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Do n’t blindly block kids when they love snacks

Do n’t blindly block kids when they love snacks

Recently, a special survey of snacking behavior among Chinese children aged 8 to 14 in cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jinan and other cities showed that as many as 98% of children have the habit of snacking.
In this regard, experts from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention have given suggestions: parents should not blindly stop their children’s habit of snacking, but should adopt a combination of blocking and blocking methods to guide children to eat reasonably and moderately.
  Experts believe that parents should urge their children not to eat snacks before meals and before going to bed; usually, they should develop the habit of drinking plain water and eating less street food; try to choose small packages of snacks, which can control the amount of snacks and are more hygienicSafe; eat snacks no more than 3 times a day.
In addition, parents should guide children to choose snacks correctly, not only from the taste and preferences, but also to choose healthy food, so that children can get balanced nutrition while eating snacks.
There are many types of natural snacks in daily life, such as milk, soy products, nuts, fresh fruits, and natural unprocessed dried fruits such as raisins.

How to make four kinds of health soup: Kelp soup to prevent cancer and radiation

How to make four kinds of health soup: Kelp soup to prevent cancer and radiation

Old Chinese Medicine Health Network introduces several nourishing and healthy soup alternatives: anti-cancer anti-cold black chicken soup black chicken soup can enhance mucus secretion, and it is more effective for complications such as colds and bronchitis; black bone chicken can nourish blood and nourish yin,Can be used for cancer patients after surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Method: Wash the black chicken (800g) and cut off the chicken head and buttocks; 4 red dates, about 20 Chinese wolfberries, a few slices of American ginseng, and a few ginsengs; chopped black chicken into 6 pieces, and flatten them with ginger.Put all the ingredients into the casserole, add enough water, cook for 10 minutes on high heat and cook for 1 and a half hours on low heat, season with salt and serve.

  Anti-hypertensive fish soup Fish soup contains a special fatty acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects, can prevent inflammation of the respiratory tract, and prevent disease outbreaks.

Method: shave (1) shave the black film from the belly of the fish, wash it and drain the water; shred the radish (100g); heat the oil pan, wipe the pan with ginger slices, and put the carp when the oil temperature is relatively high,Slowly fry until golden on both sides. Turn the fish into boiling water, add jujubes, boil for 20 minutes on high heat, then cook on medium to low heat for another 20 minutes before adding shredded radish; add shredded radish and cook for another 10 minutes.Edible.
  Detox Vegetable Soup A variety of fresh vegetables are rich in alkaline ingredients, which can remove residuals or toxins from cells.

Therefore, vegetable soup has the reputation of “best body cleanser”.

Method: Carrots (1), potatoes (1), washed, peeled, cut into small pieces, onions (half), cut into small pieces, broccoli (100 g), washed into small flowers; washed and peeled tomatoes, Cut into small pieces, put into a blender to make tomato puree; put in a pot, melt on low heat, turn to high heat, add onion crushed fragrant, pour tomato puree and sugar, stir well and add about 200 ml of water,After boiling, pour in potato pieces and carrot pieces, boil again, pour in corn kernels and broccoli, cook for about 2 minutes, add black pepper, and stir well to serve.

  Enhance metabolism, anti-cancer kelp soup. Kelp contains a large amount of trace element iodine, which helps to enhance the metabolism of the human body. U-fucoate in the kelp also kills peptides.

Method: Cut pork ribs into cubes (300g), pour into boiling water pot, and remove after 3 minutes; put cold water in the pot, pour cold ribs, add onion segments, ginger slices.

Cover with flour and boil, add salt, cooking wine, turn on low heat, and simmer for 1 hour; wash melon (200 g) and soaked kelp (200 g), slice, pour into a pot, and simmer for 20 minutes on low heat, etc.After the color of the white gourd becomes white, sprinkle a little onion and serve immediately.

Baby Fever Care Guide

Baby Fever Care Guide

There are many causes of fever in infants due to three major fevers. Generally speaking, they can be divided into the following three categories: First, external factors Children’s body temperature is affected by the external environment.There is no air in the room.

  Second, the internal factors are sick, colds, bronchitis, throat inflammation or other diseases.

  Third, other factors such as vaccination, including measles, cholera, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and other reactions.

  The pathological causes of fever in infants can be large or small. Severe cases of sepsis, encephalitis, meningitis, and myocardial inflammation can cause disability or death if left untreated; those who are mild only have a slight cold, and they will be better if they are ignored.

It’s just that if the difference is not difficult for an expert to judge, sometimes it is necessary to pass inspection techniques to make a real difference.

  If the baby has a fever, the parents do not have to make a fuss, but they cannot take it lightly, which leads to an uncontrollable illness.

Parents should learn how to be skillful, knowledgeable, and wise to face it.

When a child has a fever, it will be combined with other manifestations: such as rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, physical discomfort, loss of appetite and general weakness, younger babies will not speak, and may even become restless and cry.

At this time, it is reasonable to moderate treatment so that the body temperature is not too high, especially for infants and young children with fever quenching or congenital heart disease.

  Simple and correct anti-fever method So what kind of method can parents handle in advance at home before taking the baby to the doctor?

