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How many people say that they are healthy, but the body is light


How many people say that they are healthy, but the body is “light”

Some people died when they were 50 years old, but they lived their self, lived a height of life, and realized self-worth. Some people lived to 100 years old but could not find the meaning of life, turbid and terrible demons.

We don’t want to hear the unfortunate news, but we always have bad dreams around us. We have bad news from time to time in our circle of friends. We are forwarding all kinds of love crowdfunding. Our living standards are getting higher and higher, butWhy is the resistance of our physique so bad that it is always late at the beginning.

We always become vulnerable in the face of illness. A living person, no more, no more, no warning, we always think that we are still young, we have the youthful capital of squandering, because we are young, all of usIt doesn’t matter if you are ignoring our lives, but you don’t know how you treat your body. One day, the body will give you feedback.

Our young body is not worth mentioning in front of the disease and death.

I always hear older people say, how good young people are, what they want to do, but no one has ever told us to live well, cherish everything in front of us, when one day we are lying in a hospital bed, even downWalking on the bed has become our most expensive luxury accessory.

We are all ordinary people. The family is not a family. We are accidentally hit by the disease. The ruin is the material that the family has earned in a lifetime. It is how many families have been ruined. How many misfortunes there are.

The body is our only capital, not young, we love our body well, we are responsible for ourselves, and we are responsible for our family. This pain is unbearable pain.

When you live to a certain age, you will know that it is never young to decide the height of life, but that you have a healthy body.

Lose your impetuousness, don’t always think that you are still young now, don’t convince yourself to use your parents to give your body the capital to settle for your own vanity. There are many ways to get happiness, but exchange it with health.Happiness is the most stupid one.

Think about the old parents at home, think about the children at home, now you are their spiritual ability, you are gone, earning more money, it is the cruelest behavior for them, don’t use health for wealth, becauseYou can’t experience that kind of pain, and this pain will cause pain in your life. Nothing in the world can be happier than a family. You earn one million a day and one hundred a day.Life is the same, nothing more than three meals a day, but laughter is priceless.

This world gives us the right to live, but if you live up to this kindness, one day the good will be replaced, and the one you squander will soon be punished.

Take good care of your body, don’t make a bet on the happiness of your family, maybe you can go back and ask, what do they want most?

Health and wealth are the most important, maybe you can find your answer.

Many people say that there is a lot of pressure in this social life, but in fact, I think that this pressure is actually for myself. The external pressure can cause you to be small, compare it with less, and pay more attention to the value of the individual.The value of money has never been measured by money. This personal value actually refers to how much joy you can bring to others, not sadness.

Exercise your body well, love your body, don’t always stay on your lips, maybe you exercise a little more, love your body a little more, the disease will be far away from you.

Winter tonic – the health of the Emperor Qianlong


Winter tonic – the health of the Emperor Qianlong

There were not many high-income people in the emperor, but the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty was healthy all his life.

This is because the Emperor Qianlong attaches great importance to drinking soup in the winter. At this point, we must be in line with him.

Why does Qianlong want to drink soup in the winter?

This is the result of his deep understanding of health.

In the winter, the wind is cold, the things are crouching, the yang in the nature is hidden, and the yin is strong. Therefore, the winter health should start from Yangyin and Tibetan yang.

Latent yang, maintenance of Yin.

So pay attention to kidney.

Qianlong loves to drink soup, and the royal chef will grind all kinds of medicinal materials in proportion, then put them into the pot together with the tripe to deposit nutrients. After cooking for six hours, the soup is made into soup. It is said that this soup can delay aging, nourishing yin and yang.

Now use the tripe, bovine bone, add Chinese angelica, Codonopsis, medlar and other traditional Chinese medicine stew for two hours.

So how do you cook the soup?

In general, the soup time constant.

Use the knowledge in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” to analyze this soup, beef “Anzhong Yiqi, raise the spleen and stomach”, Angelica, Codonopsis can supplement qi and blood, 鏋告潪 is the best product of nourishing liver and kidney.

Such slow-cooked soup, meat or bones, including Chinese angelica, Codonopsis pilosula, whether it is a medicinal ingredient or a nutrient ingredient dissolved in the soup, is easy to absorb, especially for the elderly with poor spleen and stomach function.

The winter climate is dry and the soup is both nutritious and hydrating.

In addition, the hot soup is the best for the cold.

In addition to drinking soup, Qianlong is very temperate in drinking. He always drinks moderately according to different seasons.

