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Does watching TV hurt your baby’s brain

Does watching TV hurt your baby’s brain

Is your child watching TV?

Does television affect children’s health, development and cognitive ability?

Should we let children before the age of 3 watch TV?

What impact did TV have on their lives?

  Is your baby a TV lover?

Does your baby often watch and eat in front of him?

Are you used to coaxing children to obey?

These are issues that parents are eager to know.

Indeed, in modern families, television has become an irreplaceable partner in children’s daily lives.

When parents don’t have time to deal with entangled children, they usually use televisions to soothe them and quiet their children on TV shows.

  I don’t know when the parents will find out that the children know how to appreciate and will pay attention to the TV picture.

Babies around 1 year old will laugh when they see funny pictures, or they will dance.

Before long, the children had switched on and off the TV themselves.

2-year-olds have continuous attention to television.

By the age of 3, they can identify things they are familiar with or interested in on TV, and show a steady interest in certain TV pictures such as animals, flowers, cartoons, etc.

Humor anime songs, make cartoon characters in animations, etc.

  So is the child watching TV?

  Does television affect children’s health, development and cognitive ability?

Should we let children before the age of 3 watch TV?

What impact did TV have on their lives?

  Now there are two completely different views: Square Forum: Watching TV is one of the effective ways of early childhood education.


TV host’s language development has expanded their vocabulary.

Infant and childhood is the period of children’s language acquisition, the best standard of television, beautiful music, and vivid pictures, which can better attract children to imitate and understand, thereby improving their language skills.


Watch TV to develop children’s brains.

Infants and young children watching TV also try to recognize and understand the picture, which helps the development of the brain.


Television as an intermediary can broaden the knowledge of children and make them better connected with society.

Television allows them to intuitively recognize various objects they have never touched: various social characters, animals, fish, birds, and even paleontological dinosaurs for a wide range of information.

  Opposition: 1.

Harmful to children’s eyesight, causing strabismus!

  When adults watch TV, they may be suspected of children, or put babies with their cradles together. Infants and young children often watch their TV with their heads attracted by the sound of TV.

Often maintaining the same posture will naturally cause squint.

Older children watch TV for too long, and their eyesight will be fatigued. In order to see more clearly, sometimes they will involuntarily tilt their heads, and they will also squint for a long time.


Myopia, astigmatism and other eye injuries.

  Infants and young children’s visual adjustment function has not been developed and perfected, and it is difficult to adjust and adapt to the direct stimulation of strong light.
When babies enjoy watching TV, they especially like to watch those programs with flashing screens and strong colors. This kind of adults rarely successfully pull children from the TV when they watch the advertisements.
Infants and young children, especially children under 2 years of age, have not yet developed their refraction, eye position and other regulatory systems, and watching television must be detrimental to their vision development.


Television and autism.

  There have been case reports that when a child is under the care of a babysitter, because the babysitter’s cultural level is reduced, in addition to taking care of the child’s diet, he usually puts him in front of a TV to watch cartoons or videotapes, and rarely accompanies him to play or talk.
Therefore, Jiang’s ability to express language is very limited, his concentration is not strong, and he is introverted. He doesn’t like to play with other children. He likes to talk to himself, but he can’t make a sentence. Others have a hard time understanding his needs.Express your intentions with cries and gestures.

The child was diagnosed with autism.

  Some experts have analyzed: Dr. Kenrat Z. Lorentz, the father of comparative behavior, believes that the learning experience (light, sound learning experience) that people see and hear within 6 months after birth will become action after growthThe basics.

If the baby is exposed to strong light and sound stimulation too early, the baby’s brain will react to the mechanical distortion of the sound, but will not respond to the sounds of the mother and other loved ones. This is a major cause of autism.

  He believes that television can have a devastating effect on children who are still developing their brains, especially children aged 0, 1, and 2.

  Television will deprive children of thinking, because watching TV only requires the child’s passive attention, and children will no longer love to think in the cognitive learning of watching TV.

Children who are addicted to TV lack the initiative in their lives. Too much attention to TV makes them ignore their toys and children, watching TV programs that are not suitable for them, and unwilling to communicate with others.TV Autism. ”


TV may cause obesity in children. Some babies like to watch TV while eating. Parents also find that this baby will be more honest when eating, just let him watch while eating, and sometimes even turn on the TV when the baby is eating.