Comprehensive expert advice, as a parent, the correct way to reduce fever should be: 1.

Maintain air circulation in your home. If your home has cold air, keep the room temperature between 25-27 ° C.

Children can be placed in an air-conditioned room or blown around with an electric fan to make the body temperature drop slowly, so that the children will feel more comfortable.

But if his limbs are cold and trembling, it means that he needs warmth, so he needs to cover it with a blanket.


Take off too much clothing. If your baby’s limbs, hands, and feet are warm and sweating, it means that you need to dissipate heat and wear less clothing.


Use warm water to bathe the baby’s clothing and rub it up and down with warm water (37 ° C) towel. This will allow the baby’s skin to dilate blood vessels to release body gas. In addition, water vapor will also absorb body heat when it evaporates from the body surface.


Sleeping ice pillows help to dissipate heat, but it is not recommended for other young children. Because children are not easy to turn their bodies, ice pillows can cause local cold or hypothermia.

It is also possible to use an antipyretic paste. When the moisture in the gelatinous substance of the antipyretic paste evaporates, the transfer can be taken away without excessive cooling.

How can I help myself when I encounter an emergency by elevator?

How can I help myself when I encounter an emergency by elevator?

Core tip: The escalator at the zoo station Exit A of Beijing Metro Line 4 failed, causing 29 passengers to be injured and 1 to death.

The sudden tragedy seems to be a real version of “Death Comes.”

Make the elevator safety issue once again arouse people’s awareness.

In the face of crises, little common sense of self-help and mutual rescue may play a role in critical times.

Some good riding habits may also minimize injuries.

  After the escalator fails: protect the brain and neck, and the abdominal cavity1. Each of the escalators has an emergency stop button at the upper, lower and middle sections. In the event of an escalator accident, passengers who are close to the button should press the button as soon as possible,It will automatically stop, which can effectively avoid further deterioration of the situation.

  2. Cross your fingers with your fingers, protect your hindbrain and intervene, with your elbows forward and your temples.

Because when slipping or falling from a height, it is dangerous to notice a strong impact.

Because the spinal cord passes through the cervical spine, if the combined nerve is damaged, the mild person will be paralyzed, and the severe one will be life-threatening.

  3. When you accidentally fall to the ground, bend your knees forward as much as possible, protect important organs in the chest and abdomen, and lie on the side.

  4. When someone finds that someone has fallen suddenly in front of them, they need to stop and immediately call for help, realizing that the people behind don’t approach forward.

  5. Try to protect the elderly and children.

  6, try to maintain emotional stability, because when people plus danger, running, escape, it is human instinct.

Most of them “panic” because of fear, which may cause congestion or even trample.

  How to rescue the wounded: Do not move the wounded easily. For safety reasons, do not move the wounded unless necessary.

It should be placed in a position that best suits its physical condition or injury.

Don’t let him get up or move around.

  2. Avoid extra surgical operations and interference to the injured.

  3. It is recommended to cover the wounded with a blanket or quilt to avoid freezing.

If the weather is cold or severe, put some clothing or blankets under the wounded and cover more.

  4. Look for medical cards for the sick; try to notify the families of the injured as soon as possible.

  Attention when riding the escalator: Fasten the laces, pay attention to the skirt corners, and the edges of the escalator step pedals are generally provided with yellow safety warning signs.

When stepping into an escalator, passengers should pay attention to their feet leaving the edge of the rung, stand within the yellow safety warning boundary of the step pedal, do not step on the junction of the two rungs, and support the handrail. This is the most basic safety requirement.

At the same time, we must keep in mind the “three requirements” and “two requirements”.

  ”Three essentials”: Before biasing, tighten the laces, pay attention to loose, dragging clothing (such as long skirts, dresses, etc.) to prevent being dragged by the edge of the step, comb plate, apron board or inner cover; ifWhen the handrail is not synchronized with the running of the step due to malfunction, pay attention to adjusting the position of the hand at any time; when leaving, lift the foot and follow the trend of the step to quickly step out, stepping over the comb plate and landing on the front plate to prevent tripOr the shoes are pinched.

  ”Two Don’ts”: When avoiding, do not touch shoes or clothing to the glass or gaps of the escalator, to avoid serious injuries caused by dragging during step movement; do not stop at the escalator or sidewalk exit when leaving to avoid affecting other passengers and avoidCauses crowding.

  Why accidents occur because elevators are complex products of mechatronics, structural principles, and control technology content are large, especially high operating frequency is a major reason for failure.

In many high-density communities in Beijing, an elevator often runs more than 1,000 times a day. If repairs and maintenance cannot keep up, accidents are unavoidable.

  It turns out that elevators cannot take the elevator. Such problems often occur: sleepy people (mainly due to power outages and equipment failures); the car and the platform are misaligned; roof punching (the elevator does not stop, straight up and down without listening to control); trolley (no floor selectionThen start); open the door and take the ladder (the elevator door suddenly starts when the door is opened, the most dangerous phenomenon).