Among the many tonics, the Qianlong Emperor’s favorite tonic is Songling Taipingchun. Whenever the winter is tonic, Qianlong often drinks this wine.

The wine has the effect of promoting blood circulation and protecting the cold. After adding the medicine, the medicine dissolves in the wine to promote the nourishing effect.

In addition, medicinal liquor is a medicine, not a wine. If you put the Chinese medicine into the wine and drink it, it is a medicine. It is a kind of proprietary Chinese medicine preparation, so it is necessary to drink according to your own constitution, and control the amount of alcohol.

Qianlong’s longevity also lies in his use of medicine baits to supplement.

Ginseng is the first choice for Qing medicinal products.

Ginseng can make up the vitality, replenish the spleen and lungs, thirst and soothe the nerves.

Qianlong’s tonic ginseng does not exceed 3 grams per day. It is eaten continuously from the age of 50. The method is to cut the ginseng into pieces and put it in the mouth. This not only makes the medicine even, but also promotes the secretion of digestive juice and helps digestion.

The above is the health prescription of Emperor Qianlong, and the current standard of living has improved. It is not difficult for ordinary people to maintain their health like an emperor.

We can make delicious soups that the ancient emperors can enjoy in our own kitchen.

Cry out health, cry out longevity


Cry out health, cry out longevity

As the saying goes: joys and sorrows, people’s ordinary feelings.

Even a person with strong personality will inevitably have a painful cry, or when he is in tears.

When people are sad, sad, and sad, they will shed tears; when people are happy, they will shed tears.

Tears seem to have a symbol of emotional change. In fact, tears do not fully indicate changes in mood.

To explore the specific reasons for tears, or “there are tears in the heroes,” or “the tears before the flowers, the injury under the moon”, the difference between people is great.

銆€銆€When a foreign matter such as dust falls into our eyes, a lot of tears are generated and the foreign matter is washed out.

In addition to a large amount of water in the tears, there are lysozyme, immunoglobulin, complement system, lactoferrin, 尾-lysin, etc., which have the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

So tears have another very important function – defense.

銆€銆€Most people have had this experience: When you are in a hurry, the stomach begins to burst into aching pain.

If you go to the doctor, he will give you some stomach medicine, and you will tell you that you have neuropathic gastritis, and the stomach is “digesting” your nervousness.

At the same time, I suggest you add a bit of tension for a while, it is better to go home and cry, and sigh with grievances and tears together.

Sure enough, this approach is really effective.

銆€銆€According to the Russian family psychologist Nadezhda Shulman, tears proved to be the most effective “good prescription” for the rehabilitation mental burden.

It is probably the reason that women have fewer infarctions and strokes than men because of nervousness.

According to statistics, the frequency of male tearing is 1/5 of that of women. Therefore, men suffer from ulcers and other diseases more than women. Some studies have found that prolactin in female tears is higher than that of males. This hormone difference is likely to be female-loving of the reasons.

In fact, when you are wronged or saddened by grief, you can shed tears and vent your pain. It is very beneficial to improve your mood. The tears do not shed tears, which is an important cause of ulcer disease, high blood pressure and mental disorders.

銆€銆€It can be said that whether it is sadness or tears, or crying with joy, tears are actually a good thing for the body.

If you encounter a problem that cannot be solved, don’t be too difficult for yourself. If you can’t bear it, you can cry aloud. Don’t scare others if you are not too shameful.

Also note that sometimes crying too long can result in loss of memory and attention, or even reduce immunity, or “get it right.”

And if you can’t always control the sad mood, always crying, you have to find the reason.

Experts say that this symptom indicates that you need to calm down and objectively face reality.

銆€銆€There are too many psychologists who think it is good to cry and cry.

However, it is only appropriate to whisper, not to be large, while imagining the situation of pain and grievances.

銆€銆€By the way, those who see tearful books or sorrowful movies will shed tears at a critical moment than those who “have tears and do not flick”.

銆€銆€Some people simply don’t cry, this is some unfortunate people.

Psychologists regard this phenomenon of not crying as an emotional disorder and consider it necessary to see a doctor.

Doctors will think that these people have schizophrenia or tumors.

Because the secretion of tears promotes the normal metabolism of cells, it does not allow them to form tumors.

銆€銆€In addition, when we cry, we will continue to take a short breath and long gas, which greatly contributes to the work of the respiratory system and blood circulation system.

This “breathing with crying” has been applied to some of the most effective breathing exercises for the treatment of asthma and bronchitis.

銆€銆€Anthropologists have found that among the many primates, humans are the only members who cry and cry.