The baby’s mind is all on the TV, often do not know when the stomach is full, will eat too much, leading to obesity; at the same time, this will also affect the baby’s digestion and cause inhalation dysfunction.


TV may cause children with arrhythmia in pediatric outpatient reports. More and more children have physical abnormalities due to watching too much television. Many children do not have organic heart disease but have arrhythmia. Studies have found that these children have one thing in common: Watch TV for more than 3 hours a day for more than 2 weeks.

  Experts believe that children, especially pregnant women and infants, watching TV without choice can cause more than 50 complications, such as hyperactivity, headache, abdominal pain, sleep disorders, anorexia, enuresis, phobia, and skin rash.

  A foreign research paper on whether television harms your baby, a survey report from the American Journal of Pediatric Medicine pointed out that television may over-stimulate young children’s brains and change their developing brain structure.

Studies have found that infants and young children are often “hypnotic and confused” by television images; newborn babies’ brains develop very quickly in the first two or three years, and are therefore easily affected and “reprogrammed.”

Infants and young children who watch TV for a longer period are more prone to problems of inattention, impulsive behavior, and restlessness, and are more likely to be confused.

  They recommend keeping young children away from the TV.

  The results of a survey recently published by the Japan Society of Pediatrics in Japan indicate that the longer an infant under the age of 2 watches television, the weaker his language skills.

Infants and young children who watch TV for more than 4 hours a day have significantly lower language development and expression skills than those who do not watch TV.

Even if infants and young children do not watch TV directly, family members, especially mothers, watching TV also affect the language development of infants and young children.

Infants and young children feel language and learn language in emotional communication with parents.

If parents watch television for too long, they will reduce direct communication and contact with their children and affect their language development.

  Therefore, the Pediatrics Association recommends: Do not allow infants under 2 years of age to watch too much TV; turn off the TV during breastfeeding and meals; do not place the TV in the room where the infant lives.

  How to Minimize TV Damage Here.

There are many disadvantages of watching TV, but in this modern society, how can it be possible for children and TV to be completely copied. Who can not have TV?

If parents can’t do without watching TV and stay away from TV, all adults can do is to minimize so much harm.

  Give you some reasonable suggestions: 1.

Eat more foods containing vitamin A.


Pay attention to the posture and distance of children watching TV.

The distance from the eyes to the screen is generally 4-6 times the diagonal of the screen. The center position of the TV screen should be slightly lower than or equal to the baby’s line of sight to avoid eye fatigue.


The brightness of the TV should be moderate.

The light is too bright and the pupils are narrowed, making adjustment tight; watching the TV with the lights off, the contrast between the brightness of the fluorescent screen and the surrounding darkness is too great, and it is easy to hurt the eyes.

It is best to install an electric lamp of about 8 watts indoors, corresponding to the TV screen.

Control the volume of the TV.
The hearing organs of infants and young children are very delicate. If they listen to loud sounds for a long time, they will paralyze the hearing of the children and reduce their hearing sensitivity.


The remote control is in the hands of an adult.

Children under 3 years of age should not watch TV more than twice a week, not more than 15 minutes each time. Resolutely stop the baby while watching TV while eating; Do not watch TV after meals.Exercise can cause obesity; don’t watch TV before going to bed to prevent your baby’s brain from being stimulated and falling asleep.

Carefully selected programs: Choose programs that are informative and interesting for babies, and help children develop healthy and up-to-date personalities; prevent homicide, horror, and martial arts to stimulate children’s nerves, which can easily surprise children and make nightmares.


Watch TV with your child.

In the process of watching, inspire children to think, ask questions or solve their problems at any time; after watching, ask questions to the children by watching content, so as to improve children’s observation, attention and memory.


Children don’t like television as much as we think.

The deep-seated reason why infants and children are too obsessed with television is because of loneliness, which leads to the company of adults, which results in useful activities that fill their young minds.

  In fact, children and television are only one-way connections. They prefer activities that are eye-catching, hands-on, feet-inspiring and imaginative, such as reading, games, music, outdoor activities, etc.

  As long as parents are willing to arrange and find various interesting activities to try to enrich their children’s life, you will soon find that the child simply does not want to watch the cold TV lonely by himself. He even wants to play with his parents and friends.communicate with.

Like an adult, give the child a chance to play with his parents and partners. Would he still stay by the TV?

