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5 best ways to exercise in the gym

5 best ways to exercise in the gym

Many people don’t think of exercise and there are misunderstandings.

In fact, incorrect exercise methods will hurt the body at the same time as strengthening the body. Few people know this, and few people will really pay attention to avoid it.

The average person’s long-term running exercise will definitely hurt the injured joint.

Today’s young people like to exercise in the gym, but there are some typical mistakes.

If you like to go to the gym and exercise in exactly these ways, then you must pay attention to adjustments, otherwise you will definitely endanger your health in the long run.

  Fitness exercise misunderstanding 1: Back stretching This is the most common exercise method in the gym, but it must be known that this exercise method is only suitable for those who have more flexible shoulder joints, and those who have professional sports knowledge, only themIn order to make this exercise distance.

Therefore, if you are not a professional, it is better not to do back stretching for a long time. Improper stretching may cause shoulder muscle strain. The stretched beam often hits the neck and may damage the cervical spine., The entire spine will be deformed as a result.

  Fitness exercise misunderstanding 2: Back weight lifting is the same as back stretching, which requires professionals or people with flexible shoulder joints. It is best for ordinary people not to perform this kind of exercise for a long time. It will hurt the shoulder muscles and causeBack trauma will cause spinal diseases.

  Fitness Misunderstanding 3: Leg Pressing Heavy Weights This is the most common exercise in the gym. There are also such facilities in some community fitness equipment.

Its specific method is to push up the heavy equipment from a lying position, and then return to the original position, which is appropriate.

Most of the biggest misunderstandings of doing this exercise are not knowing that if the angle is less than 90 degrees when replacing the leg, it will hurt the knee joint.

If you really want to be able to do this exercise to exercise your leg muscles, be sure to adjust the angle of the recliner on the back, it is better to be gentle.

  Fitness Mistake 4: Step on the treadmill Many people go to the fitness center to enjoy treadmills, and even have treadmills at home.

Some people who exercise on a treadmill like to attach the tibia directly to the machine, hold the armrest firmly or hold the elbow against the instrument. This method is very wrong. It twists the joints, spine and other parts and causes damage.When running on a treadmill, it’s best to hold the handle with your hands, raise your chest and raise your head, with your eyes looking straight ahead and exercise rhythmically and not too fast.

  Fitness exercise misunderstanding 5: Partial weight loss Some people’s body parts are relatively thick and oversized, so they always want to reduce the slightness of some parts through exercise. For example, many people deliberately reduce thighs, abdomen, and large amounts of excess meat.In order to achieve the goal, at the gym and sweating at the expense of time and money, but with little effect.

Because the exercise for local weight loss is not suitable for the gym, gym equipment can help exercise muscles, in fact, it is likely to have an adverse effect on the situation of weight loss, because those equipment and exercise will make local fat sacs extra meat.Turns into muscle mass, stronger and more prominent.

Therefore, it is best not to use gym equipment blindly for local weight loss, especially those girls who don’t want to wear clothes with one muscle and one muscle.

  Fitness exercises are very beneficial, but you must be moderate and appropriate to avoid going into the wrong zone so that you can exercise and health without delay.

Method of gradual emotional stress

Method of gradual emotional stress

Of all kinds of stress, the “killing power” of emotional stress is the largest.

  For everyone, stress is inevitable, but emotions and attitudes can be changed.

  Here are two ways to eliminate emotional stress.

  The first training method: 1. When you feel emotional pressure, invite a few friends and relatives to go to a meal or watch a movie.

  2. Find a little thing that you have dealt with successfully in your life recently, reward yourself, buy a gift for yourself.

  3. Analyze the causes of stress and find ways to eliminate it.

  4. Find someone you trust and talk openly.

  5, the results of the evolution of emotional stress, imagine the whole process to achieve this result in the heart, make adequate psychological preparation.

  6. If the desire or motivation is too high, one day a week should be adjusted with completely different points of interest (for example, playing golf, drawing, playing chess, planting flowers).

  7. Don’t consume your ability and toxicity extremely. Sometimes you need to know how to save energy. Otherwise, you just have a reputation of “working hard”.

  8, to understand the best and innovative rest methods, the types and methods of rest should be rich and diverse, not monotonous.

  9. If stress has caused discomfort to the human body (such as heart pain, excessive sweating, insomnia, decreased gastrointestinal digestion, etc.), take it seriously and conduct a health check early.

