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4 big fast weight loss method will never cost a penny


4 big fast weight loss method will never cost a penny

You can effectively lose weight without spending money on small tricks. Let’s try 0 yuan slimming Dafa!

Absolutely bring you unexpected surprises!


The head, shoulder blade, head, and heel are placed close to the top of the wall for 3 minutes.

Take care to tighten your abdomen and hips for 3 minutes.

Get used to this position and keep your body balanced even with your eyes closed.

銆€銆€If you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable with this position, it means that your bones have been tilted or distorted. As long as you consciously adjust it in time, you can relieve discomfort in the retina and waist, and increase your metabolism.

This little trick that doesn’t cost money is also very effective for postpartum harvesting.


The golf ball is lowered for the golf ball, and everyone has a good eye for the health effect.

But the cost and equipment needed for this aristocratic sport is worth a lot.

The golf “sports” introduced here really only needs 1 golf ball.

Sitting in a chair while watching TV, while rolling the golf ball with the soles of the feet, not only can eliminate fatigue, but also make the mood happy.

The reason why this wonderful effect is because the soles of the feet are connected to the nerve endings of various organs, and the stimulation of the reflection zone by the golf ball can promote blood circulation and relieve the discomfort of the body.


Hip “pelvic” gymnastics in Japan, “pelvic” gymnastics is a major topic of slimming.

It is said that because the pelvis supporting the waist and abdomen is relaxed and expanded, it is easy to accumulate and it is not easy to lose weight.

Therefore, tightening the pelvis through some effective small movements can play a multi-faceted role.

銆€銆€This action is very common in yoga or other gymnastics. It is supine, with the shoulders close to the ground, hands on the side, and will be raised slowly, as if holding up.

It has a tightening effect on the lower body and a ShapeUp effect on the waist, hip and leg.


Move your hands and feet, thin face and exhale with your nose, while bending your wrists and ankles to 90 degrees, exhale with your mouth, and tighten your wrists to the level.

Do you do 5 in bed directly after waking up in the morning?
6 times, do 10 before going to bed at night?
15 times.

The body can warm up immediately, which is good for women with cold or air conditioning.

The most interesting thing is that after the increase of blood metabolism in the whole body, the effect of eliminating edema and face-lifting can be eliminated, which is very powerful.

銆€銆€The above weight loss method is quite simple, but the key is to stick to it!

If you believe that you can’t persist, you can go to the higher word of mouth, professional weight loss agencies “help.”

Of course, if you are in the process of losing weight, and then cooperate with the above exercise, the effect is even better!

Three carcinogenic foods should be careful to eat as much as suicide


Three carcinogenic foods should be careful to eat as much as suicide

The so-called disease from the mouth, especially cancer, due to lack of diet, mouth and food, the last case of cancer is everywhere, it can be said that the first line of defense against cancer is the mouth!

Manage your mouth and control your diet to be effective in transcending cancer. If you are only gluttonous and overeating, cancer is not far from you.

Three kinds of carcinogenic foods should be careful 1, eating warm foods, so-called warm foods, one refers to directly known high temperature, too hot foods, such as hot soup, batter, etc.; the other refers to Chinese medicineWarm foods such as alcohol in the division of medicinal properties.

Because it is too spicy, it is easy to damage the mucosal epithelial cells of the digestive tract, so foods of this nature are most likely to induce tumors of the digestive system.

2, five-flavored Chinese medicine believes that the diet should be mixed with five flavors, sweet, bitter, sour, spicy, salty foods should be adequate to eat, any partial eclipse can cause disease.

Among the factors that cause tumors, it is a common factor that the fat is too thick and too salty.

3, edible denatured food Aflatoxin toxin has been recognized as the most serious carcinogen, and aflatoxin toxins in moldy grains, corn, peanuts, the bacteria become growing and breeding in a warm, close environment, researchIt has been found to induce a variety of tumors in experimental animals, a factor that contributes to the high incidence of cancer in some parts of Asia and Africa.

In today’s society, the incidence of cancer is getting higher and higher, and the types of cancer are increasing. Cancer is a major disease that threatens human health. Anti-cancer engineering is not a day’s work. It is necessary to understand what can’t be eaten, but also to understandAnti-cancer foods in life, through the mix of diet, cancer is shut out.

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Cholecystitis will become cancer. Counting 4 kinds of “eat out” cancers, but 90% of people have not noticed this small behavior of cooking, which may cause family members to get cancer!