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Drinking three glasses of water every night can help prevent cerebral thrombosis

Drinking three glasses of water every night can help prevent cerebral thrombosis

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the temperature dropped, and there were more cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients in the hospital.

Chen Hehua, deputy chief physician of the Department of Neurology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that due to blood pressure fluctuations caused by temperature differences, and autumn dryness and lack of water, late autumn is often a season of high incidence of cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

The easiest way to prevent blood clots is to drink plenty of water at night.

  Regarding the infusion antithrombotic method favored by many elderly people, Chen Hehua said that the infusion can only be effective temporarily, but not for the long term.

For patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, while controlling blood pressure and blood lipids, the most economical and simple antithrombotic measure is to drink water at night.

If you take enteric-coated aspirin after dinner, the effect is better.

The reason is that for a few hours between dinner and breakfast, plus excretion, the skin evaporates, and the body is prone to lack of water.

If you do not pay attention to replenishing water during this period, and have basic diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis, thrombotic diseases such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction are prone to occur.

  The specific method of replenishing at night is to prepare one that can hold 500?
Put a 1000 ml cup of water on the bedside and drink 200 before bedtime?
300 ml of water.

Drink two or three sips of water after urination at night, about 100 ml.

Drink 300 more in the morning?
500 ml.

If you drink less at night, drink more in the morning.

This amount of water supply has a certain effect on blood clots caused by blood concentration.

  Of course, drinking too much water will increase the burden on the heart. Chen Hehua reminded that when the heart and kidney function is not good, you should appropriately control the amount of water you drink.

In addition to drinking water, in the autumn often drink some nourishing yin and moisturize porridge, eat more fruits and vegetables, can improve the hot and dry physique while replenishing moisture.

Such as lily lotus seed porridge, wolfberry porridge, carrot porridge, lily almond porridge, etc., all have a good nourishing effect.

Do n’t blindly block kids when they love snacks

Do n’t blindly block kids when they love snacks

Recently, a special survey of snacking behavior among Chinese children aged 8 to 14 in cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jinan and other cities showed that as many as 98% of children have the habit of snacking.
In this regard, experts from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention have given suggestions: parents should not blindly stop their children’s habit of snacking, but should adopt a combination of blocking and blocking methods to guide children to eat reasonably and moderately.
  Experts believe that parents should urge their children not to eat snacks before meals and before going to bed; usually, they should develop the habit of drinking plain water and eating less street food; try to choose small packages of snacks, which can control the amount of snacks and are more hygienicSafe; eat snacks no more than 3 times a day.
In addition, parents should guide children to choose snacks correctly, not only from the taste and preferences, but also to choose healthy food, so that children can get balanced nutrition while eating snacks.
There are many types of natural snacks in daily life, such as milk, soy products, nuts, fresh fruits, and natural unprocessed dried fruits such as raisins.

Children may want to eat rough when changing their teeth

Children may want to eat “rough” when changing their teeth

Recently, a survey in Guangzhou found that many primary and secondary school students have malformations of the jaw, more than 90% of which have crowded teeth, and half of them require orthodontics.
Experts point out that this has a lot to do with the food that children eat during tooth replacement.
  Many parents are always careful during their child’s tooth replacement. In order to protect their new and delicate permanent teeth, they often give their children some fine food.
Experts said that in fact, children’s deciduous teeth need a certain amount of stimulation. Without adequate exercise, the stimulation of chewing will be reduced, which will cause the child’s jaw bone to develop insufficiently, which will not be conducive to tooth growth.
In addition, too soft food can easily leave residues in the mouth, produce bacteria, and is not good for oral health.
  Therefore, experts suggest that parents should give their children some rough fiber-rich foods during tooth replacement, and don’t eat them too finely. For example, letting children choke on apples, sugar cane, etc. is beneficial to children’s jaw bone development.

