow night. China’s Olympic Games will face the old opponent North Korea team in the first game. This is the second meeting between the two teams after 4 years.Since it is possible to be in the same group in the second stage of the Olympic qualifiers in January next year, the Olympic coach will attach great importance to this early exercise.During the campaign, Guoao conducted a week-long training in Xianghe, Hebei.After arriving in Huangshi, the team maintained the rhythm of two trainings a day, and the afternoon air training class lasted two hours.In terms of training content, in addition to continuing to participate in physical training, Hiddink has also focused on rehearsing and coordinating small areas in group confrontation.After the first stage of the Olympic qualifiers in March this year, the Olympic Games participated in the Toulon Cup in France in June. This Yellowstone Championship is the first time that the Olympic Games will debut in China.In addition to the factors of home battle, Hidink wanted to play well in North Korea.The draw for the second stage of the Olympic preliminaries will be antiques on September 26. The Chinese team in third gear may be in the same group as the North Korean team in second gear.If this is the case, the National Olympics will meet North Korea in the first phase of the second battle.The North Korean team is the weakest team in the second gear and almost failed the first stage of the Olympic preliminaries.Four years ago, with the establishment of U18 National Youth, these Olympic players played against the North Korean team in the U19 Asian Youth qualifier.At that time, Zhang Yuning and Lin Liangming scored, and the Olympics defeated their opponents 3-0 and successfully qualified.At present, this replacement of the budget hero is still in the national Olympic team, and once again played against North Korea, both of whom are very familiar.Lin Liangming said: “After all, the North Korean team belongs to an opponent that has not been encountered in a long time, and needs such an opportunity to find out.Moreover, it is indeed possible that they will meet in the Olympic preliminaries next January.”Zhang Yuning said that although the armed forces won the big score, they could feel that the North Korean team was very hard at the time,” they are a team that can cause trouble, and this time they must not be underestimated.”After the match with North Korea, the Olympic Games will face the Vietnam team.Two seed teams from the U23 Asian Cup next year will be the touchstone for the recent Olympic training.

The tenth anniversary of When the East Meets the West, 80-year-old Liu Shikun plays classics

The tenth anniversary of “When the East Meets the West”, 80-year-old Liu Shikun plays classics
Sauna Night News (Reporter Liu Zhen) On November 20th, the “When the East Meets the West” concert hosted by the Beijing Huabin Cultural Foundation was held at the Beijing Huabin Opera House.Li Shikun, Sun Ying and his wife, Yan Shouping, Zhang Ye, Ma Fei and other three generations of Chinese artists, together with famous copyright masters and conductors from the West, gathered together to perform “Spring River Flower Moon Night” and “Jasmine Flower”.”Love, respect, glory” and other classic titles at home and abroad.The splendid performances gave Beijing a diverse cultural charm and vitality at night; the cultural boutique represented by “When the East Meets the West” also showed the cultural confidence in the new era of China.Liu Shikun, Sun Ying piano pipa ensemble “The Sound of Snow Falling”.At the Beijing Concert of “When the East Meets the West” in 2019, the classical folk music “Spring River Flower Moon Night” that incorporates Western musical elements and the folk song classic “Honghu Water Waves” are refreshing; by Chinese artists and Western artistsThe excerpts of classic operas such as “Back to the Sweet Past” and “I Want to Live in a Beautiful Dream” performed on the same stage will continuously push the whole performance to the climax.At the scene, Liu Shikun, a famous Chinese pianist, composer, and music educator played “The Sound of Snow Falling.”The performance that night infected the audience.Music and art are world languages that communicate with each other, bringing people from different cultural backgrounds closer.In order to build a platform for cultural exchange between the East and the West and spread China’s excellent traditional culture, Yan Bin, chairman of Huabin Group, created the cultural brand of “When the East Meets the West” in 2009.Yan Bin joined hands with Sarah Brightman, the London Symphony Orchestra and other world-class artists and art groups to demonstrate the essence of Eastern and Western cultures in a diversified form and built a beam of dialogue with international masters for many outstanding young artists.This concert is also a summary and tribute to “When the East Meets the West” for ten years.In the past ten years, nearly 100 cultural activities including “Peaceful Sky”, “Born for Song”, “World Opera Vocal Competition”, “APEC Night Peking Opera and Opera Concert” are like the civilizations of various countries and regions in the worldThe symphony played the beautiful movement of “Culture Without Borders, Friendship Lives Forever”.Yan Bin has always promoted the development of cultural undertakings to national rejuvenation, and the motherland’s powerful “helping force” to drive cultural prosperity through innovation.In this concert, he sang the excerpt “Chest of the Sun” from the modern Beijing opera “Wisdom to Mount Tiger”, and sang the great times with singing.Yan Bin sang “Chaoyang” on the spot.A ten-year-long cultural perseverance, with a long song, the brand connotation of “When the East meets the West” has been constantly enriched and extended; the art form has expanded from Peking Opera, Opera, painting and calligraphy, porcelain, sculpture, photography, etc.Cultural understanding of the world.In order to better serve the national cultural strategy and let Chinese culture go global, the “footprint” of the Huabin Cultural Foundation travels from Beijing to Hong Kong, London, Singapore, the United States and many other countries and regions.Fundamentally, in conjunction with the important opportunities of the national “Belt and Road” construction and the “Golden Decade” of Sino-British relations, Huabin Cultural Foundation has also planned special themes such as “Beautiful China” and “Silk Road Journey”, which have wonWidely praised, the practice confirms the rapid development of Chinese cultural undertakings and the improvement of the national cultural soft power.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Wei Zhuo