Depression is approaching 90 children!

Depression is approaching 90 children!

What are the characteristics of post-90s college students?

May wish to hear the analysis of the following psychologists.

  ”I like to use qq chat, like to use ‘Martian text’.

“This is a psychology expert, Chen Yixin, director of the Institute of Child Mental Health of Nanjing Brain Hospital, who is most impressed by the post-90s behavior pattern.

“Martian text” is a kind of network language that post-90s college students are good at and widely used. It includes all kinds of uncommon characters and symbols, and it is generally difficult for ordinary people (adults) to understand its meaning.

  Chen Yixin believes that the post-90s preference for “Martian text” is because they have too little privacy in the “6 + 1” family structure (parents, grandparents, and grandparents) and can only talk to their peers through the Internet.

When QQ chat content is also monitored by parents, they can only use “Martian text” to protect their privacy.

  ”Of the children with depression, post-90s account for a considerable proportion.

“Yang Hailong, chief physician of the Department of Psychology, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, said that post-90s college students are basically only children. They have no worries about food and clothing, have strong self-awareness, and don’t care about others.

Absolutely, through the rise in the divorce rate, more than 90 generations of young people have experienced the pain of family disintegration.

Some post-90s lacked frustration exercises, and their rebellious psychology was particularly strong, which prone to psychological problems.

  Zhang Chun, director of the Nanjing Psychological Crisis Intervention Center, believes that the characteristics of the post-90s college students in the common sense, such as “characteristic and rebellious”, cannot be simply pointed out as shortcomings.

The post-90s generation has a stronger ability to contact new things and has the courage to make a sound that it thinks is correct, which is precisely the manifestation of social progress.

“If the post-90s college students still have problems such as impetuousness, selfishness, and weak ability to withstand setbacks, it is more important to find reasons from parents and society, because parents and society have given them such a growth environment.

“” Young people in each era have different characteristics, and they all have distinctive marks of the times.

Psychologists interviewed expressed optimistically that post-90s college students have the distinctive characteristics of rapid development of this era and rapid changes, and even they have such deficiencies and shortcomings, but there is no doubt that they gradually mature and become one.Society, they will certainly become the tide of this era.

How to make four kinds of health soup: Kelp soup to prevent cancer and radiation

How to make four kinds of health soup: Kelp soup to prevent cancer and radiation

Old Chinese Medicine Health Network introduces several nourishing and healthy soup alternatives: anti-cancer anti-cold black chicken soup black chicken soup can enhance mucus secretion, and it is more effective for complications such as colds and bronchitis; black bone chicken can nourish blood and nourish yin,Can be used for cancer patients after surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Method: Wash the black chicken (800g) and cut off the chicken head and buttocks; 4 red dates, about 20 Chinese wolfberries, a few slices of American ginseng, and a few ginsengs; chopped black chicken into 6 pieces, and flatten them with ginger.Put all the ingredients into the casserole, add enough water, cook for 10 minutes on high heat and cook for 1 and a half hours on low heat, season with salt and serve.

  Anti-hypertensive fish soup Fish soup contains a special fatty acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects, can prevent inflammation of the respiratory tract, and prevent disease outbreaks.

Method: shave (1) shave the black film from the belly of the fish, wash it and drain the water; shred the radish (100g); heat the oil pan, wipe the pan with ginger slices, and put the carp when the oil temperature is relatively high,Slowly fry until golden on both sides. Turn the fish into boiling water, add jujubes, boil for 20 minutes on high heat, then cook on medium to low heat for another 20 minutes before adding shredded radish; add shredded radish and cook for another 10 minutes.Edible.
  Detox Vegetable Soup A variety of fresh vegetables are rich in alkaline ingredients, which can remove residuals or toxins from cells.

Therefore, vegetable soup has the reputation of “best body cleanser”.

Method: Carrots (1), potatoes (1), washed, peeled, cut into small pieces, onions (half), cut into small pieces, broccoli (100 g), washed into small flowers; washed and peeled tomatoes, Cut into small pieces, put into a blender to make tomato puree; put in a pot, melt on low heat, turn to high heat, add onion crushed fragrant, pour tomato puree and sugar, stir well and add about 200 ml of water,After boiling, pour in potato pieces and carrot pieces, boil again, pour in corn kernels and broccoli, cook for about 2 minutes, add black pepper, and stir well to serve.

