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Medicinal diet therapy for chronic superficial gastritis

Medicinal diet therapy for chronic superficial gastritis

Medicinal diet is a special substitute of natural medicine and daily food, especially food with medicinal value, prepared according to certain compatibility rules under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a special alternative that has certain curative effects and health effects.Thing.

Its medicinal properties and food properties are taken in combination. The two complement each other and play a comprehensive role in medicine and food. Chronic superficial gastritis has clinically anorexia, appetite and other indigestion symptoms, and the disease recurs repeatedly, and it is extremely easy to take long-term medicationStomach damage, so you can accept the function of “light food to nourish the stomach”, kill two birds with one stone.

The commonly used medicated dietary therapy for chronic superficial gastritis are as follows: (1) Atractylodes porridge of porridge:[Main ingredients]Atractylodes 30g, 1 pork belly, 60g of rice, a small amount of ginger.

  [Fried clothes method]Wash and cut the pork belly into small pieces, with Atractylodes, add 1000ml of ginger, cook for about 600ml of juice, add the previous rice to cook porridge, and divide into 2 servings in the morning and evening.

  [Indications]Weak appetite for spleen and stomach weakness of chronic superficial gastritis.

Swelling of the abdomen and stagnation of stool.

  (2) Dou Lao steamed buns[Main ingredients]15 g white cardamom, 1000 g flour, and 50 g yeast.

  [Cooking]Grind white cardamom into fine powder. After the flour is fermented, add together to make steamed buns.

  [Indications]Spleen and stomach qi stagnation, abdominal pain, loss of appetite or cold stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

  (3) Qu end porridge[Main ingredients]10-15g of Shenqu, 30-60g of previous rice.

  [Decoction method]First mash the Divine Comedy, add 2000ml of water to take the juice, fry to 1000ml to take the juice, then add the previous rice to cook the porridge, and serve twice in the morning and evening.

  [Indications]Weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, indigestion of food, rotten acid, bloating, and bloating.

  (4) Chenpi chicken[Main ingredients]Chenpi 20g, fragrant 15g, chicken 60g, green onion 10 stems, ginger 6g, seasoning.

  [Cooking]① Wash the tender cock and cut into small pieces for later use.

  ② Wash the rinds, stir-fry the vinegar, add 200ml of medicinal sauce to the casserole, cut the ginger into rice grains, and chop the green onions.

  ③ Fry the chicken first in a hot oil pan.

Mix in the medicinal juice and add an appropriate amount of water; first boil with fire, then simmer with simmered fire until the medicinal juice dries, add ginger, light green, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, stir-fry, and serve with bergamot 50ml.3-5 days.

  [Indications]For chronic superficial gastritis, spleen and stomach weakness, spleen and stomach discomfort, gastrointestinal qi stagnation symptoms, symptoms see dysentery, pain, nausea, and greasy tongue coating.

  (5) Gansong porridge[Main ingredients]Gansong 5g, previous rice 50g.

  [Decoction method]First fry the Gansong juice, then cook the previous rice into a gruel, add the Gansong juice, cook a little or two, boil, and divide into two fasting morning and evening.

  [Indications]Applicable to suffocation and chest pain, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, stomach cold, hiccups, and vomiting.

  (6) Yuzhu porridge[Main ingredients]Fresh Yuzhu 30-30g, previous rice 60g, rock sugar content.

  [Frying method]First wash the fresh jade bamboo, remove the root whiskers, chop, add 1000ml of water, fry about 500ml of thick juice, and add the previous rice to make porridge, and some rock sugar, divided into 3 daily-4 servings.
  [Indications]It is suitable for patients with gastritis that has a burning stomach or yin deficiency and internal heat and eliminates the heat.

  (7) Dendrobium peanut[Main ingredients]30g of fresh Dendrobium and 50g of peanut kernel.

  [Cooking]Fry the water with Dendrobium, then add the peanuts and cook until the peanuts are cooked.

  [Indications]Stomach pain due to insufficient stomach yin, loss of appetite, and constipation.

  (8) Yuzhu Baked Duck[Main ingredients]Yuzhu 50g, Ginseng 50g, 1 old duck, ginger, green onion, monosodium glutamate, salt and other seasonings.