Tears are simple behaviors that people are born with. No need to learn, everyone will be as instinctive as heart beats, kidney excretion, like sighs, sneezing and spontaneous.

So why do people have to shed tears?

What is the role of tearing on the human body?

has no meaning?

銆€銆€Psychologists have found that the protein content is high in the tears that fall out when people are sad.

This kind of protein is a harmful substance produced by mental depression. The accumulation of suppressed substances accumulates in the body and is detrimental to human health.

Experts from the Psychiatric Laboratory of the St. Paul-Remsey Medical Center in the United States found that tears can alleviate the feeling of depression.Through chemical analysis of tears, they found that tears contain two important chemicals, the enkephalin complex and prolactin.

It only exists in tears that are replaced by emotions and cannot be detected in tears that are altered by onions and other stimuli.

Therefore, they believe that tears can reduce the psychological stress caused by the accumulation of chemicals that cause depression in the body.

銆€銆€Experts believe that women’s life expectancy is generally longer than men’s reasons, in addition to occupational, physiological, hormonal, psychological and other advantages, good at crying, is also an important factor.

Usually, when people cry, they will reduce their emotional intensity by 40%. Conversely, if you can’t use your tears to eliminate emotional stress, it will affect your health.

Therefore, experts believe that tolerating tears is equivalent to “suicide.”

However, crying should not exceed 15 minutes.

The depressed mood is vented, and you can’t cry again after it is relieved, otherwise it will be harmful to the body.

Because people’s kidney function is extremely sensitive to emotions, sadness or sorrow or crying is too long, the movement of the stomach will slow down, the secretion of gastric juice will decrease, the acidity will decrease, it will affect the appetite, and even cause various stomach diseases.

7 Cantonese soup, nourishing in winter, delicious and healthy, drink more skin, strong body!

7 Cantonese soup, nourishing in winter, delicious and healthy, drink more skin, strong body!

7 Cantonese soup, nourishing in winter, delicious and healthy, drink more skin, strong body!

First,[red jujube milk stewed flower gum][material]: Huajiao 40 grams of milk a box of red dates 4 鏋告潪 10 a few crystal sugar amount[practice]: 1.

After the gelatin is rinsed, put it in cold water, soak it overnight, and put it in the refrigerator when the weather is hot.

I bought a thicker cut into strips, thick, stewed, insoluble, insoluble, smooth and refreshing.


Wash the red dates and go to the core.


Add red dates, flower gum to the stew, add water, not too much water, and add milk to the back.


After 40 minutes of stewing, add rock sugar, simmer and milk for another 10 minutes.

Second,[鑼嫇 鑼嫇 绾?绾?绾?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?

[practice]: 1.

Wash the yam mountain, soak it in warm water for 20 minutes, and remove it for later use.


Wash the lean meat into small pieces, put in the pot, add cold water, pour out the water and rinse it out.


Put all the ingredients into the stew, add water, start the stew pot stew, and season with salt before eating.

Third,[鏋告潪 mushroom soup]often eat a variety of fungi to prevent colds and improve immunity.

This pot “anti-cancer weight loss” soup, not meat but very fresh, cooked in 5 minutes, spleen and kidney!

[practice]: 1.

All kinds of mushrooms are washed and cut into small roots, and the slices are cut into pieces.


Pour the water into the pot, boil it, pour it into the mushroom, and pour the oil.


After boiling again, add 鏋告潪.


After cooking, turn off the heat, add celery and salt.

Fourth,[Winter Cordyceps Duck Soup][Materials]: 1/4 of the old duck, 50 grams of lean meat, 4 Zonggu Yaozhu, 5 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 2 slices of ginger, 5 grams of rice wine[practice]: 1.

The lean meat is washed and cut into pieces, and the old duck is washed and cut into small pieces.


Put it in a stockpot, pour water in a cold water pot, remove it and wash it with warm water. This will ensure that the stewed soup is clear and has no smell.


Wash the Cordyceps and scallops, put all the ingredients in a saucepan, and add pure water.


Stew for 3 hours, or stew according to the stewed chicken and duck soup in your own cooker. Add a small amount of salt before eating. I will give it to myself or not. Generally, there is no salt, because the scallop is also salty.

Five,[Mung Bean Lotus Root Pork Soup]Lotus root, high nutritional value, conversion of iron, calcium, vitamins and a variety of minerals, etc., often eat can replenish qi and blood, enhance human immunity, clearing heat and cooling blood, laxative diarrhea,Spleen appetizer, promote digestion and other effects.

[practice]: 1.