  10. During leisure, carry out sports activities, but the time of one activity should not be too long.

  The second training method: 1. Write down the cause of stress in family life, work, social interaction, etc. with a small note, and then think of three different ideas for each pressure to deal with it, you can talk with friendsTalk to someone you trust.

  2. Write “Stress Autobiography”.

Keep a diary and autobiographical record of the pressure you have encountered and save it for future reference.

  3. Don’t ask too much of yourself, remember the seven words in a hymn: “One step is enough.”

  4. Don’t bear all burdens and responsibilities on yourself, trust others, share responsibilities, and learn to cooperate with others.

  5. Be brave in making decisions.

Wrong decisions are better than indecision or indecision.

Decision errors can be corrected.

Indecision or indecision can lead to stress and harm physical health.

  6. Don’t be discouraged by small things, don’t stick to trivial things.

Too much worry about trivial matters is often overwhelmed by stress.

Have the courage to look at the big picture.

  7. To prevent being too lonely, engage in meeting some new friends and knowing something new in order to maintain spiritual balance.

  8. Sometimes I have to brag about myself, be intoxicated, praise myself, and maintain a good sense of self to invigorate my spirit.

  9, there must be sufficient sleep time, lost sleep time to make up.

  10, not overly attached to success.

Failure is the mother of success. Accumulation. Experienced failure is more of a scale than “simple success”.

  11. Use humor and smile to regulate your mood, and use self-hypnosis and deep breathing to relax your body and mind.

Never lose your confidence.

10 myths about diet and nutrition

10 myths about diet and nutrition

Diet is an important means for humans to obtain nutrition.

Therefore, it is necessary to master the scientific method of obtaining nutrition in the diet, but at present, there are a lot of misunderstandings about obtaining nutrition.

  Myth 1: Fruits must be better nutrition than vegetables. In fact, most fruits are not as nutritious as everyday vegetables.

  Misunderstanding 2: Lean meat does not contain a large number of uncles. Generally speaking, the trace content of lean meat of pork is the highest among various meats, reaching 25% -30%, while the lowest of rabbit meat is only 0.

5% -2%.

Chicken (unskinless) is also lower in adults.

The feces content of beef is generally below 10%, but if it is fat cattle, even the loin area is covered with fine fecal spots, the feces content even exceeds that of pork.

  Misunderstanding 3: Eating more vegetable oils is beneficial to longevity. Surveys and experiments have shown that people with a high intake of small amounts of animals have an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, and those with a high intake of vegetable oils have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease.Yes, there is no big difference in life expectancy between the two groups.

After investigation, the reason is that people with high vegetable oil implantation have a higher incidence of cancer.

If you eat more vegetable oil, it is best to supplement antioxidants such as vitamin E.

  Myth # 4: Chicken, duck, and fish have good protein. The protein in animal food is indeed high in quality, but cheap beans and oil seeds such as peanuts and sunflower seeds are also rich in protein.

  Misunderstanding five: the purer the drinking water, the better. In fact, many of the elements required by someone’s body are obtained from drinking water.

Mineral water containing certain trace elements or compounds can even be effective for certain diseases.

Distilled water itself contains almost no solutes, and can dissolve out some substances in the human body. It is beneficial to some people who are poisoned by metal elements, but regular people may drink certain minerals due to their regular drinking.

  Myth # 6: No salty foods have no salt. Sodium is sodium chloride. In addition, sodium has various compounds.

Because blood contains a lot of sodium ions, animal foods contain sodium sodium without exception.

In addition, processed foods also contain large amounts of sodium.

So even if you eat foods that are not salty, there will still be a lot of sodium.

  Myth 7: Foods rich in multiple amino acids are all high-end nutritional amino acids. There is nothing mysterious about it, it’s just a constituent unit of protein.

Food contains protein and naturally contains amino acids.

Cheap corn and potatoes still contain many amino acids.

Since healthy people have the ability to digest proteins, they can completely obtain amino acids from ordinary foods, and there is no need to drink expensive amino acid nutrition solutions.

  Misunderstanding 8. Chemical analysis of pure natural food must be harmless to humans. It is also found that many pure natural foods contain harmful substances.

For example, raw beans have hemolytic substances, germinated potatoes have toxins, some fish contain amines and other substances that may cause poisoning, and so on. If these foods are not handled properly, they will be dangerous.