Origen (002701): Ice and Snow Sports Meets Strategic Opportunities Sports IP Strengthens Comprehensive Packaging Service Capabilities

Origen (002701): Ice and Snow Sports Meets Strategic Opportunities Sports IP Strengthens Comprehensive Packaging Service Capabilities

Event: Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 31. Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued and issued the “Opinions on 厦门夜网 Vigorously Developing Ice and Snow Sports with the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games as an Opportunity” and issued a notice requesting various regionsEach department carefully implements the affiliation according to the actual situation.

The company has deployed ice hockey projects for many years, ushered in the potential of ice and snow sports strategy.

While actively deploying smart packaging, the company has vigorously developed projects in the field of hockey based on the idea of “sports + business” integration and development: in August 18, the company and Kunlun Hongxing Ice Hockey Club jointly established the Kunlun Hongxing Origen Ice Hockey Team;In July 18, the company signed a strategic agreement with the people’s sports network affiliated to People’s Daily on the construction of the “Orijin-People’s Ice and Snow” platform. In 17 years, the company established the first domestic NHL standard ice project training base in Beijing-Aozhong Ice SportsClub; In May of 17th, the company set up Aozhong Sports, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ice and snow sports industry, to use the service demand of tandem fast-moving consumer ice and snow industry platforms.

In November 2015, the company became the sole partner of the NHL Boston Bruins in China, and became the NHL dating China.

After four years of hockey field layout, the company has accumulated and perfected hockey sports resources and sports marketing development strategies.

Along with the industrial potential brought by the Beijing Winter Olympics and the country’s increasing speed of overcoming ice and snow sports, the company’s ice hockey layout has a first-mover advantage and is expected to usher in a strategic possibility.

The national budget ice and snow sports promotion policy has been continuously introduced, and ice hockey IP marketing has helped customers to promote their brands.

From “Ice and Snow Sports Development Plan (2016-2022)” to “Crowd Winter Sports Promotion and Popularization Plan (2016-2022)”, from “National Ice and Snow Field Facilities Building Plan (2016-2022)” to “2022 China Ice Hockey ActionThe Plan, the state budget, through a series of specific and clear-cut action plans and safeguard measures, vigorously promote the vigorous development of ice and snow sports.

The company’s layout in the ice and snow sports industry is in line with relevant national strategies and at the same time in line with strategic layout and business needs. It is conducive to driving downstream customer product sales through sports marketing, increasing customer stickiness, providing differentiation in the field of metal packaging, adding value to customer service, and strengthening the companyService capabilities of integrated packaging solutions.

The company rebuilds its marketing platform for customers and builds commercial sports IP. With the NHL event and the catalysis of the Winter Olympics, the ice and snow sports are gradually expanding and will become the company’s high-quality 北京夜生活网 strategic resources.

Profit forecast and investment advice: The company’s total operating income for 2019-2020 is expected to be 111.

01 billion, 142.

8.8 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 9.

1 billion, 11.

3.5 billion, corresponding to 0 EPS.

39 yuan, 0.

48 yuan, the current corresponding PE is 15.

5X, 12.

4x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk of rising raw material prices, major food safety risks, and the risk of record approval

[How to make pork belly with tender ginger]_Hometown practice of pork belly with tender ginger_How to make pork belly with tender ginger_How to make pork belly with tender ginger

[How to make pork belly with tender ginger]_Hometown practice of pork belly with tender ginger_How to make pork belly with tender ginger_How to make pork belly with tender ginger

You can give yourself happiness, and you can make something delicious for yourself.