  [Cooking]① After slaughtering the old duck, remove the hair and internal organs, wash it, and put it in the casserole; add ginseng and jade bamboo, and add an appropriate amount of water.

  ② First boil on the Wuhuo, then simmer on the Wenhuo for more than 1 hour, until the duck is chopped.

  ③ Remove the medicine residue, add condiments, and burn the soup.

  ④ Warm clothes, eat meat and drink soup and food.

  [Indications]Insufficient gastrointestinal symptoms of chronic gastritis, dull pain in the stomach, dry mouth, dry throat, constipation, etc.

  (9) Pepper Noodle Cake[Main Ingredients]6 g of Sichuan pepper, 60 g of white flour, and white onion stems.

  [Cooking]① Take the bell peppers to the closed mouth, remove the peppers, bake the ground powder, mix with flour, and knead with water to form a small cake.

  ② Boil the water, add pepper noodles, and after cooking, add the onion white and season with MSG, sesame oil, refined salt, etc.

Eat noodles and drink soup.

  [Indications]Applicable to cold pain, coldness, discomfort, and loss of appetite.

Eight kinds of bosses must not follow

Eight kinds of bosses must not follow

First, the talent of a boss with a complicated emotional life is an iron rule.

This kind of boss spends the most precious time on the handling of emotional disputes, of course, can not run the business calmly.

In addition, if you are a married man and follow this type of boss for a long time, the couple will definitely look at you.

If you are a woman, whether you are married or unmarried, it may also affect your future happiness.

  Two, bosses without successful experience If your boss has been in the mall for many years, there are four or five or less companies in the business, but no one has a successful experience. He is always complacent: I have experienced too many thingsNow, there are not many people like me who can collapse and stand up. After all, I have my own uniqueness.

Then you should start to doubt your choice.

  Yes, he is unique.

Being able to stand up again and again from failure is indeed not an easy task.

Conversely, if he has suddenly achieved his full success several times in a row, he must have some major shortcomings, because luck will not all fall on a certain individual.

  If your boss belongs to this type, then you must carefully explore the reasons for his multiple failures. A boss who has no successful experience, how can you be sure that he will succeed this time.

Unless you can bring good luck to him.

  Third, the boss who must kneel down, “Everything I will make mistakes without hands!

“This is a word that many bosses often hang on their lips, and it is also something they are proud of.

How can he expect his subordinates to become independent if the boss wants to participate regardless of the size?

Subordinates who cannot be independent have a greater chance of making mistakes, especially when the boss who is bound to kiss is not present.

  If you don’t want to be in a little-known company forever, it’s best to choose a boss who knows how to authorize and don’t care about the company’s current size.

In addition to this, the boss who is bound to kneel down can not reserve a real talent.

A creative and responsible person does not want the boss to be around.

Similarly, how can you expect a company that can’t retain talent to perform well?

  Fourth, the boss who wants to have both fish and bear’s paw has no lunch in the world.

If the horse is good and the horse is not eating grass, this kind of boss can only be called a boss who doesn’t know what to take, and who don’t know where to leave.

  If you have seen this announcement on the company bulletin board: Tomorrow’s election of the Central People’s Opinion Representative, our employees will be free to work.

Then you should start to prepare resumes, and seek another job.

Free work is a good idea.

Employees who come to work are exempt from foreman pay.

In fact, employees who are lazy and do not go to work must be sleepless on this day of vacation.

In the end, this is a great opportunity to pick out bad guys.

Fish and bear?

A boss who wants to get both, usually a fish and bear paw, and a boss who is often (due to small mistakes).

  Successful bosses should know what it takes to fish a long line.

The boss who caught the chicken without corroding the rice must be empty-handed in the end.

Knowing what you want, knowing what you want is a successful boss must have a condition, (difficult) to give up is a painful thing.

If your boss has been unable to overcome this pain, it is time for you to think twice.

absolution anti-aging countermeasures organic essence_1

absolution anti-aging countermeasure organic essence

Anti-aging countermeasures Organic Essence 15ml / 3,000 Applicable lifestyle: mature age, lack of skin elasticity, dry muscles Facing busy people who have been under high pressure for a long time and have no time to maintain.Skin problems such as aging and loss of elasticity!