Summer weight loss essential eight low card fruit detox and lose weight


Summer weight loss essential eight low card fruit detox and lose weight

When the summer arrives, it is time for the fruit to show its talents. One of the biggest effects of fruit is to lose weight, which is sought after by many fat friends.

Fruit is even delicious, but also beauty and beauty, the most important thing is to have the effect of losing weight.

So, what fruit is the most weight loss in summer?

Below, Xiaobian will count the 8 kinds of fruits that are the most weight-loss in summer, so that you can lose weight in the food.


Carambola Degeneration: It is best to eat a few pieces of carambola after a 29-card/100-gram meal.

And carambola is a nutritious fruit that has a miraculous effect on weight loss.

A large amount of oxalic acid, citric acid, malic acid, etc. contained in the carambola can promote digestion, and the fiber and acid contained can dissolve the visceral heat, clearing the intestines and passing the stool.


Strawberry content: 30 calories / 100 grams of fresh red, rich and aromatic strawberries, has always been a favorite of women.

And strawberries have a certain weight loss effect.

Strawberry contains a lot of vitamins and fruit acids, which meets the nutritional needs of human body to a certain extent, and fruit acid can also effectively increase the stomach saturation.


Lemon content: 35 calories / 100 grams of lemon juice has always been recognized as a slimming drink by MM.

It can relax and soften blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and increase iterative digestion.

This will eliminate the accumulation of excess subcutaneous sputum in the body and achieve weight loss.


Guava: 41 calories / 100 grams of guava nutrient rich, vitamin C is 8 times more than citrus, the iron content of seeds is better than other fruits, and guava is still a first-class weight loss fruit, can also help treat diabetes.

Tangerine content: 42 calories / 100 grams of tangerine is a fruit that people often use in spring. It has even more sweet and sour juice, has a cough-relieving effect, and is a good low-calorie diet food.

銆€銆€The fruit acids, citric acid and vitamin B contained in the tangerines have a good effect on slimming.


Fragrant pear content: 46 calories / 100 grams of juicy sweet, refreshing and delicious pear, rich in accumulated fiber and pectin, help to promote the effect, discharge waste accumulated in the body, prevent constipation.


Pitaya content: 51 calories / 100 g dragon fruit is rich in crude fiber, replacing fiber and B vitamins with enhanced metabolism.

銆€銆€In addition, dragon fruit has not yet reached the vegetable albumin supplemented in ordinary fruits and vegetables. This active albumin will automatically combine with heavy metal ions in the human body and be excreted through the excretory system, thus detoxifying well.


Banana change: 87 calories / 100 g banana can be described as the king of weight loss fruit, banana replacement fiber, can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility.

The banana is digested, absorbed well, and can sustain energy.

And bananas have a good feeling of fullness.

Woman wants happiness –


What happiness does a woman want?

Women are always emotional, and how strong they are, how calm they are, and a deep happiness in their hearts.

This kind of happiness does not have to be an earth-shattering love, as long as it is really dependent.

This is the happiness that women want.

銆€銆€20-30 years old, we ride a romantic winter night to the lake to listen to the saxophone, the weather is very cold, my gloves let you bring, I stand in the back seat of the car, use your hands to help you cover your ears.

In the summer evening, I will eat watermelon on the road tarmac. You are half, I am half, but I still rob you of eating. I accidentally splashed the watermelon juice on your body. You rubbed me while I was stupid.

In the spring afternoon, we went to the park to take pictures together. Only two of us couldn’t take a photo, so we kneel on the ground and watched the camera on the ground smirk.

In the early spring of autumn, we exercise together. I don’t want to run. You don’t have to take me. I can’t help but squat. I laughed happily. Just climbed up on your back and you stumbled.

銆€銆€I am happy waiting until the day comes, I open the big box of chocolates you sent me, I see you marry me separately.

Then I cried and hugged with my mother, and filled my arms with my favorite ring.