If you can’t cook, you need to learn first.

So, now I will teach you the practice of tender ginger fried pork belly.


Ingredients: pork belly, tender ginger (cleaned) 2.

Wash the pork belly.


Put it on the cardboard and cut into pieces for later use.


Cut the cleaned ginger into pieces on a chopping board.


Pour the oil in the wok and heat it, and stir in the chopped tender ginger.


Next, add the chopped pork belly and add the right amount of cooking wine.


Stir fry.


Then, add the right amount of soy sauce.


Add the right amount of sugar.


Add the right amount of salt.


Add the right amount of chicken essence.


Stir fry until cooked, ready to serve.


Remove from the pan and serve.

Take a look at Xiaobian’s introduction today. Actually, the tender ginger fried pork belly that you eat outside is actually not that difficult. The steps are very simple. We do not hinder bringing healthier at home!

[Do you get fat after eating pizza]_Transformation_Nutrition Value

[Do you get fat after eating pizza]_Transformation_Nutrition Value

Pizza is a kind of food that many people like to eat, and its variety is also rich. Generally speaking, its conversion is relatively high. If you eat it often, it will also lead to weight gain, so you ca n’t eat pizza.Do n’t eat too much. You can also eat some vegetable soup and some tea drinks when you eat it, which can reduce the content of pizza.

Does eating pizza make you fat? The content of pizza is not too high, but the overall conversion is relatively high.

2. Universe: 235 kcal / 100 grams.

3, nutritional content: 27 grams of carbohydrates, aunt 6.

8 grams, protein 16.

5 grams.

4. Excessive eating will make you fat.

The conversion of rice is 116 kcal / 100 grams, and the conversion of pizza is more than twice that of rice, which is not a low-content food. Therefore, eating more is risk of getting fat.

Can you eat pizza during weight loss? It is advisable to eat two slices of ordinary girls, and then with soup or drink, you can eat at least 8 points full.

Don’t be too greedy, you will definitely get fat if you are full.

When you eat pizza with tea or drink vegetable thick soup, you should also choose the beverage or soup you choose carefully. Try to choose tea, or lighter vegetable thick soup, and avoid cola or thick soup. In addition, when calling for delivery pizza, alsoOrder more salad.

Before using the tissue paper to absorb the oil, you want to eat less fat into the stomach. Do n’t forget the tissue paper. You can use the tissue paper to absorb the fat from the pizza crust and ingredients, which can effectively reduce the trace amount!

Do n’t use double servings of cheese. People who like to eat cheese will never give up delicious cheese heart pizza. Although the cheese is a dairy product, it helps to add calcium, but the trace and trace amounts are very high, please refrainCome on!

Don’t replace ketchup with white sauce. White sauce is a new trend in pizza recently. French white sauce has a thick milk taste and is loved by many girls. But sour tomato sauce is more nutritious and can resist oxidation.

Do not add a lot of fried side dishes. Many pizzas have special side dishes. Although it is very cost-effective, but eat more fat. If you have to eat, grilled chicken wings and grilled chicken legs are far better than fried ones!