Combining the precious herbs of the West with Maca, which is known as “Peanuts,” as the main ingredient, so that various vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and flavonoids are injected into the skin full of nutrients, and permanent flower gel is more suitable.Quickly rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin for a youthful glow.

Spirulina is the secret weapon of anti-aging anti-organic essence. It is rich in plant-based proteins and minerals to enhance the vitality of the skin. It also adds whitening musk rose essential oil and acerola, vitamin C content of acerolaIt is 20 times more than citrus, can brighten skin tone, and is full of anti-oxidant.

-Of all 99.

31% comes from 99% of natural ingredients-plant ingredients.

5% verification is 60% of the total organic product-product capacity.

11% for organic farming

Women’s longevity tips: often eat soy


Women’s longevity tips: often eat soy

Soy is a source of food.

According to the color of the outer skin, it can be divided into soybeans, green beans, black beans, etc. Among them, soybeans are rich in nutrients, and have the reputation of 鈥渒ing of beans鈥?and 鈥渇lowers of nutrition鈥?

Soybean is rich in protein. These proteins are recognized in terms of quality and quantity with animal foods such as meat, eggs and milk, so they have the reputation of “plant meat” and “green cow”.

The protein contained in soybean is about 40%, and the human body has 8 kinds of essential amino acids, and the proportion is appropriate, which is a high-quality protein.

The trace content in soybean is as high as 20%. It is superior to animal traces in that it is oleic acid and linoleic acid. This kind of unsaturated fatty acid has a reducing effect, and it is very symptomatic to prevent hardening of the arteries, hypertension and coronary heart disease.
Soybeans are also rich in phospholipids, substances such as choline that have health effects on the nervous system, and anti-aging substances such as vitamin E.

Soy also contains arginine, which is an important raw material for sperm production.

Soy saponin can prevent the formation of peroxide starch and delay the aging of the body.

銆€銆€There is such a legend in ancient Greek mythology that the goddess of agriculture, Demeter, gave a far-away daughter, Psyche, a soybean, saying that it can “eliminate evil, beautiful face, and mix with one hundred diseases.”

But soon, the good Puxifenni left the beauty to the world in order to keep the beauty in the world, and became a big crop in the world.

You see, the legendary soybeans have a beautiful face.

For women who want beauty, please pay attention to soybeans.

銆€銆€Soybean-toxic phospholipids are a natural nutrient active agent and an important substance in building smart brains.

Since 20%-30% of human brain is composed of phospholipids, foods that replace phospholipids are eaten, and the release of acetylcholine in soybean transformed brain is increased, thereby improving human memory and acceptance.

If you want to be toxic and have a clear mind, please pay attention to soybeans.

銆€銆€Soybean phospholipids contain 85%-90% phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine, phospholipid glycosides, etc., which have a good health effect on human organs.

The body’s various tissues and organs are rich in a large number of phospholipids. Soybean phospholipids can enhance tissue function, lower plasma, improve insulin metabolism, prevent and treat cerebral arteries, coronary arteriosclerosis, it can still cure liver health, and it has certain effects on hepatitis and cirrhosis.Efficacy.

For health care, please pay attention to soybeans.

銆€銆€The benefits of soy can not be said, its beauty and skin care role is also great.

At present, medical scientists are developing a topical beauty product, phytoestrogens, which has both cosmetic and skin care properties and avoids some adverse reactions.

This phytoestrogens is an isoflavone-derived substance extracted from soybeans. It is called the health ambassador of the face and the face.

It has estrogen-like effects, and no estrogen-related adverse reactions, such as nausea, loss of appetite, breast swelling, irregular menstruation, etc., is the top grade for beauty and anti-aging.

Some foreign research institutions have recently confirmed that the beauty of the oriental women is pretty, the skin is delicate, and the complication rate is high. The orientals regard the soy products as “guests” on the table, “seat on the table”, and soybeans (yellow beans) are just right.Called “the king of estrogen.”

In summary, a female friend who dreams of being smart, beautiful, and healthy, has reason to not pay attention to soybeans?

