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Family Recipes

Family Recipes

To prevent lung cancer, in addition to quitting smoking, you must pay more attention to the maintenance of your lungs.

For healthy people, they should adhere to the concept of diet therapy, incorporate nutritious and nutritious food into their daily diet, and unknowingly raise a healthy and strong lung.

In autumn and winter, when the weather is dry and arid, the lungs are particularly vulnerable to attack.

At this time, you should choose some recipes to nourish the lungs and moisturize, and put on your lungs a warm “coat”.

  Recipe 1: Nanxing Pig Lung Soup Ingredients: There are two types of almonds: sweet almond (South apricot) and bitter almond (North apricot).

South apricot is a kind of apricot tree seed, which is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

Contains bitter almond compounds, a small amount of oil, sugar, protein, resin, lentils powder and almond oil, etc. It is a substance that nourishes and relieves lungs and cough.

Because fatty oils are rich (about 50% or more), the moisturizing effect is better.

  Pig lung, sweet and flat, can cure lung deficiency cough, hemoptysis, and has the function of nourishing the lungs.

  Method: Wash a pig’s lungs repeatedly with water.

Cut the pig’s lungs into slices, try to squeeze them, and wash off the foam in the trachea of the pig’s lungs.

Then choose 15-20 grams of apricots (note that you need to supplement the apricots, not the apricots), put them in a clay pot and add water to cook, season.

  Function: It can be used for hot and cold cough caused by dry weather in autumn and winter.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the lungs can not be opened, dry cough without sputum, dry stool, dry throat and so on all have certain effects.

  Recipe 2: Ginseng, Yuzhu, Laoya Tang Ingredients: Ginseng, commonly referred to as North American Ginseng, sweet-smelling, slightly cold, into the lungs and stomach.

Contains alkaloids, starch, ginseng, etc.

It can nourish yin and clear the lungs, nourish the stomach and promote body fluids, and eliminate deficiency heat, and cure dry cough.

  Yuzhu, sweet in nature, slightly cold, into the lungs, stomach meridian.

Yuzhu quality multi-liquid, containing lily of the valley, lilies of the valley, behenyl phenols, carotinol, vitamin A, starch and mucus.

Can nourish yin and moisturize, moisten intestines and laxative.

  Old duck, sweet and warm, warm, non-toxic, into the spleen, stomach, lungs, kidney meridians.

Function nourish yin and blood.

  Method: Pick an old duck (note that you must choose an old duck), remove the hair and wash it.

Instead of 30 to 50 grams each of Ginseng and Yuzhu, add them to the earthenware pot, cook for at least 1 hour, and season.

  Function: It can treat dryness of the lungs, dry cough, etc. It is also effective for constipation caused by physical weakness and intestinal dryness after illness.

Still a very nutritious recipe.

  Recipe 3: Lean Seed Lily Clay Pot Ingredients: Lily, sweet and slightly bitter, flat in nature.

Into the heart, lung meridian.

Contains various alkaloids such as colchicine and starch, protein, trace amounts, and multivitamins.

It has the effects of moistening lungs and relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat, clearing heart and soothe the nerves, and improving qi and moderate effects.

  Lotus, “The Book of Materia Medica” says that it has “the main supplementary, nourishing the soul and strengthening energy”.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” also believes that lotus seeds have the functions of “heart and kidney, thick intestines and stomach, solid essence, strong imprisonment, imprisonment, tonicity, ears and eyes, and cold and dampness”.

  Pig lean meat, Chinese medicine believes that the main parts of pigs are beneficial.

Pork lean meat is rich in animal protein and can be coordinated with lily and lotus seeds to produce better results.

  Method: Choose about half a cat of lean pork, then add 30 grams each of lotus seeds and lily, and moderate amount of water, simmer in water and season.

(Special note: Water-proof stew means to cover the containers such as food bowls and steam in the steamer.

) Function: The lean meat of lotus seed lily pot is actually a nutritious combination. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing the lungs, it can also treat neurasthenia, palpitations, insomnia, etc. It can also be used as a nourishing and strong food supplement after illness.

The summary is a good dish that is not bad.  In addition, you can also add 60 to 100 grams each of lotus seeds and lilies, add an appropriate amount of sugar and water, and drink in sugar water. It tastes sweet and delicious, and has high nutritional value.

