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The weather is cold?


Want to eat hot pot?

The top 5 recipes in the hot pot restaurant are here!

The weather is cold?
Want to eat hot pot?
The top 5 recipes in the hot pot restaurant are here!

In the late autumn when the weather is getting colder and there is no heating, eating a hot pot is a very pleasant opinion.

Today, I will bring you the top 5 hot pot dishes in the hot pot restaurant, and the ingredients!

I hope everyone can like it.

TOP: 5 health nourishing charcoal hot pot 绾? red dates, ginger, these ingredients have a strong effect of blood and Qi, in this cold night is appropriate, but just heard the name is already warm.

Ingredients six bowls of leeches 20g red dates 10 pieces of pork bone soup taste thick soup Bao 2 (accessory: ginger 20g) practice adding six bowls of water (1500ml) in the pot, add 2 pieces of pork bone soup taste boiled after boilingBao, add a little boil, add red dates, ginger, cook for a while, then add a variety of your favorite ingredients. You can use half of the hot pot at the bottom of the pot.The soup of the Tangbao Pork Bone Soup is involved in the production of the hot pot bottom, so that you can easily make an excellent stage for those who do not care about each other to show their delicious taste.

TOP4: Nourishing kidney qi and hot pot kidney is the source of the body’s vitality. All the shells and traces of aging can be erased by powerful kidneys.

The original taste of medlar and yam is relatively light, and the taste of an old hen soup can be turned into a magic, and the bottom of the pot is full of flavor.

Ingredients: six bowls of water yam 100g 鏋告潪 10g old hen soup taste thick soup Bao 2 pieces of accessories: green onion 50g practice yam peeled into small pieces, green onions cut into sections.

Add six bowls of water (1500ml) to the pot. After boiling, add 2 pieces of old hen soup to the soup and the above ingredients.

After the hot pot is boiled, add the dip.

Tips Fresh yam will have mucus when cut, and it is easy to slip the knife. You can wash it with water and any vinegar first, which can reduce mucus.

The yam should be immediately immersed in salt water after dicing to prevent oxidation and blackening.

TOP3: The mushrooms at the bottom of the mushroom are delicious, the taste is smooth and smooth, and they are rich in a variety of amino acids, which is good for your health.

Use thick soup with a variety of mushrooms to make the bottom of the pot, the delicious soup is melted into a rich soup, and the multi-layered deliciousness brought by different mushrooms makes the taste buds surprise.

Ingredients 6 bowls of water (about 1500 ml) pork bone soup taste thick soup Bao 2 pieces of accessories: mushrooms 100 grams of oyster mushrooms 100 grams of straw mushrooms 100 grams of practice mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and straw mushrooms washed.

Put 6 bowls of water (about 1500 ml), add 2 pieces of Knorr pork bone soup to taste the soup, boil and add the mushrooms after the boiled, oyster mushrooms and straw mushrooms to be boiled and simmer for 5 minutes.Add ingredients such as greens, melon, yam, fish balls, chicken and other tips.

Mushrooms can be cooked for a while, so that the mushrooms are more fragrant and penetrate into the bottom of the soup.


Fresh shiitake mushrooms should be stored at low temperature and stored for less than 3 days. Dry shiitake mushrooms should be sealed and moisture-proof. It is recommended to soak them in cold water for 1 hour in advance.


As the saying goes, “eat radish in winter, eat ginger in summer, drink soup in all seasons.” Pleurotus ostreatus can be regarded as a cheap nutritional product. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to improve the body’s metabolism and enhance physical fitness.


The soup is cooked for a long time, and when adding water, add a thick soup, the umami is more durable.

TOP2: Tomatoes at the bottom of the tomato are rich in nutrients suitable for the whole family.

Use thick soup with fresh tomatoes to make the bottom of the pot, sour and sweet, so that your appetite will increase, you can’t stop.

Ingredients 6 bowls of water (about 1500 ml) pork bone soup taste thick soup Bao 2 pieces of ingredients: tomato 400 g tomato sauce 80 g garlic 50 g green onion 50 g practice tomato washed and cut into large pieces, green onions cut into segments.
Add 6 bowls of water (about 1500 ml), boil and add 2 pieces of Knorr pork bone soup to taste the soup and tomato, tomato sauce, garlic and green onions.