We waited happily until the day came, you have to accompany me to watch him come to the world, and then kiss my sweaty forehead, wife, hard work!

銆€銆€30-40 years old, we live together to go to work every day, you kiss me, kiss the baby, then drink the soup that I gave you, every night we tell the baby together until he falls asleep.

I will accompany you to watch the game, from being forced to become a fan; you accompany me to watch Korean drama, from the helpless seeing the willingness, we are sleeping in the night, I turned around, you will wake up immediately, pull my quilt, help meCover it, then go see the baby.

We are desperately rushing to get out of the car in the morning. I can still have time to stuff you a bag of milk when I get off the bus.

It’s raining, you will take the initiative to pick me up from work, in addition to an umbrella, there is a warm jacket.

You don’t work well, I don’t bother you, give you your favorite coffee, walk away quietly, I will help you iron the white shirt you want to wear next to you, you don’t want to look up at me, give you the mostA smile.

銆€銆€Everyone visits the parents of both sides: In front of your mother, I am docile like a lamb that you are slaughtered; in my mother’s face, you are the best temper in the world, my dad has been with you, no moreDon’t have to do heavy work at home. We occasionally argue for the baby: You marry him, I am jealous of you; I beat him, you let me hit you 40-50 years old, we are flat children grow up day by day, we are older,No longer so arrogant, we began to get used to the calm, we bought food together on the weekend morning, bought a fresh vegetable enough to have a happy day, when we were fake, we went out to travel, not to crowded attractions, specializes in quiet and beautifulThe town, I am sick, you are used to taking a medicine from your pocket.

銆€銆€I started to swear, don’t let you smoke and drink, you know more and more to buy cosmetics for me, and I still say that I am still a knife.

My embroidered cross-stitch begins to let you thread for me, and you also find that the eyes are a little flower. We often help the other person to pull out the white hair, remember the little bit of youth, you always say that I originally wrote love letters to others, IMore is to ask if you have contact with the old woman who is a first love lover.

銆€銆€Our child is already in college, we are always worried that he has a girlfriend and overheard his phone.

銆€銆€50-60 years old, we have a little bend together, we are all retiring, we have to eat regular health care medicine, you suddenly learned to grab TV with me, I can’t take you, have a daughter-in-law, sonIt seems to be her, we look forward to the weekend, can look at him.

You always look at your flowers, your fish, no longer like to see me; I also look tired of you, always turn our photo album, how good you look when you are young. I am sick, you accompany me to see a doctorWhen the doctor said that there was no problem, we were relieved.

We occasionally go to the restaurant that young people love to go. Although it is expensive, it will be romantic. I always ask how long you have not said that you love me. You smiled and said that I am younger. I don’t understand. It turned out to be menopause!

銆€銆€I packed up my bed and found your private money, and quietly put it back. Soon after, on our wedding anniversary, I sent me a very beautiful jade bracelet: I cried, you said that I am a true friend; I laughYou said that the old lady is really cute 60-70 years old. We are more and more confused and forget about it. The phone number can’t be remembered. You go to school every day to pick up your grandson. I cook for you every day.

When you watch TV, you help me massage, press and press, and I am going to dance early with you every day. Everyone says that we have the image of a husband and wife.

We all went with dentures. When we picked them up, we laughed at each other. You still have some backs. I let you have a meal. You gave me an egg.

銆€銆€I know that the body is no longer so tough, but you said that we can live 120 years old. Now that I am in middle age, I find that you have nothing to buy the lottery ticket. Is it that an old bone wants to make a fortune, but you say you want to give me more money, just in caseYou go first, I am going up, not to talk nonsense, you have to wait for me for a lifetime, let’s die together, who will die first, the other will commit suicide, who will not commit suicide, 70, 80, 90. Our brains are notOk, I shouldn’t know what to do. In short, keep it together every day, and the children and grandchildren take care of us very well.

If possible, I hope to take a wedding photo, wait for us to go, hang it on the tombstone of the burial, more eager!