[Braised salted fish pieces]_How to do_How to do

銆 愮 童 鐑 捀 楸 湸 抡 銆 慱 許 庝 箞 锅 歘 悘 傡 傘 悍 綍 锅?
鍦ㄥ崡鏂癸紝鍥犱负鐩涗骇楸肩被锛屾墍浠ュ緢澶氱殑瀹跺涵閮介潪甯告搮闀跨児楗奔鑲夈€傚捀楸煎氨鏄湪杩欑鏉′欢涓嬶紝閫氳繃浜轰滑鐨勬櫤鎱ф墍鍒涢€犲嚭鏉ョ殑涓€绉嶆槗浜庝繚瀛樼殑浼犵粺椋熺墿銆傚捀楸肩殑鍒朵綔鏂规硶鏈夊緢澶氥€傚挨鍏舵槸鍦ㄤ紤娓旀湡鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鍗楁柟浜烘洿鏄細鎶婂捀楸间綔涓轰富鑿溿€備负浜嗚澶у鑳藉浜嗚В鍜搁奔鐨勭編鍛筹紝浠婂ぉ鎴戜滑浠嬬粛涓€涓嬬孩鐑у捀楸煎潡鐨勫仛娉曘€傚捀楸兼槸鍗楁柟姣旇緝椋庡懗鐨勮彍锛屼絾鏄緢澶氫汉鍦ㄥ仛杩欓亾鑿滅殑鏃跺€欙紝寰堥毦鍋氬嚭闈炲父鍜搁奔鐗规湁鐨勭編鍛筹紝杩欓噷灏忕紪鍒嗕韩涓€閬撳皬缂栦粠灏忓悆鍒板ぇ鐨勬姹夌孩鐑у捀楸煎潡銆備富鏂欙細鍜搁奔鍗婂彧銆侀潚钂滀竴鎶婃柟娉曞捀楸兼牴鎹厡鍒剁殑鍜告贰绋嬪害锛屽鏋滅壒鍒捀锛屽缓璁斁鍦ㄥ喎姘翠腑娉″崐澶╋紝濡傛灉涓€鑸捀搴︼紝灏辨场涓婁竴涓や釜灏忔椂灏卞彲浠ヤ簡銆傛场濂藉悗鍒囨垚鏉$姸锛屽鐢ㄣ€傛斁鍏ユ补锛岀儳鐑紝鐒跺悗鎶婇奔鏀捐繘鍘荤炕鐐掍竴涓嬶紝鐐掗銆傛斁鍏ュ钂滆荆妞掋€傛斁鍏ョ敓鎶姐€佽€佹娊銆傜劧鍚庢斁鍏ヨ冻閲忕殑姘达紝姘村紑浜嗭紝How about you?0鍒嗛挓绛夋按宸笉澶氱剸骞诧紝鍦ㄦ斁鍏ヨ懕鍜屾柊椴滅殑钂溿€傜炕鐐掍竴涓嬨€傚彲浠ュ嚭閿呭挴锛佸捀The combination of the two types of tanks is the same as that of the tank and the tank. It’s hard to find out what is happening in the chain. It’s very effective.洜姝や笘鐣屽悇鍦版部娴风殑娓旀皯閮芥湁浠ユ鏂规硶淇濆瓨楸笺€傚湪涓浗鍙や唬锛屽捀楸肩О浣溾€滈矋楸尖€濓紝骞舵湁鈥滈矋楸间箣鑲嗏€濇涓€鎴愯锛堟闈炵幇鍦ㄤ綔涓哄悕璐垫捣浜х殑椴嶉奔锛夈€傚箍涓滃捀楸间腑浠ラ┈鍙嬭憲鍚嶏紝鏄棣欏捀楸肩殑涓€绉嶏紝鏈夋祿鐑堣€岀壒鍒殑姘斿懗銆傚箍涓滅壒鑹茶彍鑲村捀楸奸浮绮掔倰楗究鏄互姝ゅ埗浣溿€傚彉璐ㄥ捀楸煎垽鍒硶鑻ラ奔鑲夎〃闈€佸墫鍒囬潰鍜岄奔浣撳唴鏈夎鑹茶杽鑶滐紝淇楃О鈥滄补鐑р€濇垨鈥滈粍閿堚€濓紝杩欐槸楸艰倝鑴傝偑浜х敓姘у寲鐨勭粨鏋溿€傚洜姝ら奔鑲夋澗鏁o紝浜х敓寮傚懗锛岄鏃朵細鏈夊彛鑻﹁垖楹荤殑鎰熻锛涘湪楸煎ご闈犺繎槌冪殑閮ㄤ綅鍛堢幇娣$孩鑹叉殫鏂戯紝鍦ㄨ倢鑲夊唴灞備篃鍛堢幇鏆楁枒锛屾樉绀洪奔宸茶厫鍧忥紱鍜搁奔鍑虹幇绾㈡枒鐐规槸鈥滃彂绾⑩€濇垨绉扳€滆丹鍙樷€濈幇璞★紝杩欐槸鈥滃棞鐩愨€濇垨鈥滄潌鑿岀被鈥濆湪鑵屽埗杩囩▼涓洜涓虹洂娓嶄綔鐢紝36锝?8鈩冩椂缁嗚弻鍦ㄩ奔浣撳唴杩呴€熺箒娈栬€岀敓鎴愶紝姝ゆ椂楸间綋宸插彉璐ㄣ€?

[Cumin Lamb Practice]_ Cumin Lamb_How to do_How to do

[Cumin Lamb Practice]_ Cumin Lamb_How to do_How to do

Cumin lamb is a common dish in daily life. It is delicious and easy to digest, and it also has a good warming effect on the human body, so it is very popular.