  Misunderstanding 9: Foods with additives must be more harmful than cigarettes and alcohol. Food additives do little harm to healthy adults.

As long as the relevant national limits are complied with, the additives that can be used now are quite safe, and in general the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  Misunderstanding 10, Western fast food nutrition-rich nutritionists believe that Western fast food is high in calories, high aunt, lack of green vegetables, resulting in insufficient fiber and nutritional imbalance.

Similar problems exist with other quality fast foods.

Regular consumption will inevitably bring the consequences of malnutrition.

Liver disease should be prescribed for symptoms

Liver disease should be prescribed for “symptoms”

Patients with chronic hepatitis are supplemented with some traditional dietary treatment methods at the same time as medication, which is definitely beneficial to the recovery of the disease.
These diets also apply to other members of the patient’s family.
  Medicinal diet is an important adjuvant therapy for viral hepatitis, and it has an important effect on the improvement of patients’ symptoms. The following describes the preparation of medicinal diet such as loach powder, peanut red jujube soup, Yinchen porridge, gardenia porridge and dandelion porridge.
  Loach powder powder effect: detoxification, qi.
Also suitable for cirrhosis.
  Ingredients: 2000 grams of live loach.
  Production: Live loach is placed in clean water and raised for 1 day to drain intestinal waste. The next day, the loach is placed in a drying box to dry or roasted and ground into bottles.
  Usage: 3 times a day, 10 grams each time, served with warm water.
15 days is a course of treatment, and a maximum of four courses are taken.
  Peanut Jujube Decoction Efficacy: nourish the liver, reduce transaminase.
For acute and chronic hepatitis, high serum aminotransferase.
  Ingredients: 30 grams each of peanuts, red dates, and rock sugar.
  Production: Put the peanuts in the pot, add the right amount of water to cook, then add red dates and rock sugar, and fry until saccharified.
  Usage: Take 1 dose daily, eat peanuts, red dates, and drink soup.
30 days is a course of treatment.
  Yin Chen porridge effect: Qingli damp heat, jaundice.
For acute infectious jaundice hepatitis.
  Ingredients: Yinchen 50 grams, rice 80 grams, sugar.
  Production: Wash the yin chen, cook the juice, remove the residue, and add the rice. When the porridge is cooked, add an appropriate amount of sugar and boil it a little or two.
  Usage: Warm clothing, 2-3 times a day, 7-10 days as a course of treatment.
  Zongzi porridge effect: clearing heat and purging fire.
It is suitable for jaundice hepatitis, and can also be used to treat cholecystitis, red eyes and swelling and pain, and acute conjunctivitis.
  Ingredients: 3-5 grams of gardeniae, 50-100 grams of rice.
  Manufacture: Grind the rice dumplings into fine powder, and cook the rice into gruel at the same time.
  Usage: 2 times a day, 2-3 days as a course of treatment.
  Should be avoided: should not eat long and long service, thin stools should not be used.

You are not suitable for naked sleep


You are not suitable for naked sleep

Dressing here refers to the clothes that are worn while sleeping.

Some people are cold and cold, and always wear more clothes when they sleep in winter, which is not good for health.

Specially undressing and sleeping, can quickly eliminate fatigue, so that the various organs of the body are well rested.

銆€銆€Because human skin can secrete and emit some chemicals, if you sleep with clothes, once the normal “breathing” of the clothes and the evaporation of sweat, the pressure and friction of the clothes on the muscles will affect the blood circulation, causing the body surface to decrease, even if the coverThe thicker quilt will also feel cold.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is not advisable to wear thick clothes to sleep in the cold winter to ensure the health and health of the body.

銆€銆€If you don’t want to wear pajamas, naked sleep is healthier: First, naked sleep has an unfettered freedom of pleasure, which is beneficial to enhance the secretion of the skin glands and sweat glands, and is beneficial to the excretion and regeneration of the skin.

Conducive to the regulation of the nerve, which is conducive to enhancing adaptation and immunity.

銆€銆€Second, naked sleep is extremely effective in treating tension diseases, especially the tension in the abdominal visceral nervous system is easily eliminated, which can promote blood circulation, and improve the degree of chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, low back pain, headache and the like.

At the same time, naked sleep will also have a certain comforting effect on people with insomnia.

銆€銆€Third, naked sleep not only makes people feel warm and comfortable, but also the common low back pain and physiological menstrual pain in gynecology. The women who have been unable to sleep for a long time because of cold hands and feet can quickly fall asleep after adopting naked sleep.