  Recipe 4: Rock Sugar Tremella 羹 Ingredients: Tremella, also known as white fungus, snow fungus.

Tremella is sweet and flat, and enters the lungs and stomach.

Contains protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, crude fiber, inorganic salts, etc.

  Function nourish yin, moisturize the lungs, nourish the stomach, nourish the body.

Rock sugar, sweet taste, flat, into the spleen, lung meridian.

Buzhong Yiqi, and stomach moisturizing, cough, phlegm saliva.

  Method: Instead of 10 to 12 grams of tremella, rinse it a few times, then put it in a bowl and soak in cold water (no tremella can be used).

After soaking for about 1 hour, the Tremella swells, and then picks up the debris.

Then put the white fungus and the right amount of rock sugar into the bowl, add the right amount of cold water, and simmer for 2 to 3 hours.

  Function: It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, and promoting health and quenching thirst.

It can treat dry coughs in autumn and winter seasons, and can also be used as a tonic for those with weak constitution.

How to maintain the mental health of the elderly?

How to maintain the mental health of the elderly?

Studies have found that 65% -90% of human diseases are related to psychological depression.

85% of the elderly have more or less psychological problems. For the elderly, their emotions are an important aspect of psychological depression.

  Older older people have a special type of neuropsychological response to various things. This kind of response varies from person to person, and its performance is complex and changeable. It seriously interferes and damages the elderly’s physiological function, disease prevention ability, and affects the nerves.Immune, endocrine and other systems function to accelerate the occurrence and development of aging and senile diseases.

There are three factors that affect the mental health of the elderly.


Aging and disease: After the age of 60, people will cause a series of physical and psychological degenerative changes, and physical and memory will gradually decline.

This normal aging change makes the elderly inevitably have a feeling of “powerlessness” and brings some physical discomfort and pain.

Especially the elderly, even worrying about the “coming of death” and asking for medical drugs.

If you add disease to the basis of aging, some of them will have sorrow, worry, and fear.


Mental trauma: After retirement, the elderly will face various unavoidable changes, such as the death of a wife, a friend, aging, and deterioration of health.

Mental trauma has an important impact on the quality of life, health level and the efficacy of the disease in some elderly people. As a result, some elderly people are unable to extricate themselves from pain and sorrow, and their health will be damaged over time.


Environmental changes: The most common are sudden changes in the surrounding environment and the impact of social and family relationships, which have often been difficult to adapt for a long time, thereby accelerating the aging process.

  As the saying goes, the younger the younger, the older the younger the younger.

The old man really is like this sentence, and becomes wayward, stubborn, angry and forgetful like a child, so that in the eyes of a psychologist, he may become a patient with mental illness.

So, how can we keep the elderly in a good physiological state?

  First, open-minded and content.

It has been found in long-term medical practice that longevity elderly people can often be cheerful, enthusiastic, and considerate. They have no dispute with the world and feel that their lives are full and satisfying.

  Second, face the reality and get out of the misunderstanding.

As the elderly themselves, they should have a correct attitude and accept the reality. No matter what difficulties they encounter, they must have a realistic positive attitude to life, care for themselves, comfort themselves, and avoid maintaining psychological balance.

The elderly should actively and moderately participate in some social activities and cultivate a wide range of hobbies (such as calligraphy, music, theater, painting, flower cultivation, stamp collecting, etc.).

People are old, and some time is too long. Older people can engage in learning more, cultivating a variety of interests and hobbies, in order to cultivate sentiment, and handle all aspects of interpersonal relationships (including family members, friends and family), andEveryone is happy and happy to be a “urchin”.

  Third, make friends (including teenage friends, heterosexual friends), and often talk to each other.

Elderly people will inevitably encounter some unpleasant things. They often vent their depression among their friends, comfort each other, communicate nostalgia, help to relax, and play an important role in maintaining psychological balance.

Go to work and wait for fitness

Go to work and wait for fitness

The work is quite busy, there are a lot of things at home, and various entertainment . There is really no time to arrange a systematic fitness plan, so don’t waste your time on the commute, waiting for the bus and taking a bus or 20 minutes, because you make good use of itDuring this time, you can get thinner and quieter by doing simple exercises repeatedly.


Pay attention to the posture of walking Every day on the way to and from work, try to walk as long as you can.

The walking posture is very important. Keep your chest up, lower your abdomen, and step on the forceps.