In fact, the method of cumin lamb has the following five methods, the steps are particularly simple, especially suitable for home cooking.

Method 1: Make 300g of lamb hind leg meat, 30g of parsley leaves, 30g of cooking wine, 10g of salt, 5g of MSG, 10g of chili noodles, 15g of cumin, 20g of light onion, 20g of ginger, moderate oil300 grams.

2. Production process: Cut the lamb top knife (the angle of the knife and the fiber of the ping meat at a 90-degree angle) to cut 4 cm long, 2.5 cm wide, and 0.3 cm thick.

Wash the shallots and ginger, cut into sections and pieces, and pat them with a knife.

Put cumin in a clean pot and sauté over low heat. Roll on a cutting board to make a fine powder. Put together with chili noodles in a utensil and add MSG and mix well.

Wash the cilantro leaves in a bowl.

Put the mutton in a vessel, add cooking wine, salt, a small amount of water, stir well and add the onion ginger, and marinate for 20 minutes to remove the onion ginger.

Heat the frying pan, put the oil to the 60% heat, put the lamb slices in the pan and slide open, wait for the raw water to drain, and remove when the oil temperature drops.

When the oil temperature rises again, put the lamb slices into the pan and re-fry once. Add cumin, chili noodles, MSG and mix into the plate. Spread the coriander leaves on the table.

Method 2 1. Make 600g of fresh lamb, 100g of parsley, 35g of cumin (milled into coarse flour), 50g of dried pepper crumbs, 10g of tender meat powder, 10g of cooking wine, 10g of young salt, 5g of MSG, Cooking oil 1000 grams (actual consumption 50 grams) 2, the production process first cut the lamb into 5.

5 cm thick pieces of meat, add tender meat powder, salt, MSG, cooking wine and marinate for 10 minutes.

The parsley was washed and dried, cut into sections, and spread on the bottom of the plate until use.

Heat up, heat up, pour in cooking oil, heat to 60%, add marinated lamb, chop with a spatula, remove immediately, and filter the oil.

Add another simmering heat, add a small amount of oil, add cumin, simmer out the flavor slightly, that is, put the dried peppers and stir-fry until golden brown, quickly pour the smooth lamb slices, cook cooking wine, stir fry several times,Pour the coriander into the parsley-plated dish and add some coriander on top.

Method three 1, make 300g of lamb, 15g of cumin, 50g of bamboo shoots, 1500g of oil (about 75g), 20g of cooking wine, 1g of salt, 15g of sugar, 30g of eggs, 7g of MSG 2, The production process 1) Lamb slices in a bowl, add eggs, starch, noodles, scratch evenly.

2) Spoon the oil and wait for the oil to mature. After the meat is sliced, put the bamboo shoots and pour out together.

Keep the original spoon with oil, add spicy paste, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, cumin, soup, pour in slices of meat, bamboo shoots, turn upside down the spoon, pinch the pan, linseed oil, and serve the spoon.

Method 4: Make 200g of lamb slices, 5g of cumin, 5g of cumin powder, 15ml of soy sauce, 5g of white sugar, 5g of salt, 1 onion, 1 egg white, 15ml cooking wine, 2 chives.

2. Production process: Cut the lamb into thin slices, rinse with water for five minutes to remove blood water, then add egg white, and cook and marinate for 20 minutes.

Cut the onion into thin slices, and cut the scallions into 3-4 cm long sections for later use; heat the wok until it feels the obvious heat above the upper part, then put in an appropriate amount of oil, put the lamb slices into the pan, and fry untilThe meat pieces change color and serve; reheat the remaining oil in the pan, add onion to fry the flavor when it is 40% hot, then add the previously fried lamb slices, pour soy sauce, cumin grains, salt, white sugar and stir well.Spread the scent, and sprinkle the cumin powder before the pan. Mix the chives well.

Has your skin changed to spring makeup _1

Has your skin changed to “spring makeup”?