銆€銆€Fourth, the experts clearly pointed out that wearing tight underwear to sleep is detrimental to health.

Therefore, as a healthy lifestyle, you may wish to try naked sleep.

銆€銆€If you wear pajamas: sleep in nap pajamas while sleeping, after analyzing the sleeping conditions of various materials and the sleep state of the respondents, the researchers found that a small amount of pajamas on silk and cotton cloth helps sleep, while hemp pajamasIt affects sleep.

銆€銆€According to the results of this survey, Professor Tamura Shiko of the Department of Living Environment of the Women’s University of Japan pointed out that pajamas are an important factor in the quality of sleep, especially in sleeping position.

So, what are the drawbacks of linen pajamas?

銆€銆€Professor Tamura said: “The human autonomic nervous system includes the sympathetic nerves that keep the body active and the parasympathetic nerves that rest the body.

We let the respondents sleep in silk and linen pajamas and measure the depth of sleep.

As a result, the level of activity of the parasympathetic nerve when wearing silk is double when wearing a linen pajamas.

“There was once a popular clothing in the linen, including pajamas, but now it seems that it is not good to wear.

銆€銆€Special note: Human skin has many functions, such as absorption, immunity and gas exchange.

Experts believe that wearing underwear, affecting the skin for gas exchange, is not conducive to metabolism, so the dubious people tried and found that the retinal soreness she caused disappeared miraculously, and she felt very sleepy.

According to some people who have experienced it, it is very comfortable to take off your underwear and sleep. It is good for some common diseases such as vaginitis, hemorrhoids, athlete’s foot or snoring.

After the[rainwater], don’t rush to reduce clothes!


After the[rainwater], don’t rush to reduce clothes!

Warm, windy and beautiful, stepping on the door, opening the door, fresh air, smashing into the nose, and even breathing, feeling the warmth of the warm sunshine. The sun shines on the ground, and when I go out, I don’t have a few steps to start sweating.You start to wear the clothes of the body and gently blow a cold. In the whole year, the most impermanent season of changes in meteorological elements such as temperature, airflow, and pressure is spring.

It is often the daytime sunshine and hustle and bustle. People have the feeling that 鈥渢he warm air is soaked and drunk鈥? but it is cold and chilling in the morning and evening, which makes people feel that 鈥渢he spring is cold and steep鈥?

This “fair” weather, which is difficult for people to adapt to, is commonly referred to as “cold spring.”

In the early spring when the time is warm and cold, it is necessary to cope with the sharp changes in the weather in time to ensure the safety of the “cold spring”, especially to prevent the three types of diseases: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, respiratory and rheumatic diseases.

To deal with the “falling cold”, six strokes, one spring, the appropriate “spring”.

Do not think that the temperature will temporarily rise, you can immediately take off the winter clothes, the temperature difference between day and night, morning and evening should pay attention to keep warm, especially the joint parts to keep warm.

2 exercise should not be too early in the spring exercise should not be too early.

Because the temperature in the morning is low, the fog is heavy, the dust is too much, and the elderly with poor constitution are better to exercise after the afternoon temperature warms up.

In the selection of sports items, it is best to choose a sports mode with less exercise, such as Tai Chi, jogging, mountain climbing, walking, etc.

Once you have been working over a long period of fatigue, or staying up late, it is best to rest moderately and strengthen your emotional regulation.

3 develop a good lifestyle saying that 鈥渢here is money to buy old and thin鈥? obese people should strengthen exercise; do not smoke or drink alcohol; eat less fried food.

Drink plenty of water to help keep your blood flowing through your body or reduce the risk of respiratory illness.

4 Prepare for self-care For those who have heart disease, do self-care work. If you have long-term stomach pain, chest tightness, headache, etc., you should see a doctor promptly.

5 children’s parents need to be alert to children’s colds so that children can be more active in the sun, breathing more fresh air, reasonable and reasonable, increase the body’s immunity.

The bedding, the clothes should be diligent, and the indoors are often ventilated to reduce and inhibit the survival and reproduction of the bacteria.

6 eat more celery and other flavored foods in this “cold spring” climate conditions, bloggers recommend to prevent typhoid, cold, not only to keep warm and cold, but also to increase the garlic, onions, celery and other flavors in the dietFood, which can prevent typhoid fever, multiple respiratory infections in spring, high blood pressure and stroke have complications.