Eat only vegetables, don’t eat, eat more and get fatter


Eat only vegetables, don’t eat, eat more and get fatter

It is undeniable that eating more foods such as vegetarian food, vegetables and fruits, etc., does help to lose weight.

However, recent medical research on vegetarian diets has confirmed that women often do not eat rice, not only will eat more and more fat, but also may be sick.

銆€銆€Eat only vegetables, do not eat, eat more and more fat vegetables are easy to absorb oil, the vegetarian diet is gradually accepted by the public.

In particular, women who are over-full of body shape have even turned vegetarian into a habit, hoping to gradually achieve the goal of losing weight.

It is undeniable that eating more foods such as vegetarian food, vegetables and fruits, etc., does help to lose weight.

However, recent medical research on vegetarian diets has confirmed that women often do not eat rice, not only will eat more and more fat, but also may be sick.
銆€銆€The more you eat, the more fat you eat, the more you refuse to eat meat. It will cause insufficient protein intake in animals, and even supplement the vegetable protein such as beans, which is far less absorbed and utilized than animal protein.

When the protein intake of vegans is insufficient, the protein in the human body will be slightly imbalanced, the immunity will be reduced, the memory will be reduced, and anemia and indigestion will follow.

銆€銆€In addition, vitamins and niacin are also lacking due to minimal absorption and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and diarrhea is coming, so it will be easy to feel dull, dermatitis and so on.

Moreover, fruits and vegetables, soybeans, and grains contain a large amount of supplemental fiber, and their recombination can promote digestion in the stomach. Therefore, since dietary fiber has a laxative effect, it promotes intestinal peristalsis and reduces the time during which intestinal contents pass through the interior, thereby shortening the bowel movement.At intervals, too much supplemental fiber will accelerate the discharge of mineral nutrients in the ascending channel, causing the loss of mineral nutrients in the body and the loss of mineral nutrients.

銆€銆€The most important thing is that many women eat vegetables at least to eat vegetables to lose weight. In fact, when eating vegetables, there is no way to lose weight. It is because vegetables are easy to absorb oil, but it is easier to take more oil and eat more fat.

In one gram of oil, there are about nine heat card conversions; in one gram of oil, there are about four heat card conversions; according to one gram of rice, there are only four heat card conversions.

Therefore, eating only vegetables, not eating, will lead to more oil in the diet, more protein, a sharp increase in conversion, but gain weight.

銆€銆€The long-term lack of meat immunity will fall in our diet, and all kinds of trace elements beneficial to the human body are indispensable. No matter which element is missing, it means potential danger to the body!

Nutrition is the material basis for human health and longevity.

The quality of the nutrition and the quantity of the directly affect the human health, disease resistance and longevity.

The human body has a wide variety of dietary and nutritional needs, and it also needs to maintain a balanced diet.

Meat food contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, which are more suitable for human digestion and absorption.

And the higher content of lysine is more conducive to supplement the deficiency of lysine in plant protein.

Long-term loss of animal protein can cause a decline in immunity.

The long-lasting vegan diet will definitely lack the vitamin B12, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements, which will have many adverse effects on the human body.

銆€銆€Cautious foods lead to a decline in growth ability In the numerous studies of vegetarians affecting women’s fertility, some of the most attractive aspects of the Masbauan Institute in Munich, Germany.

Professor Calbeck of the college will participate in the trial of healthy teenage girls in a sub-intervention, in addition to eating a small amount of cheese and milk, all other foods are vegetarian; and each eats normal food.

After the six-week weight loss program, the researchers found that 78% of women who ate vegetarian diets had a physiological phenomenon of stopping ovulation, and almost all groups had shorter menstrual cycles than normal.

However, in the normal diet group, 67% of women had normal ovulation and no significant changes in the menstrual cycle.

銆€銆€According to Professor Calbour’s analysis, in the condition that the weight of the gradual testers has decreased by the same amount and the amount of exercise is the same, the vegetarian women have cessation of ovulation and the protein contained in the food they eat.Less, resulting in abnormal hormone secretion, menstrual cycle disorders.

In this way, she reasoned that vegetarianism can cause abnormal reproductive function and even seriously affect reproductive ability.