The mung bean is soaked, the pork bones are washed clean, and the water is reserved.2.

The lotus roots are peeled and cut into small pieces, and all the materials are put into the pot, and the water without the ingredients is added.


I used an electric pressure cooker and smashed it for 40 minutes. It would be more fragrant with a casserole, but for timeless, the pressure cooker is also a good choice.

Note that mung beans are not cooked in a wok.

Six,[Ganoderma lucidum abalone stew crocodile tail][Material]: 400 grams of crocodile meat, 100 grams of lean meat, 50 grams of dried ganoderma lucidum, 8 dried abalone (about 30 grams), 3 grams of dried tangerine peel, 10 grams of ginger, Qingshui 2000Gram, 10 grams of Huadiao wine, salt amount[production steps]: 1, dry abalone immersed in cold water for 2 hours.

Dry ganoderma lucidum tablets and dried tangerine peels are soaked in warm water for 30 minutes, then drained and drained.

2, the crocodile tail is cut into pieces, and the lean meat is washed and cut into about large pieces of thumb.

Add cold water to heat the water. After the water is opened, it can be poured out and rinsed.

3, crocodile tail block, lean meat, ganoderma lucidum tablets, abalone, dried tangerine peel and ginger, add water to sprinkle the flower carving wine.

Cover the lid to start, after the stew is finished, adjust the amount of salt according to your taste.

Seven,[Nutritious health Shouwu Huangqi stew 楣ч釜][Main material]: 楣ч釜 400 grams, 100 grams of lean meat, 2000 grams of water, 40 grams of dried Shouwu tablets, 10 grams of dried sassafras, 3 red dates, Zonggu Yaozhu10 grams, 20 grams of dry Huaishan tablets, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of Huadiao wine, salt amount[practice]: 1, first wash the sputum and cut into large pieces, lean meat washed and cut into about the thumb big meat.

Add cold water to heat the water. After the water is opened, it can be poured out and rinsed.

2, dried Heshouwu tablets and dried Huaishan tablets soaked in warm water for 30 minutes, then drained and drained.

3, all the materials into the saucepan, cover the lid to start, after the stew is completed, adjust the amount of salt according to your taste.

Into the autumn health law: water and anti-drying


Into the autumn health law: water and anti-drying

Although the weather has entered the autumn, but the high temperature in the summer is completely gone, you need to beware of the “autumn tiger” Yu Wei attack.

Health experts said that at this time in the summer and autumn alternate stage, the public should not only continue to prevent heat, but also pay attention to hydration, anti-dry and nursed back to health.

銆€銆€Key words 1- Hydration Dr. Yan Suchun, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, said that white-collar workers in the office often 鈥渄rink the wrong water鈥? which is very hot in summer. Many white-collar workers often eat too much or too much pearl milk tea and carbonated drinks, even everyDaily drinks are used instead of water, which is not good for your health.

What kind of hydration method is the healthiest?

銆€銆€A, the most nutritious direct hydration method: when the homemade porridge soup is alternating between summer and autumn, the best way to replenish water is to drink liquid and semi-liquid foods such as porridge, glutinous rice, soup, pulp, etc. without ice, which contain a small amount of starch.There are B vitamins, minerals and a small amount of protein, amino acids and so on.

At the same time, porridge soup can also promote the secretion of digestive juice, which is conducive to maintaining a better digestion and absorption function in the summer and avoiding the lack of nutrients.

Room temperature porridge soup will not stimulate the vasoconstriction caused by the stomach, and the slightly hot porridge soup can promote perspiration, which is more conducive to body heat dissipation than iced cold drinks.

銆€銆€B, the quickest and most convenient way to replenish water: Drinking a refreshing drink containing caffeine should not be used as a hydrating drink.

Caffeine increases calcium excretion and increases the risk of kidney stones.

Carbonated drinks reduce the amount of perspiration of the skin, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.

In addition, the nutritional value of carbonated drinks is extremely low.

Therefore, under the benchmark, the beverage should preferably be low in sugar and decaffeinated.

In the hot weather, you can prepare some electrolyte drinks, that is, low-sugar drinks containing some potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. These drinks are relatively beneficial to hydration.

銆€銆€C, the most delicious and varied hydrating method: eating fruit, young white-collar workers like to use fruits instead of dinner, and it is not advisable to lose weight by fruit alone. The body lacks protein for a long time, and the essential fatty acids and carbohydrates are bound to cause boring nutrition and even causeCertain diseases.