If you do not tighten your abdomen while walking, no matter how many paths you take, you will not be able to stimulate your abdominal muscles, and your lower abdomen will not shrink.

In addition, humpback can disrupt the body’s sense of balance and reduce the effectiveness of walking.


Increasing the walking stride. As a weight loss exercise, you can’t just walk casually. You must increase the stride appropriately. Only by striding forward with meteors, you can exercise your thigh muscles and avoid radish legs.


After the heel hits the ground first, then the heel hits the ground first, not the entire sole flat on the ground.

Place your center of gravity on your front feet. For each step you make, touch the ground in the order of your heels, toes, and toes.

When you walk in this way, the heel will naturally lift up, and the curve of the legs will become tight and symmetrical.


Women who throw arms to carry out a bag usually carry a bag when they go out. Without interfering with other people, they can use it as a “mini sports equipment” to shake back and forth. This kind of movement can exercise arm muscles.

But be careful not to shake back and forth if the bag is too heavy, otherwise it is easy to hurt the shoulder joint, and it may also hurt the passersby around.


When you wait for the car, wait for the car, wait for the signal lamp to discharge, and you are not left with nothing to do.

You can use this time for abdomen exercises.

Focus your attention on the abdomen and tighten it with all your strength. It feels like your belly button is close to your back.


You can easily do exercise while sitting on the bus.

The legs are placed at 90 °, the heel is fixed, and the toes swing up and down repeatedly. This action can exercise the muscles of the calf and make the calf lines more even.

  At the same time, you can exercise your abdominal muscles while sitting, lift your legs together to a height of about 5 cm from the ground, suspend your legs in the air, and try to keep this position as long as you can.


It doesn’t matter if there are no seats on the bus.

Because standing can do a lot of small exercises.

Align the ring on the car, hold it tightly, relax sometimes, and repeat it to make your wrists thinner.

  Grasp the rings with both hands, slightly open your feet, and lean your body forward. At this time, you can feel the tightness of the abdominal muscles and exercise the abdominal muscles.

  If you ca n’t reach the rings on the car, you can hold the railings tightly with your hands, raise your heels high, align with your toes like an actor, and put them down when you are tired. Repeated exercises can beautify the lines of your calves.

  Or hold the railing in your hand and count the tempos while tightening the abdomen inwardly. This method can effectively tighten the abdominal muscles and gradually reduce the lower abdomen.

Earwax will travel, do not use cotton swabs

Earwax will “travel”, do not use cotton swabs

Bathing, swimming, getting your ears into the water, taking a small cotton swab carefully into the ears to absorb water, this is a common practice for many people.
Peng Xiangdong, deputy chief physician of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said that pulling an ear is purely superfluous. You just need to wait patiently for it to peel off automatically.
  Peng Xiangdong said that ear wax, a medical name, is the skin secretion of the external auditory meatus of our ears.
This secretion comes in two forms: an oily, chocolate-like color.
  The other is bran-like and is pale yellow fines.
Some people have more oily secretions, and the oily ears are called oily ears.
Some people have yellowish bran-shaped earwax with many fragments, called dry ears.
  Earwax will “travel”, from the inside to the outside, whether it is dry earwax or oily earwax, usually you don’t have to clean it yourself.
Because you don’t need to ask, earwax will make a long journey by itself.
The principle is this: the skin on the inner wall of the external auditory canal grows outward, and the ear wax adhered to the skin will be sent to the external auditory canal.
  But this is a veritable “snail”.
Some researchers have done experiments and dropped a small drop of ink into the external auditory canal. In the end, it took about 6 months for that drop of ink to reach the external auditory canal.
  Peng Xiangdong said that he had a lot of bad consequences with his cotton swabs and earwax.
For example, too much force may cause skin damage to the external auditory canal.
Someone accidentally pushed down your arm. Your arm was uncontrolled and pushed the stick inward, and cases of piercing the eardrum have also occurred.
  Besides, even if your operation is completely correct, maybe you have pushed back the earwax crawling out.
Only a small amount of earwax was carried out with cotton swabs and ear sticks.
  Push the earwax back to the cage, and the earwax will increase and block the hearing
However, it may push the ear wax deeper, and regular use can cause ear wax to accumulate.
  In addition to this situation where the earwax is hard pushed to plug, if it is dusted, the earwax will also increase, and the thick earwax will also affect hearing.
What should we do?
Peng Xiangdong said that if more than half of it is blocked, he can ask the doctor to hook it out with tweezers.
If it is completely plugged, you have to drip the tincture in the hospital, soak the earwax, and suck it out with the instrument.
  My ears are in the water, my head is crooked, and now there are more people swimming in hot weather. What should I do if my ears get water?
Peng Xiangdong said that if there is water in the ear, don’t use a cotton swab even if you can’t hear it temporarily.
You can do this: tilt your head to the side, jump a few times, and let the water flow out automatically.
Even if there is too little water and the gravity is not enough to pour, you have to pour some water into your ears and repeat the above action until the water is poured out.
After this is done, just use a tissue to absorb the water in the external auditory canal.
  If there is still water remaining, you can only buy hydrogen peroxide and drip it into the ear to dry the ear canal.