Although my hands are full of wrinkles, you still have to hold on, because we have been together hand in hand for decades. This is the happiness that women want, real, plain, warm but unforgettable.

Middle-aged life must also be accompanied by sex


Middle-aged life must also be accompanied by sex

Women, especially those in middle-aged women, have “headaches”, “no spirits”, and “neurasthenia”, which are actually caused by lack of sexual life or too little orgasm.

However, due to the shackles of traditional ideas, many women do not know this. They think that they have really got a strange disease, or they are blamed for the unsatisfactory work, the housework is too tired, and the children are not worried.

These women are often more irritated, embarrassed and troublesome than others in their daily lives.

銆€銆€With the gradual expansion of sexual knowledge, some women began to include what they lacked in sexual life and sexual orgasm.

However, within the existing marriage and family, she is unable to unilaterally change this situation.

As a result, she will reimburse her husband for compensation in all other aspects of life.

銆€銆€Men, especially middle-aged men, have the opposite situation.

Many people who are busy with various undertakings are often due to excessive mental burden and long-term backlog of psychological fatigue, resulting in a decline in their sexual desire.

They have a lot in mind, but they don’t say it.

Because he knows: If you are reluctant to give up your career, this low sexual desire cannot be solved fundamentally.

Some better men will try their best to make up for it in other aspects. The most common is to improve themselves in terms of name and profit. Killing makes his wife feel that his wife is a wife, and there is light in his body, which also conceals the contradiction in sexual life.

If it is a husband who lacks responsibility or does not take a woman at all, it is more likely to be “broken and broken” and more indifferent and alienated from marriage and family.

銆€銆€The most tortured person in life is that it always adds two separate disappointments to the same couple.

銆€銆€Therefore, the author does not have a panacea, but only wants to advise such unfortunate couples: Do not be sexual, you should come to some “urban encircling the city.”

The wife begins with an initiative to improve the atmosphere of family life and assists her husband in relieving the psychological pressure of the cause.

Husbands must make a life choice that they face in the morning and evening: What is more important to you?

If you choose a career, it is best not to delay a woman.

If you still agree that sex is not something you are solely responsible for, or is related to the happiness of another person, then please gradually relax from other aspects of life until you can replace the marriage with the kind of enthusiasm of the healing cause, husband and wife and

鈻睸emen allergies, must wear a set of people allergic to peanuts, some people are allergic to pollen, and people are allergic to men’s semen — this is not a joke.

銆€銆€A female reader told me that as long as her husband does not wear a condom and she has sex, she will suddenly have a chest tightness, a burning sensation in the vagina, and itching.

These symptoms come quickly and go quickly. After the supplement, they will disappear automatically.

Some people say that symptoms appear only after a few years of marriage, such as vaginal or perineal edema, itchy itch, heart palpitations, and even nausea and vomiting.

These are all manifestations of semen allergy.

銆€銆€Male semen contains dozens of specific antigens from sperm and seminal plasma that are not found in other tissues in the body.

Some male semen antigens are particularly antigenic. If a woman happens to be allergic, a series of reactions will occur after the same room.

Symptoms often vary from person to person and vary in severity.

Sometimes, women may only be allergic to certain men’s semen, or they may be sensitive to all semen; sometimes, even if men correct condoms or do not ejaculate in the vagina, women will still have these symptoms.

銆€銆€For those women who have been married for many years and have sudden allergies, it may be that their hormone levels have changed. They choose to start a new method of contraception, undergo a hysterectomy or pregnancy, etc.; if a man is taking a certain medicine or eatingSome foods, such as penicillin or peanuts, can also cause allergies in women.

銆€銆€If a woman is allergic to semen, she must use a condom during sex to minimize the risk of allergies.

At the same time, you should go to the hospital in time.

It should also be reminded that women should try to find allergens and brake symptomatic treatment when checking.