Onions, ginger, garlic, celery and other vegetable foods, Chinese medicine believes that food can be used to dispel cold and cold, helping the body to sterilize and prevent disease.

Especially garlic, the mechanism of action.

Learn 4 “this way” to maintain health. After the rain, the weather gets warmer, the wind is dry, and it is cold in the morning and evening. The human body often has skin, dry tongue and chapped lips. Therefore, eat more fresh vegetables and juicy fruits.Replenish body water.

Diet should be less sour and sweet, a variety of amaranth, lily, yam, medlar and so on.

This kind of action should be taken early and get up early, recognized as a nap.

The early spring season is still extremely cold and should not move up and down.

Outdoor exercise during fine weather, you can choose to walk, jog, tai chi and other more relaxed sports, the amount of exercise is “micro-sweat” is appropriate.

After wearing rainwater, the spring and cold materials are steep, and the elderly and children should be “spring squat” to prevent “cold spring”.

The most important thing about “Spring Clam” is to lick your legs and feet. Many people are used to reducing the number of trousers when they are reducing their clothes. In fact, the blood circulation of the lower body is poor, and it is easy to be affected by the cold, especially the elderly and children with weak resistance.After suffering from cold, it is easy to cause colds, high blood pressure and other diseases.

After adjusting the rain, the spring breeze is warm, the pathogenic bacteria, the virus is easy to spread with the wind, and the spring infectious diseases are often prone to outbreaks.

In addition, the erratic weather is likely to cause people’s mood swings, which is not good for patients with high blood pressure, high blood pressure and high blood pressure.

You should adopt a positive spirit to adjust your health and exercise, and keep your mind calm and comfortable.

How many people say that they are healthy, but the body is light


How many people say that they are healthy, but the body is “light”

Some people died when they were 50 years old, but they lived their self, lived a height of life, and realized self-worth. Some people lived to 100 years old but could not find the meaning of life, turbid and terrible demons.

We don’t want to hear the unfortunate news, but we always have bad dreams around us. We have bad news from time to time in our circle of friends. We are forwarding all kinds of love crowdfunding. Our living standards are getting higher and higher, butWhy is the resistance of our physique so bad that it is always late at the beginning.

We always become vulnerable in the face of illness. A living person, no more, no more, no warning, we always think that we are still young, we have the youthful capital of squandering, because we are young, all of usIt doesn’t matter if you are ignoring our lives, but you don’t know how you treat your body. One day, the body will give you feedback.

Our young body is not worth mentioning in front of the disease and death.

I always hear older people say, how good young people are, what they want to do, but no one has ever told us to live well, cherish everything in front of us, when one day we are lying in a hospital bed, even downWalking on the bed has become our most expensive luxury accessory.

We are all ordinary people. The family is not a family. We are accidentally hit by the disease. The ruin is the material that the family has earned in a lifetime. It is how many families have been ruined. How many misfortunes there are.

The body is our only capital, not young, we love our body well, we are responsible for ourselves, and we are responsible for our family. This pain is unbearable pain.

When you live to a certain age, you will know that it is never young to decide the height of life, but that you have a healthy body.

Lose your impetuousness, don’t always think that you are still young now, don’t convince yourself to use your parents to give your body the capital to settle for your own vanity. There are many ways to get happiness, but exchange it with health.Happiness is the most stupid one.

Think about the old parents at home, think about the children at home, now you are their spiritual ability, you are gone, earning more money, it is the cruelest behavior for them, don’t use health for wealth, becauseYou can’t experience that kind of pain, and this pain will cause pain in your life. Nothing in the world can be happier than a family. You earn one million a day and one hundred a day.Life is the same, nothing more than three meals a day, but laughter is priceless.

This world gives us the right to live, but if you live up to this kindness, one day the good will be replaced, and the one you squander will soon be punished.

Take good care of your body, don’t make a bet on the happiness of your family, maybe you can go back and ask, what do they want most?

Health and wealth are the most important, maybe you can find your answer.

Many people say that there is a lot of pressure in this social life, but in fact, I think that this pressure is actually for myself. The external pressure can cause you to be small, compare it with less, and pay more attention to the value of the individual.The value of money has never been measured by money. This personal value actually refers to how much joy you can bring to others, not sadness.

Exercise your body well, love your body, don’t always stay on your lips, maybe you exercise a little more, love your body a little more, the disease will be far away from you.