Some people prefer to use fruits instead of vegetables. The vitamin content of fruits is much higher than that of vegetables. The content of vitamin C in cabbage and spinach is 10 times higher than that of apples, peaches and other fruits.

Experts remind that eating fruits should follow the eight-character principle, that is, fresh, seasonal, multiple, and appropriate.

銆€銆€Key words 2 – anti-dry autumn dryness, easy to hurt the body fluid, so try to eat less onions, ginger, garlic, leeks, peppers and other spicy flavors as well as spicy, fried, wine and dried puffed foods and other flavorsThings, eat more sour fruits and vegetables to help the liver.

According to the principle of health care of Chinese medicine “dryness and moist”, you can eat more honey, sesame, dairy and other foods that have nourishing yin, moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach, and promoting the function of the intestinal mucosa and interaction; even takingXuanfei Huatan, Ziyin Yiqi Chinese medicine, such as ginseng, sand ginseng, American ginseng, lily, almond, Chuanbei, etc., can help relieve autumn dryness; relieve spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, can take spleenLotus seeds, yam, lentils and other foods that supplement the stomach.

In addition, autumn is also a good season for infectious diseases, so pay special attention to hygiene.

White-collar workers with poor constitution can eat some preventive Chinese medicines, such as Banlangen, Purslane and other frying agents, which can supplement the epidemic of colitis and dysentery.

銆€銆€Key words 3 – nursed back to health in autumn, can not be separated from the principle of “receiving, raising”.

In other words, autumn health must highlight a “support” word.

At the turn of the summer and autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature is high and low, which is often the “winter event” with multiple diseases.

In response to the climatic characteristics of this period, it is necessary to take care of the heat while eating and drinking.

銆€銆€Spiritual care should be done in peace, peace of mind, peace of mind, and avoid sadness and sadness.

When you are hot in the afternoon, you should reduce your going out. You can drink a refreshing and soothing green bean soup. When you are in trouble, keep your peace and peace.

銆€銆€When you sleep in the early autumn and autumn, do not blow air conditioning, electric fans, or sleep against the doors and windows, avoid cold winds, it is best to add a blanket or thin quilt.

銆€銆€Diet can be properly eaten with sesame, glutinous rice, previously rice, honey, alfalfa, pineapple, dairy and other soft foods, to benefit the stomach.

Eat more acidic foods (hepatic five-flavored main acid) to enhance the function of the kidneys, such as apples, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, carambola, grapefruit, lemon, hawthorn and so on.

銆€銆€The morning after exercise is the best time to exercise. It is very important to do psychological adjustment. It is a good way to actively participate in sports. Jogging and walking can make your mood cheerful.

Three carcinogenic foods should be careful to eat as much as suicide


Three carcinogenic foods should be careful to eat as much as suicide

The so-called disease from the mouth, especially cancer, due to lack of diet, mouth and food, the last case of cancer is everywhere, it can be said that the first line of defense against cancer is the mouth!

Manage your mouth and control your diet to be effective in transcending cancer. If you are only gluttonous and overeating, cancer is not far from you.

Three kinds of carcinogenic foods should be careful 1, eating warm foods, so-called warm foods, one refers to directly known high temperature, too hot foods, such as hot soup, batter, etc.; the other refers to Chinese medicineWarm foods such as alcohol in the division of medicinal properties.

Because it is too spicy, it is easy to damage the mucosal epithelial cells of the digestive tract, so foods of this nature are most likely to induce tumors of the digestive system.

2, five-flavored Chinese medicine believes that the diet should be mixed with five flavors, sweet, bitter, sour, spicy, salty foods should be adequate to eat, any partial eclipse can cause disease.

Among the factors that cause tumors, it is a common factor that the fat is too thick and too salty.

3, edible denatured food Aflatoxin toxin has been recognized as the most serious carcinogen, and aflatoxin toxins in moldy grains, corn, peanuts, the bacteria become growing and breeding in a warm, close environment, researchIt has been found to induce a variety of tumors in experimental animals, a factor that contributes to the high incidence of cancer in some parts of Asia and Africa.

In today’s society, the incidence of cancer is getting higher and higher, and the types of cancer are increasing. Cancer is a major disease that threatens human health. Anti-cancer engineering is not a day’s work. It is necessary to understand what can’t be eaten, but also to understandAnti-cancer foods in life, through the mix of diet, cancer is shut out.

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Cholecystitis will become cancer. Counting 4 kinds of “eat out” cancers, but 90% of people have not noticed this small behavior of cooking, which may cause family members to get cancer!

What is the shortcoming of the business man’s love, please give her a perfect lover after reading the correction.