  Enhance metabolism, anti-cancer kelp soup. Kelp contains a large amount of trace element iodine, which helps to enhance the metabolism of the human body. U-fucoate in the kelp also kills peptides.

Method: Cut pork ribs into cubes (300g), pour into boiling water pot, and remove after 3 minutes; put cold water in the pot, pour cold ribs, add onion segments, ginger slices.

Cover with flour and boil, add salt, cooking wine, turn on low heat, and simmer for 1 hour; wash melon (200 g) and soaked kelp (200 g), slice, pour into a pot, and simmer for 20 minutes on low heat, etc.After the color of the white gourd becomes white, sprinkle a little onion and serve immediately.

Eat hot food and destroy your stomach

Eat hot food and destroy your stomach

“Eat while hot” has always been a polite word for Chinese hospitality, but this etiquette seems to be changed.

Recently, according to a report from the Taiwan Cancer Clinical Research and Development Foundation, eating too cold and overheating can damage the body and body functions. Eating more foods that are close to the body temperature can delay gastrointestinal aging and help people live longer.

  From steaming noodles, to hot stuffed buns and dumplings, and hot pots, the Chinese diet has always been inseparable from the word “hot”.

Bian Jiang, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Cooking Association, said that this is because Asia’s body is relatively weak, and eating hot food can provide more energy to the body and help people keep their temperature from the cold.

Above that, Europeans and Americans have stronger bodies, and usually eat more of the food itself. Therefore, there is no special requirement for the temperature of the food. Therefore, they have replaced cold food in their diet structure.

“当然,中国人爱吃热还有一个原因是,许多食物的美味需要温度来‘激发’,而中国人的味觉和嗅觉早已适应了这种被温度激发出的香味,所以热食成为国人千A hundred years of unchanged eating habits.

Frontier said.

  However, more and more studies now show that overeating is closely related to various digestive diseases such as esophageal cancer.

This is because the human esophagus wall is composed of mucous membranes, which are very delicate and can only tolerate food at 50-60 ° C. Above this temperature, the mucous membranes of the esophagus will be burned.

The temperature of overheated food is about 70-80 ° C. Like freshly prepared tea, the temperature can reach 80-90 ° C, which can easily burn the wall of the esophagus.

If you eat hot food often, the mucosal damage has not been repaired and you get burns, which can form superficial ulcers.

Repeated burns and repairs will cause changes in the quality of the mucosa and further develop into tumors.

  Traditional Chinese medicine does not agree with overeating.

Jiang Liangduo, a professor of internal medicine at Dongzhimen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said: “In the digestive tract, the process of digesting food is suitable to be carried out at a temperature close to body temperature.

Excessive food will cause qi and blood to be too active, and the blood vessels in the graft will dilate, which will stimulate the stomach and intestines.

“So, the most suitable food temperature is” not cold or hot. ”

“Many parents blow the baby to a lukewarm temperature before feeding them. In fact, this temperature is also the most suitable for adults.

It feels a little warm with the lips, and is not hot, which is the most suitable.

Jiang Liangduo said.

Similarly, people should pay attention to temperature when drinking water.

It is best to use warm water daily, and the water temperature is between 18-45 ° C.

Hot water will not damage the enamel of the teeth, and then strongly irritate the throat, digestive tract and gastric mucosa.

Even in winter, drinking water should not exceed 50 ℃.

If you are really afraid of cold, you can eat more foods that produce heat, such as ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and pepper, which will not hurt the esophagus and have extra health benefits.

Because of the time and place, people are safe and autumn, and their physical fitness is different.


Because of the time and place, people are safe and autumn, and their physical fitness is different.

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When the time comes to the autumn, the blue sky is washed, the golden wind is cool, the atmosphere is clear, and everything is mature, it is the season of harvest.

Autumn is in the transitional phase of 鈥測ang elimination and yin鈥? while white dew and autumn are the two most relevant solar terms in autumn.

The “point” of the autumnal period is the meaning of “half”. The national ancient book “Spring and Autumn Fanlu 路 Yin and Yang into the upper and lower articles” said: “The autumnal, the yin and yang are also half, so the night and night are cold and flat.

鈥淏ailu鈥?is a festival that reflects the temperature changes in nature.

Dew is a natural phenomenon unique to the “Bailu” solar terms, as the cloud in the Book of Rites: “The cool breeze, the white dew, the cold humming.