10 bad habits affect sleep


10 bad habits affect sleep

To have a good body, good sleep is essential.

So how can we have a good sleep?

What factors will affect our sleep?

Here are 10 bad habits that affect sleep.

銆€銆€First, the ability to adapt to changes in the environment when sleeping in the wind is reduced, and it is susceptible to cold illness.

The ancients believed that the wind was a long-term disease, and that it was good and varied; the photographer was well-adjusted, although the summer was not the wind and the sun was exposed.

Therefore, the place to sleep should avoid the open air outlet, the bed should be separated from the window, and the door should have a certain distance.

銆€銆€Second, sitting and sleeping Some people eat enough to sit on the sofa, turn on the TV and re-pot tea, comfortable enough.

Maybe the work is too tired, watching TV and falling asleep, this makes the second big hidden danger appear!

Because sitting and sleeping, the heart rate is slowed down, the blood vessels are dilated, and the blood flowing to each organ is less.

In addition, the digestion of the stomach requires blood supply, which aggravates the lack of oxygen in the brain, leading to dizziness and tinnitus.

Some people say that they will take a break at noon, who will bring a quilt to the unit, and find a place to stay.

Things are saved, but the body will protest.

銆€銆€Third, angry and angry before going to bed, leading to rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and thousands of thoughts, making it difficult to fall asleep.

銆€銆€Fourth, eat a full meal before going to bed, eat too much before going to bed, the stomach and intestines must be digested, the stomach filled with food will continue to stimulate the brain.

If the brain is excited, people will not fall asleep safely, suggesting that Chinese medicine says that “the stomach is not harmonious, then it is uneasy.”

銆€銆€5. Drinking tea before going to bed contains caffeine and other substances. These substances will stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited. If you drink tea before going to bed, especially strong tea, the central nervous system will be more excited, making it difficult for people to fall asleep.

銆€銆€Sixth, cardiovascular exercise, muscle exercise, nerve activity, the nerve cells of the brain that control muscle activity are extremely excited. This kind of excitement will not calm down in a short time, and people can’t fall asleep quickly.

Therefore, try to keep your body calm before going to bed, but it does not hinder some minor activities, such as walking.

銆€銆€Seven, the pillow is too high from a physiological point of view, the pillow to 8?
12 cm is appropriate.

Too low, easy to cause “slowing pillow”, or because of too much blood infused into the brain, causing fever in the next day, eyelid edema; too high, will affect the smooth flow of the respiratory tract, easy to snoring, and long-term high pillow, easily lead to inappropriate or hunchback.

銆€銆€Eight, when the pillow is sleeping, the two hands are under the head, in addition to affecting the blood circulation, causing numbness and pain in the upper limbs, it is also easy to increase the intra-abdominal pressure, and will produce “reflux esophagitis” over time.

Therefore, it is not advisable to use both hands as a pillow when sleeping.

銆€銆€Nine, the quilt hooded to be masked easily causes breathing difficulties; at the same time, the absorption of carbon dioxide exhaled by himself is extremely detrimental to health.

Infants and young children should not be so, otherwise there is a danger of suffocation.

銆€銆€Ten, mouth breathing closed night is the best way to maintain vitality, and mouth breathing will not only absorb dust, but also easily cause the trachea, lungs and ribs to be stimulated by cold air.

It is best to breathe with the nose, the nose hair can block part of the dust, and the nasal cavity can warm the inhaled cold air, which is good for health.