After the hot pot is boiled, add the ingredients such as beef, lamb, fish, fish balls, vegetables, mushrooms and so on.

TOP1: Sichuan-style spicy hot pot can be strong, it is cool and spicy, presumably this is the charm of Sichuan spicy hot pot. The red and bright in the pot, the delicate drops of pepper are like the red plum in the winter, it is beautiful.

In Chengdu, this should be a must for every table.

Chongqing old hot pot staple ingredients: six bowls of water bean paste chili sauce 100g dry pepper 20g pork bone soup thick soup Bao 2 pieces of ingredients: green onion 50g ginger 20g garlic 20g pepper 20g this bean paste chopped, dried chili cut into small pieces.

Add oil to the pan, add the bean paste and dried chili to stir the flavor after heating.

Add six bowls of water (1500ml), boil and add 2 pieces of Knorr pork bone soup to taste soup and green onions, ginger, garlic, pepper.

After the hot pot is boiled, add the dip.Tips When you are exploding bean paste and dried chili, you need to pay attention to changing the fire into a small fire. After frying a few times, cover the pot with a lid?
10 seconds to avoid splashing spicy oil.

Winter tonic – the health of the Emperor Qianlong


Winter tonic – the health of the Emperor Qianlong

There were not many high-income people in the emperor, but the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty was healthy all his life.

This is because the Emperor Qianlong attaches great importance to drinking soup in the winter. At this point, we must be in line with him.

Why does Qianlong want to drink soup in the winter?

This is the result of his deep understanding of health.

In the winter, the wind is cold, the things are crouching, the yang in the nature is hidden, and the yin is strong. Therefore, the winter health should start from Yangyin and Tibetan yang.

Latent yang, maintenance of Yin.

So pay attention to kidney.

Qianlong loves to drink soup, and the royal chef will grind all kinds of medicinal materials in proportion, then put them into the pot together with the tripe to deposit nutrients. After cooking for six hours, the soup is made into soup. It is said that this soup can delay aging, nourishing yin and yang.

Now use the tripe, bovine bone, add Chinese angelica, Codonopsis, medlar and other traditional Chinese medicine stew for two hours.

So how do you cook the soup?

In general, the soup time constant.

Use the knowledge in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” to analyze this soup, beef “Anzhong Yiqi, raise the spleen and stomach”, Angelica, Codonopsis can supplement qi and blood, 鏋告潪 is the best product of nourishing liver and kidney.

Such slow-cooked soup, meat or bones, including Chinese angelica, Codonopsis pilosula, whether it is a medicinal ingredient or a nutrient ingredient dissolved in the soup, is easy to absorb, especially for the elderly with poor spleen and stomach function.

The winter climate is dry and the soup is both nutritious and hydrating.

In addition, the hot soup is the best for the cold.

In addition to drinking soup, Qianlong is very temperate in drinking. He always drinks moderately according to different seasons.

Among the many tonics, the Qianlong Emperor’s favorite tonic is Songling Taipingchun. Whenever the winter is tonic, Qianlong often drinks this wine.

The wine has the effect of promoting blood circulation and protecting the cold. After adding the medicine, the medicine dissolves in the wine to promote the nourishing effect.

In addition, medicinal liquor is a medicine, not a wine. If you put the Chinese medicine into the wine and drink it, it is a medicine. It is a kind of proprietary Chinese medicine preparation, so it is necessary to drink according to your own constitution, and control the amount of alcohol.

Qianlong’s longevity also lies in his use of medicine baits to supplement.

Ginseng is the first choice for Qing medicinal products.

Ginseng can make up the vitality, replenish the spleen and lungs, thirst and soothe the nerves.

Qianlong’s tonic ginseng does not exceed 3 grams per day. It is eaten continuously from the age of 50. The method is to cut the ginseng into pieces and put it in the mouth. This not only makes the medicine even, but also promotes the secretion of digestive juice and helps digestion.

The above is the health prescription of Emperor Qianlong, and the current standard of living has improved. It is not difficult for ordinary people to maintain their health like an emperor.

We can make delicious soups that the ancient emperors can enjoy in our own kitchen.