銆€銆€Professor Carl Bock pointed out that if women are not willing to have fertility, then they must think twice before making vegetarian diets, especially women over the age of 30, the fertility itself has declined, and more cautious.

銆€銆€Researchers who pay attention to nutritional compatibility for many years have shown that vegetarian habits have irrefutable benefits for diseases such as resistance to cardiovascular disease and prevention of obesity, but because some people currently live in a high-speed modern social environment, vegetariansIn the face of work that requires a lot of physical energy, it is often “shame.”

Therefore, vegetarians need to pay more attention to nutritional mix.


Prove that protein supplements, whether children or adult vegetarians, arrange five to six high-protein foods such as beans, nuts, seeds, tofu or other soy products, eggs or dairy products in daily meals.

Although these foods are of a single species, they can be used together with food.


Don’t forget that calcium supplementation is a key element in keeping the body working properly.

Vegetarians are not only unable to obtain calcium supplements from meat, and because they are essentially free of dairy products, they are unable to obtain the necessary calcium supplements.

Therefore, scientists suggest that, where possible, vegetarians will replace dairy products such as milk, and should consume dairy products in moderation.

In addition, regular consumption of soy milk, eating soy beans, broccoli, calcium fortified juice and cereals can play an important role in the supplementation of calcium esters.Vegetarians should note that although green vegetables such as kale and mustard are considered to contain large amounts of calcium, not all calcium in dark green vegetables can be absorbed by the body.

For example, spinach and beets contain higher oxalates that block the body’s absorption of calcium.

Scientists also pointed out that although vegetables can also be a channel for calcium supplementation, the effect is far less than dairy products.


Appropriate amount of vitamin supplements Scientists have found that vegetarian diets are even a 鈥渉ealthy diet鈥? but because they are also a 鈥減artial eclipse鈥? their supply of vitamin B12 often becomes a barrier.

Vegetarians who do not normally consume dairy products, eggs, and fortified soy milk take vitamin B12 daily.

In addition, vegetarians should also increase their absorption of calcium by taking vitamin D.


Vegetarians still need exception researchers. Scientists point out that vegetarians are more tired of greasy food. Even so, the right amount of beneficial aunts is not only good for health, but also prevent tumors.

However, for vegetarians, because they do not eat fish, eggs and seafood, they often cannot get some kind of slightness.

As an alternative, vegetarians can eat more foods like cornseed oil, soybean oil and walnuts.

How do women have liposuction?


How do women have liposuction?

Modern women use liposuction for leg weight loss. It is really because this method of weight loss is more effective, and leg liposuction is not done by everyone, so it is best to think twice before surgery.

Hospital experts will fully introduce you to the need for liposuction to lose weight in the leg, and will teach you to judge whether you need leg liposuction.

銆€銆€From the perspective of the shape of the yellow race, the mature female’s body shape is basically similar to the pear shape, that is, the upper body is thin, the lower body is obese, the wide buttocks, and the thick thighs give a heavy feeling.

According to hospital experts, the perfect body shape is the perfect combination of limbs, abdominal waist, hip circumference and chest circumference. The common lower limb obesity (that is, leg obesity) will reduce the female charm, but this part is often veryIt is very difficult to be extra, so it is necessary to use liposuction to lose weight.

銆€銆€The thigh liposuction should be combined with my temperament characteristics, the thickness of the buttocks and calves should be selected according to the appropriate shape. Usually, the legs and legs are not thick, and the muscles of the thighs can be exposed. It is faintly visible to give people a strong and powerful feeling.For those with long legs that are not thin, you need to keep some slightness, so as not to show the unevenness of the buttocks and calves in more detail, but in any case, you need to remove the excess aunt from the upper part of the thigh.Slender.
銆€銆€If you have a lot of aunts, the aunt who hangs down the thighs of the legs will make your image inferior.

銆€銆€Hospital experts have not thought that the center of the thigh is surrounded by strong and powerful skeletal muscles. The thigh’s aunt’s distribution is often uneven. When the front side is slightly stacked, the front side of the thigh is like an arched bulge, and the side and back sides are slightly stacked.Long sagging general knee thighs are particularly short, when the thighs knees are slightly stacked, there will be uncomfortable troubles when the two legs are rubbed in summer.