At the beginning of the autumn, Qiuyang raged, the temperature was higher, and when it was rainy, it was hot and humid; after the white dew, the weather was dry, the rain was getting less, the night was cold, and the heat was hot and cold.

In accordance with the four o’clock, the adjustment of yin and yang changes in Chinese medicine “speaks from time to time”, the physiological activities of the human body are adapted to the changes in the natural environment, and the yin and yang in the body also change.

In autumn, health should be adjusted according to the changes of yin and yang at 4 o’clock, and the sham and yang should be clarified according to the difference of qi and blood. Otherwise, it is easy to counterproductive.

According to the principle of 鈥淵angyang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter鈥? entering the autumn means entering the season of nourishing Yin, and should pay attention to the adjustment of diet, daily life and emotion.

Adjusting the diet, the climate of Qingrunshengjin is changeable in the autumn, from the heat to the cold, the yang is yin and the yin is long, and the dryness is the main force of the autumn. The different solar terms have different “dryness”.

In the early autumn, the summer heat remains, the temperature is higher, and the combination of dryness and evil becomes warm and dry; when the season is deep, the temperature turns cold, and it is easy to combine with dryness to form a cool dryness.

The dryness of the autumnal will be corrupted to the dryness of the white dew, the dryness of the white dew is warm and dry, and the dryness of the autumn is cool and dry.

Chinese medicine says “dry and easy to hurt Tianjin”, autumn dryness is the most likely to damage the body fluid, resulting in dry oropharyngeal, dry lips and lips, dry skin, dry cough and less phlegm, tongue coating Shaojin and other symptoms.

Therefore, the diet chooses more moisturizing products, nourishing the viscera, nourishing yin and sputum, such as white fungus, honey, sesame, lotus root, lily, fungus, lotus seeds, lotus root, rock sugar, bean sprouts, previous rice, etc., eat less fried fried spicy food,Should not eat too much too much, too cold, too hot, too sticky food, should quit smoking and alcohol, avoid overeating, especially to protect the lungs and spleen and kidney.

Conditioning the living, going to bed early and getting up early in the autumn is in the transitional stage of “yang elimination and yin”, the yang is gradually disappearing, the yin is getting longer, and the so-called “spring, summer, autumn, winter”.

In the autumn, the weather is getting colder, the chilly gas is getting stronger, and the body’s metabolism is also turning from decay to decline.

Therefore, maintenance of yin should be done to go to bed early and get up early, go to bed early to follow the collection of Yin essence, get up early to follow the growth of yang, so that the lungs are clear and stretch, calm and calm, implicit and restrained, not anxious.

In addition, the autumn health supplements suggest that the “autumn frozen”.

“Autumn frozen” is in line with the need for autumn yang, and the need for yin essence, and also prepare for “winter”.

Tune the emotions, do not think that the autumn and the Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the lungs correspond to the autumn gas, and they are worried.

Lung qi deficiency and the elderly, witnessing the autumn wind and cold rain, the flowering trees withered in the late autumn, more likely to cause bleak, sad autumn, coveted feelings, so that emotional depression.

Therefore, due attention should be paid to convergence, to adjust emotions, to maintain peace and quiet in the heart, not to be happy with things, not to be sad, to slow down the impact of autumn chill on the emotions.

As the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, the four qis and the gods”, the cloud: “Make the peace and tranquility, to ease the autumn sentence.

Convergence and calmness.

Nothing else, make the lungs clear.

This autumn should be the way to raise.

“Different regions, health and health focus on a higher level of a wide area, the difference between the topography and the north and south.

Different regions, the terrain is high, the climate is cold and hot, and the nature of water and soil is different.

According to the characteristics of different geographical environments, the focus of autumn health care varies.

For example, the terrain in the northern region is dominated by plains, with plateaus and mountains. It is a temperate monsoon climate with distinct climates in the four seasons, windy springs, rainy summers, dry autumns and cold winters.

Therefore, its autumn health is more important than nourishing and moistening, called 鈥渁utumn dryness鈥? the southern terrain is diverse, mainly mountainous and hilly, the climate is subtropical or tropical monsoon climate, summer is hot and rainy, winter is mild and rainless, and rain and heat are simultaneously.

Therefore, in addition to moistening and drying in autumn, it should also pay attention to dampness.