What is the shortcoming of the business man’s love, please give her a perfect lover after reading the correction.

The process of love is very enjoyable, and everything between the two is a pink bubble.

But in love, there is sweetness and acidity. People’s personality is different when they fall in love. Especially the career-oriented men say that career and family cannot have both, so the problem will be relativelyMore, many women have a deep understanding of this point, then, what are the shortcomings of career men’s love?

First of all, I have a very own idea. A man of a career type who is very determined about his goals will definitely find a way to achieve his goals. He is particularly motivated, so many people like to find such a man to marry.

But be aware that sometimes their wife pays too much attention to their careers, so they may not be careful enough. They often forget about their own life. They may be a little bit lost, and there are still many problems.

Second, we value our careers, we are eager to succeed. They like the pride of success in their careers. Sometimes they may not be as concerned about their own or for love.

Therefore, many of them will get older, not to say that they don’t want to get married, or to take care of love, that is, love has nothing to do with material, but there is not enough material and money, they think it is difficult to feed their love because they thinkThe way is also very simple, and it takes money to fall in love, and his career can make him feel confident.

Third, I like a dull life and put more experience in my own career. They don’t expect a vigorous event for their love, but they prefer to be dull.

What they need is success in their own business, and someone is behind him, which is enough.

It’s also because sometimes a career-oriented man is too concerned about his career and has a conflict with his girlfriend. They feel that it doesn’t matter, but in the heart of his girlfriend, he will leave some small flaws and feel no.Comfortable, so in the long run, feelings will fade slowly.

Therefore, it is recommended that a business-type man should also learn to care more about his girlfriend, put one of them on the other half, and let the other person think that he cares about her, so that the love of the two of them may last a little longer.

Middle-aged life must also be accompanied by sex


Middle-aged life must also be accompanied by sex

Women, especially those in middle-aged women, have “headaches”, “no spirits”, and “neurasthenia”, which are actually caused by lack of sexual life or too little orgasm.

However, due to the shackles of traditional ideas, many women do not know this. They think that they have really got a strange disease, or they are blamed for the unsatisfactory work, the housework is too tired, and the children are not worried.

These women are often more irritated, embarrassed and troublesome than others in their daily lives.

銆€銆€With the gradual expansion of sexual knowledge, some women began to include what they lacked in sexual life and sexual orgasm.

However, within the existing marriage and family, she is unable to unilaterally change this situation.

As a result, she will reimburse her husband for compensation in all other aspects of life.

銆€銆€Men, especially middle-aged men, have the opposite situation.

Many people who are busy with various undertakings are often due to excessive mental burden and long-term backlog of psychological fatigue, resulting in a decline in their sexual desire.

They have a lot in mind, but they don’t say it.

Because he knows: If you are reluctant to give up your career, this low sexual desire cannot be solved fundamentally.

Some better men will try their best to make up for it in other aspects. The most common is to improve themselves in terms of name and profit. Killing makes his wife feel that his wife is a wife, and there is light in his body, which also conceals the contradiction in sexual life.

If it is a husband who lacks responsibility or does not take a woman at all, it is more likely to be “broken and broken” and more indifferent and alienated from marriage and family.

銆€銆€The most tortured person in life is that it always adds two separate disappointments to the same couple.

銆€銆€Therefore, the author does not have a panacea, but only wants to advise such unfortunate couples: Do not be sexual, you should come to some “urban encircling the city.”

The wife begins with an initiative to improve the atmosphere of family life and assists her husband in relieving the psychological pressure of the cause.

Husbands must make a life choice that they face in the morning and evening: What is more important to you?

If you choose a career, it is best not to delay a woman.

If you still agree that sex is not something you are solely responsible for, or is related to the happiness of another person, then please gradually relax from other aspects of life until you can replace the marriage with the kind of enthusiasm of the healing cause, husband and wife and

鈻睸emen allergies, must wear a set of people allergic to peanuts, some people are allergic to pollen, and people are allergic to men’s semen — this is not a joke.

銆€銆€A female reader told me that as long as her husband does not wear a condom and she has sex, she will suddenly have a chest tightness, a burning sensation in the vagina, and itching.

These symptoms come quickly and go quickly. After the supplement, they will disappear automatically.

Some people say that symptoms appear only after a few years of marriage, such as vaginal or perineal edema, itchy itch, heart palpitations, and even nausea and vomiting.

These are all manifestations of semen allergy.

銆€銆€Male semen contains dozens of specific antigens from sperm and seminal plasma that are not found in other tissues in the body.