4 big fast weight loss method will never cost a penny


4 big fast weight loss method will never cost a penny

You can effectively lose weight without spending money on small tricks. Let’s try 0 yuan slimming Dafa!

Absolutely bring you unexpected surprises!


The head, shoulder blade, head, and heel are placed close to the top of the wall for 3 minutes.

Take care to tighten your abdomen and hips for 3 minutes.

Get used to this position and keep your body balanced even with your eyes closed.

銆€銆€If you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable with this position, it means that your bones have been tilted or distorted. As long as you consciously adjust it in time, you can relieve discomfort in the retina and waist, and increase your metabolism.

This little trick that doesn’t cost money is also very effective for postpartum harvesting.


The golf ball is lowered for the golf ball, and everyone has a good eye for the health effect.

But the cost and equipment needed for this aristocratic sport is worth a lot.

The golf “sports” introduced here really only needs 1 golf ball.

Sitting in a chair while watching TV, while rolling the golf ball with the soles of the feet, not only can eliminate fatigue, but also make the mood happy.

The reason why this wonderful effect is because the soles of the feet are connected to the nerve endings of various organs, and the stimulation of the reflection zone by the golf ball can promote blood circulation and relieve the discomfort of the body.


Hip “pelvic” gymnastics in Japan, “pelvic” gymnastics is a major topic of slimming.

It is said that because the pelvis supporting the waist and abdomen is relaxed and expanded, it is easy to accumulate and it is not easy to lose weight.

Therefore, tightening the pelvis through some effective small movements can play a multi-faceted role.

銆€銆€This action is very common in yoga or other gymnastics. It is supine, with the shoulders close to the ground, hands on the side, and will be raised slowly, as if holding up.

It has a tightening effect on the lower body and a ShapeUp effect on the waist, hip and leg.


Move your hands and feet, thin face and exhale with your nose, while bending your wrists and ankles to 90 degrees, exhale with your mouth, and tighten your wrists to the level.

Do you do 5 in bed directly after waking up in the morning?
6 times, do 10 before going to bed at night?
15 times.

The body can warm up immediately, which is good for women with cold or air conditioning.

The most interesting thing is that after the increase of blood metabolism in the whole body, the effect of eliminating edema and face-lifting can be eliminated, which is very powerful.

銆€銆€The above weight loss method is quite simple, but the key is to stick to it!

If you believe that you can’t persist, you can go to the higher word of mouth, professional weight loss agencies “help.”

Of course, if you are in the process of losing weight, and then cooperate with the above exercise, the effect is even better!

Three carcinogenic foods should be careful to eat as much as suicide


Three carcinogenic foods should be careful to eat as much as suicide

The so-called disease from the mouth, especially cancer, due to lack of diet, mouth and food, the last case of cancer is everywhere, it can be said that the first line of defense against cancer is the mouth!

Manage your mouth and control your diet to be effective in transcending cancer. If you are only gluttonous and overeating, cancer is not far from you.

Three kinds of carcinogenic foods should be careful 1, eating warm foods, so-called warm foods, one refers to directly known high temperature, too hot foods, such as hot soup, batter, etc.; the other refers to Chinese medicineWarm foods such as alcohol in the division of medicinal properties.

Because it is too spicy, it is easy to damage the mucosal epithelial cells of the digestive tract, so foods of this nature are most likely to induce tumors of the digestive system.

2, five-flavored Chinese medicine believes that the diet should be mixed with five flavors, sweet, bitter, sour, spicy, salty foods should be adequate to eat, any partial eclipse can cause disease.

Among the factors that cause tumors, it is a common factor that the fat is too thick and too salty.

3, edible denatured food Aflatoxin toxin has been recognized as the most serious carcinogen, and aflatoxin toxins in moldy grains, corn, peanuts, the bacteria become growing and breeding in a warm, close environment, researchIt has been found to induce a variety of tumors in experimental animals, a factor that contributes to the high incidence of cancer in some parts of Asia and Africa.

In today’s society, the incidence of cancer is getting higher and higher, and the types of cancer are increasing. Cancer is a major disease that threatens human health. Anti-cancer engineering is not a day’s work. It is necessary to understand what can’t be eaten, but also to understandAnti-cancer foods in life, through the mix of diet, cancer is shut out.

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Cholecystitis will become cancer. Counting 4 kinds of “eat out” cancers, but 90% of people have not noticed this small behavior of cooking, which may cause family members to get cancer!