Wetness is yin and evil, easy to sleep spleen and yang, leading to spleen loss of health, water valley transport is unfavorable, and viscera is dying.

Dampness and effective spleen transporting force, lifting clear and turbid and orderly, the organs can be maintained, the body can be strong.

Different physiques, health regimen should be different for each individual. Therefore, health care should propose different schemes according to age, gender and physical constitution, such as the body of partial yang or yin deficiency.For those who are overcast or yang, use cold and cold products with caution.

In the autumn, health care should be based on the principles of diet, living, and emotional, and should also take into account differences in physical fitness, which vary from person to person.

Such as yin deficiency constitution, emphasis on yin and clear heat, nourish liver and kidney; yang deficiency constitution, focus on warming Yang and dispelling cold, warming spleen and kidney; qi deficiency constitution, pay attention to qi and so on.In the Han Dynasty, Yue Yue “Shen Jian路Government” said: “Therefore, the first one, the first Fengmin wealth to set its ambition, the emperor cultivated the field, the later silkworm palace, the country has no nomads, no wildness, no money, Force does not increase, to week civil, is to health.

Since ancient times, people have explored various methods to support their lives, enhance their physical fitness, prevent diseases, and prolong life.

Autumn is a good season for health, you should choose the scientific method of health, away from the “falling event.”

When does stretch marks appear to prevent stretch marks?


When does stretch marks appear to prevent stretch marks?

When does the general stretch mark appear?

Postpartum stretch marks are faced by every postpartum mother. Women’s requirements for beauty are very high. In order to prevent the growth of stretch marks, our pregnant mothers must do preventive work. How to prevent stretch marks?

Here are some practical prevention methods.

When stretch marks appear most prone to stretch marks in the first month before delivery, most women will have stretch marks on the upper thighs, abdomen and breasts at 5 and 6 months of pregnancy.

However, not every pregnant woman will have stretch marks, and the depth or distribution of stretch marks or the location and extent of the stretch marks will vary depending on factors such as personal physique and heredity.

The first stretch marks are purple or grape-colored lines, to 2 after production?
After 3 months, it will gradually fade into silver.

Teach you how to prevent stretch marks first, nutrition follow-up is very important.

This does not mean that mothers should eat too much. During pregnancy, expectant mothers should avoid eating too much fried foods and sweets. They can eat more protein-rich foods, which can help improve skin texture and make skin moreElasticity, which effectively reduces the production of stretch marks.

Second, weight control is very important.

According to the doctor’s advice, the weight gain during the whole pregnancy should not exceed 30 kg. It is necessary to have a balanced diet, and it is also a good habit to develop activities. Walking, yoga for pregnant women, etc. are all good choices.

Third, the use of protective products.

Stretch marks protection and facial wrinkle protection have the same function, experienced mothers generally recommend the application of anti-stretch marks products, and should be applied in time, only then the belly will have enough flexibility to withstand the subsequent pull.

Fourth, moderate massage also has a good effect.

Partial massage can enhance the elasticity of the skin, in combination with the use of protective products, in addition to making the massage easier, and moisturizing the skin, avoiding the effect of excessive stretching, insist on massage for three months after birth, which can dilute the formedFine lines.

Fifth, develop a good habit of bathing.

Before bathing, prepare a cup of hot milk. When bathing, use a towel to gently rub the abdomen and legs. Then apply the milk on the belly. It will be longer from the inside and washed after a few minutes.

Drinking tea also needs to be careful when it exceeds 70 °C.


Drinking tea also needs to be careful when it exceeds 70 掳C.

Drinking tea also needs to be careful over 70 掳C will cause cancer. Iranian researchers published a study in 2009 that drinking a cup of hot tea every day is likely to increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

Moreover, when the tea water temperature is between 65 掳 C?
At 69 掳 C, the risk of esophageal cancer will double, once the water temperature of tea exceeds 70 掳 C, the incidence of esophageal cancer will increase by 8 times.

If the tea is finished within 2 minutes after the tea is poured out, the risk of suffering from esophageal cancer will increase by about 5 times after 4 minutes.

Another study found that when drinking tea, the tea temperature is between 56 掳 C?
60 掳 C, is beneficial to many health.

In addition to the high temperature of tea may increase the risk of cancer, dietitians reminded that if tea leaves pesticides when drinking tea, it may also be detrimental to health.