Some male semen antigens are particularly antigenic. If a woman happens to be allergic, a series of reactions will occur after the same room.

Symptoms often vary from person to person and vary in severity.

Sometimes, women may only be allergic to certain men’s semen, or they may be sensitive to all semen; sometimes, even if men correct condoms or do not ejaculate in the vagina, women will still have these symptoms.

銆€銆€For those women who have been married for many years and have sudden allergies, it may be that their hormone levels have changed. They choose to start a new method of contraception, undergo a hysterectomy or pregnancy, etc.; if a man is taking a certain medicine or eatingSome foods, such as penicillin or peanuts, can also cause allergies in women.

銆€銆€If a woman is allergic to semen, she must use a condom during sex to minimize the risk of allergies.

At the same time, you should go to the hospital in time.

It should also be reminded that women should try to find allergens and brake symptomatic treatment when checking.


Drinking green tea has a lot of benefits

The traditional “Ten Germany” of Liu Yuliang in the Tang Dynasty is relatively comprehensive.

He categorized the acidity of drinking tea: tea taste, tea to nourish, tea to suffocate, tea to prevent disease, tea to raise anger, tea to suffocate, tea to be merciful, to pay tribute to tea table,It is possible to make tea with tea.

銆€銆€How much benefit does drinking green tea have?

Let’s break down the following ones: 1.

Green tea is anti-aging and Ms. Amy should pay attention.

Green tea is a natural anti-aging drink.

It contains antioxidants that help fight aging.

Because of the metabolic process of the human body, if it is peroxidized, it will produce a lot of free radicals, which are the root cause of human aging and also cause cell damage.

SOD is a free radical scavenger that effectively removes excess free radicals that are harmful to humans and prevents free radical damage to the human body.

The catechins in green tea can significantly increase the activity of SOD and help scavenge free radicals.

Thereby achieving the purpose of anti-aging.


Antibacterial research on green tea shows that catechins in green tea have an inhibitory effect on some bacteria that cause human disease, and at the same time do not harm the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Therefore, green tea has the function of whole intestine.

Studies have shown that tea polyphenols can regenerate high-efficiency antioxidants in the human body, thereby protecting and repairing the antioxidant system, enhancing immunity to the body, and having significant effects on anti-cancer and anti-aging.

銆€銆€Drinking green tea can lower blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, and thus prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The medical research team at Showa University in Japan added 10,000 highly toxic toxins to 0-157 in 1 ml of tea polyphenols instead of ordinary tea. After five hours, all the bacteria died and none died.Left.


Animal experiments conducted by green tea hypolipidemic scientists have shown that catechins in tea can reduce the amount of total cholesterol, free plasma, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglycerides, and increase high-density lipoprotein.Cholesterol is a good amount of cholesterol.

銆€銆€Experiments on the human body have shown that the incidence of arteriosclerosis is reduced.

Green tea contains flavonols, which have anti-oxidant effects, can also prevent blood clots and platelets from forming agglomeration, and reduce cardiovascular disease.


Green tea slimming fat-reducing green tea contains theophylline and caffeine, which can activate protein kinase and triglyceride lipolytic enzyme through many actions, reducing a small amount of cell accumulation, thereby achieving weight loss.


Green tea anti-caries, clear mouth green tea fluoride, which catechin can inhibit the action of sputum bacteria, reduce the occurrence of plaque and periodontitis.

The tannic acid contained in tea has a bactericidal action and can prevent food slag from propagating bacteria, so it can effectively prevent bad breath.


Green tea anti-cancer green tea has an inhibitory effect on certain cancers, but its principle is in the inference stage.

For the prevention of cancer, drinking more tea must have its positive encouragement.


Experts in green tea whitening and UV protection found in animal experiments that catechins in green tea are resistant to skin cancer caused by UV-B.

Drinking tea also needs to be careful when it exceeds 70 °C.


Drinking tea also needs to be careful when it exceeds 70 掳C.

Drinking tea also needs to be careful over 70 掳C will cause cancer. Iranian researchers published a study in 2009 that drinking a cup of hot tea every day is likely to increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

Moreover, when the tea water temperature is between 65 掳 C?
At 69 掳 C, the risk of esophageal cancer will double, once the water temperature of tea exceeds 70 掳 C, the incidence of esophageal cancer will increase by 8 times.

If the tea is finished within 2 minutes after the tea is poured out, the risk of suffering from esophageal cancer will increase by about 5 times after 4 minutes.