Because seasonal changes and climate change will change our skin needs.
However, not all skin care products have to be replaced.
When changing skincare products, it is a very practical principle to change two without changing two.
  Face creams and essences should be changed frequently. The creams that have been used in winter now feel a little thick, and it is troublesome to apply. Taking advantage of the recent mall activities, I just bought a suit suitable for spring.
As soon as spring arrives, everyone can’t wait to change their skincare products. Just like clothing seasons, skincare products have become a habit gradually developed by many MMs.
  Indeed, this is a good habit to keep because seasonal changes and climate change will change our skin needs.
However, not all skin care products have to be replaced.
When changing skincare products, it is a very practical principle to change two without changing two.
  Two changes: creams and essences need to be changed frequently. When buying skin care products, there is a concept of changing seasons. As the weather warms, changing seasons is definitely still needed.
The temperature difference between spring and winter is large, the skin condition will be different, and many allergies are easy to cause in spring. For most MMs, there are requirements for skin care products to change seasons.
Except for the winter and spring season changes, the other seasons are the same.
  For some skin-sensitive MMs, a full set of skin care products may be required.
For these skin-sensitive MMs, it is necessary to minimize the amount of skin care products applied to the face, and to choose skin care products that are suitable for sensitive skin or have undergone anti-sensitivity tests.
But for MM with normal skin condition, it is enough to replace two things, that is, cream and essence.
The cream in winter is generally thicker. In spring, you may feel a little thicker. It is more suitable to use a lighter cream such as a lotion.
  Do not change: toner and eye cream without season skincare products change seasons more often depending on personal feelings, in addition to the obvious difference in texture such as creams, some things do not need to be changed, can be used all year round.
  Toners and eye creams do not need to be replaced.
Toner is usually used for secondary cleaning and moisturizing, and it has little effect on seasonal changes.
The same goes for eye products.
  Of course, there are many products that are suitable for use throughout the year. For MMs that use these products, the season will focus more on functionality, and many products are available throughout the year.

Anti-deafness with self-massage

Anti-deafness with self-massage

Tuina massage has always been a common method for the Chinese nation to strengthen health, prevent and treat diseases, and prolong life. It has the characteristics of “experience, convenience, and cheapness”. It is not limited by equipment, environment, and other conditions. It does not require needles or medicine.That can achieve the purpose of eliminating disease and strengthening.

In terms of healthy ears and deafness, our ancestors left a lot of valuable massage methods.

The ancient and modern ear anti-deaf hearing massage methods are included as follows: Ming Tian drum: The palms of both hands are pressed against the ear hole, and the middle and index fingers are placed on the back of the head and gently tapped to make the ear rumbling like a drum sound, each timeTap 36 times.

  Press the tympanic membrane: gently insert the index finger of both hands into the ear hole to pull out the ear canal completely occluded; or pull the palm of both hands tightly against the auricle and pull it out suddenly, you can feel the tympanic membrane activity and ear popping 20 times.

  Ear sweeping outline: Put the palms in front of the ears, flat on both ends, and rub them back evenly. After rubbing the ears, push the backs of the ears from behind the ears. Repeat 18 times, appearing in both ears.Feel the heat as well.

  Molar wheel: Use food, rub the Momo up and down along the edge of the ear contour up and down 36 times, causing the pinna to become hot.

  Rub the earlobe: Rub with both hands, thumb and belly, rub the earlobe separately, first gently rub the earlobe for half a minute, change the redness and fever, then hold the earlobe to tilt to the right, then let go, let the earlobe return to its original shape, repeat 10 times.

  Press the listening palace: Use your forefinger and belly to contract the listening palace acupoint in the depression in front of the ear when you open your mouth, step in for 3 seconds and release, repeat 20 times.

  The above method is normal and easy to do. Middle-aged and elderly friends can do it once a day, morning and evening. Persistence will help increase blood circulation in the inner ear, delay hearing aging, and correct deafness and tinnitus.

Improve Sleep 12 Yoga Exercises

Improve Sleep 12 Yoga Exercises

Some stretching exercises in yoga have great potential for promoting bone growth. Today, I will teach you a few yoga exercises. If you want to become taller, don’t miss it. Let’s do it together!

  Action 1: Cobra: Kneel on both knees, legs slightly apart.

Inhale, slowly bend the spine backwards, and contract the muscles in the buttocks.

Exhaling helps to relax backwards.

  Action 2: Inverted: Put your arms on the ground.

Inhale and lift your legs up to 90 degrees with your body.

  Action 3: Wheeled Wheeled: Lie on your back with your hands on your sides.

Bend your legs, keeping your heels close to the back of your thighs.

Move your hands to the ends of your head and place your palms against the floor.

Inhale, arch your hips, and raise your waist and abdomen.

  Action four: Spine tilting Spine tilting: Hold your toes with your hands, and try to get close to your legs. In the end, the palms of your hands can rest on the ground next to your feet.

  Action five: Spinal twisting Spinal twisting: If there are no difficulties, you can hold your hands directly behind your back.

Rotary spine twist: If there are no difficulties, you can hold your hands directly behind your back.