If you are concerned about pesticide residue, you can pour off the water in the first bubble, and open it when you make tea. Do not smother the water vapor, so some pesticide substances will evaporate with water vapor.

When purchasing tea, try to choose organic tea, which is extra safe.

So, what is the principle of drinking tea to prevent cancer? Can some cancers in daily life be prevented by drinking tea?

First, how to drink tea to prevent cancer 1. The anti-cancer effect of green tea At home and abroad, some studies have proved that both tea and chemical carcinogenic or metastatic tumors of experimental animals have different effects.

Any endogenous or exogenous free radicals have carcinogenic effects, but natural antioxidants can scavenge free radicals. Therefore, the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of this natural antioxidant are perceived by some people.

Natural antioxidants such as green tea poisonous “tea polyphenols” are exchanged before or after meals. A variety of antioxidants synergistically act to scavenge free radicals, and more can show the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of green tea.

2, green tea polyphenols are important green tea anti-cancer substances in green tea green tea polyphenol content is five times that of ordinary tea, green tea can reduce the occurrence of certain cancers, but scientists in the past are not clear, what is the substance in prevention,Therefore, it is impossible to decide how much green tea a person should drink in a day.

Green tea polyphenols may be just one of the substances that have anticancer effects in green tea.

They also found that the molecular structure of green tea polyphenols is similar to that of the anticancer drug methotrexate tablets (methotrexate).

DHFR is essential for healthy cells and cancer cells. Green tea polyphenols have strong binding to DHFR, but are weaker than methotrexate tablets, so diabetes is less than anticancer drugs for healthy cells.

3, the anti-cancer effect of Pu’er tea After comparing the effects of different green teas, it is considered that the skin of Pu’er tea is more serious. The cancer patients have long been called Pu’er tea, which can expand the contraction and round the circle.The amount is reduced, the attachment and wandering ability is lost, and even the floating loss is lost; the residual is also reduced to round and concentrated, the nucleus is condensed, the chromatin is condensed or disappeared, the vacuoles appear in the nucleus and the granule, and the nucleolus is condensed or broken.The cleavage disappears, the chromosomal contraction shrinks or coagulates, the ribosome decreases, the mitochondria and endoplasmic mitochondria expand; RNA synthesis decreases, and nuclear division stops.

These changes prove that under the pharmacological action of Pu’er tea, the polymer tends to die from degeneration.

Second, drinking tea can prevent cancer. 1. Drinking tea can prevent prostate cancer. According to recent research, whether drinking black tea or drinking green tea can prevent prostate cancer, and it can also reduce obesity and reduce cell damage caused by smoking.It can even prevent heart disease.

Foreign researchers surveyed 20 male patients with prostate cancer. They drank 5 cups of green tea, black tea, etc. before surgery. After blood analysis and prostate tissue analysis, they found that the phenolic content was higher in their tissue samples.Adding black tea, green tea or soda to the phosphate culture solution revealed that the phosphate growth rate was significantly slowed down.

2, drinking green tea is good for preventing ovarian cancer Researchers in Mexico and China recently found that green tea can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer in women. The incidence of ovarian cancer in women who insist on taking green tea every day can be reduced by nearly 60% compared with other women.

Researchers at Curtin University and Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in China conducted experiments on 900 women in order to understand the cause of ovarian cancer.

Of these, 254 have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 652 are healthy women.

It was found that drinking tea daily, especially green tea, can greatly reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer in women.

In addition to drinking tea, other factors such as smoking, oral contraceptives, physical exercise, and a family history of ovarian cancer can have different effects on ovarian cancer.

3, drinking green tea can prevent skin cancer Researchers at the American College of Medicine recently found that drinking a few cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of two common skin cancers.

After studying the eating habits and health status of 2,200 adults, the research team found that people who drank tea had less risk of developing common skin cancers, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

People who drink more than one cup a day may be 20% to 30% lower than those who do not drink tea.

Studies have shown that there is an antioxidant called EGCG in tea that limits the damage of UV radiation to the skin.

This effect is even more pronounced in people who have been drinking tea for decades and who drink at least two cups of tea a day.

Experts in the research team pointed out that the above findings do not mean that no sunscreen is needed as long as you drink tea.

There is no evidence that drinking tea can reduce the risk of skin cancer in people who have sunburned many times.