Another study found that when drinking tea, the tea temperature is between 56 掳 C?
60 掳 C, is beneficial to many health.

In addition to the high temperature of tea may increase the risk of cancer, dietitians reminded that if tea leaves pesticides when drinking tea, it may also be detrimental to health.

If you are concerned about pesticide residue, you can pour off the water in the first bubble, and open it when you make tea. Do not smother the water vapor, so some pesticide substances will evaporate with water vapor.

When purchasing tea, try to choose organic tea, which is extra safe.

So, what is the principle of drinking tea to prevent cancer? Can some cancers in daily life be prevented by drinking tea?

First, how to drink tea to prevent cancer 1. The anti-cancer effect of green tea At home and abroad, some studies have proved that both tea and chemical carcinogenic or metastatic tumors of experimental animals have different effects.

Any endogenous or exogenous free radicals have carcinogenic effects, but natural antioxidants can scavenge free radicals. Therefore, the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of this natural antioxidant are perceived by some people.

Natural antioxidants such as green tea poisonous “tea polyphenols” are exchanged before or after meals. A variety of antioxidants synergistically act to scavenge free radicals, and more can show the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of green tea.

2, green tea polyphenols are important green tea anti-cancer substances in green tea green tea polyphenol content is five times that of ordinary tea, green tea can reduce the occurrence of certain cancers, but scientists in the past are not clear, what is the substance in prevention,Therefore, it is impossible to decide how much green tea a person should drink in a day.

Green tea polyphenols may be just one of the substances that have anticancer effects in green tea.

They also found that the molecular structure of green tea polyphenols is similar to that of the anticancer drug methotrexate tablets (methotrexate).

DHFR is essential for healthy cells and cancer cells. Green tea polyphenols have strong binding to DHFR, but are weaker than methotrexate tablets, so diabetes is less than anticancer drugs for healthy cells.

3, the anti-cancer effect of Pu’er tea After comparing the effects of different green teas, it is considered that the skin of Pu’er tea is more serious. The cancer patients have long been called Pu’er tea, which can expand the contraction and round the circle.The amount is reduced, the attachment and wandering ability is lost, and even the floating loss is lost; the residual is also reduced to round and concentrated, the nucleus is condensed, the chromatin is condensed or disappeared, the vacuoles appear in the nucleus and the granule, and the nucleolus is condensed or broken.The cleavage disappears, the chromosomal contraction shrinks or coagulates, the ribosome decreases, the mitochondria and endoplasmic mitochondria expand; RNA synthesis decreases, and nuclear division stops.

These changes prove that under the pharmacological action of Pu’er tea, the polymer tends to die from degeneration.

Second, drinking tea can prevent cancer. 1. Drinking tea can prevent prostate cancer. According to recent research, whether drinking black tea or drinking green tea can prevent prostate cancer, and it can also reduce obesity and reduce cell damage caused by smoking.It can even prevent heart disease.

Foreign researchers surveyed 20 male patients with prostate cancer. They drank 5 cups of green tea, black tea, etc. before surgery. After blood analysis and prostate tissue analysis, they found that the phenolic content was higher in their tissue samples.Adding black tea, green tea or soda to the phosphate culture solution revealed that the phosphate growth rate was significantly slowed down.

2, drinking green tea is good for preventing ovarian cancer Researchers in Mexico and China recently found that green tea can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer in women. The incidence of ovarian cancer in women who insist on taking green tea every day can be reduced by nearly 60% compared with other women.

Researchers at Curtin University and Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in China conducted experiments on 900 women in order to understand the cause of ovarian cancer.

Of these, 254 have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 652 are healthy women.

It was found that drinking tea daily, especially green tea, can greatly reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer in women.

In addition to drinking tea, other factors such as smoking, oral contraceptives, physical exercise, and a family history of ovarian cancer can have different effects on ovarian cancer.

3, drinking green tea can prevent skin cancer Researchers at the American College of Medicine recently found that drinking a few cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of two common skin cancers.

After studying the eating habits and health status of 2,200 adults, the research team found that people who drank tea had less risk of developing common skin cancers, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

People who drink more than one cup a day may be 20% to 30% lower than those who do not drink tea.

Studies have shown that there is an antioxidant called EGCG in tea that limits the damage of UV radiation to the skin.

This effect is even more pronounced in people who have been drinking tea for decades and who drink at least two cups of tea a day.

Experts in the research team pointed out that the above findings do not mean that no sunscreen is needed as long as you drink tea.

There is no evidence that drinking tea can reduce the risk of skin cancer in people who have sunburned many times.