  Hidden places that users can feel: the speed of the elevator does not seem to be the same as usual, otherwise it is too fast and it can only be too slow; there is an obvious impact sound or abnormal sound in the car; a smell of scorching or obvious in the carSmoke sensation; touch the wall of the truck, there is a numbness phenomenon . In such cases, you should step down quickly and notify the maintenance department to deal with it.

  How to rescue the trapped elevator Once the elevator falls, you can: First, if there is a handle in the elevator, hold the handle tightly with one hand.

  Secondly, the entire front end is closely aligned with the head and is in a straight line.

  Third, the positive electrode is in a bent posture.

  Explanation: Because when the elevator falls, you wo n’t know when it will land, and it is likely that you will die with a whole body fracture when landing; so the first is to fix your seat so that you will not be unstable due to the center of gravity.And fall.

  The second point is to use the elevator air as a spine protection.

  And the third point is the most important.

Because the ligament is the only tissue of human fatigue and elasticity, the use of contraction and flexion to withstand heavy pressure is greater than that of bones.

  Basically, through the development of urbanization and the expansion of high-rise and multi-story buildings, elevators have gradually become a common tool. At the same time, elevator accidents have also increased.

absolution anti-aging countermeasures organic essence_1

absolution anti-aging countermeasure organic essence

Anti-aging countermeasures Organic Essence 15ml / 3,000 Applicable lifestyle: mature age, lack of skin elasticity, dry muscles Facing busy people who have been under high pressure for a long time and have no time to maintain.Skin problems such as aging and loss of elasticity!

Combining the precious herbs of the West with Maca, which is known as “Peanuts,” as the main ingredient, so that various vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and flavonoids are injected into the skin full of nutrients, and permanent flower gel is more suitable.Quickly rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin for a youthful glow.

Spirulina is the secret weapon of anti-aging anti-organic essence. It is rich in plant-based proteins and minerals to enhance the vitality of the skin. It also adds whitening musk rose essential oil and acerola, vitamin C content of acerolaIt is 20 times more than citrus, can brighten skin tone, and is full of anti-oxidant.

-Of all 99.

31% comes from 99% of natural ingredients-plant ingredients.

5% verification is 60% of the total organic product-product capacity.

11% for organic farming

Essence Whitening Mask Quickly Brightens Skin _1

Essence Whitening Mask Quickly Brightens Skin

When we used whitening lotions, whitening lotions, and even whitening essences, did we forget that there is still a killer in whitening masks?
I’m going to date with my favorite tomorrow for the first time.
What should I do if my skin condition is better?
The beauty editor will recommend you to try a whitening mask, whether it requires emergency whitening quickly, or as a long-term care, whitening mask is an indispensable part of whitening investment.
Take a look at the following whitening masks recommended by everyone.
.hzh {display: none; }  一、一星期使用2~3次的片状美白面膜  片状面膜里面几乎含有整罐精华液的成分,不建议天天使用,使用时可现在局部斑点涂抹美白精华液,Then apply a sheet mask to let the whitening ingredients enter the skin. For better results, you can gently massage the skin with the mask on your fingertips.
BioBeauty Astaxanthin Red Face Brightening Moisturizing Mask 5pcs Product Highlights: Provides complete anti-aging energy, as long as you apply it for 15 minutes, you can feel the skin full and vibrant.
WU VC Micro Guide Whitening Mask 3pcs Product Highlights: The unique patented technology is cotton guide technology, which completely adheres to the curve of the face, and promotes the concentrated whitening essence to effectively penetrate into the skin, deeply releases the whitening ingredients, and effectively dilutes the formed spots.
Garnier Super Brightening Deep Whitening and Clear Mask 5pcs Product Highlights: Pure Lemon Essence + Vitamin C can eliminate dull skin and make skin brighter and fairer.
CATWALKGIRL 奢华美白生物纤维面膜 2片  产品亮点:独特生物纤维面膜与肌理变化互相合作,产生人体工学的最佳效益,利用吸取效率提升概念,将植物白皙成分与医学焕白成分,同时充分导入肌肤底层.
  A creamy whitening mask that can be applied while bathing.
hzh {display: none; }  洗澡时可敷上乳霜状面膜,利用洗澡时的水蒸气打开肌肤的毛孔,帮助美白成分快读渗透到肌肤底层,但至少要敷10分钟,效果才优。   5.
Beauty Diy Tourmaline Magnetic Whitening Mask 120g Product Highlights: Contains ultrafine tourmaline ingredients and rich minerals, which can accelerate skin circulation, improve metabolism, and restore firm and elastic skin conditions.
Simply Damascus Rose Brightening Good Night Jelly 120ml 亮 Product Highlights: Extremely high water retention capacity, which allows skin cells to absorb full moisture and make the skin feel watery.
Improve rough condition, improve skin’s water retention and strengthen skin metabolism.
SHILLS Sleeping Beauty Brightening Lotion 50ml Product Highlights: Special moisturizing formula can instantly soothe dry skin, improve dull and uneven skin tone, and emit natural light source to restore pure and bright skin.
Nature & Co Pure White C Chilling Film 150g 亮 Product Highlights: The texture of QQ like jelly, makes the skin feel refreshing and comfortable when used, and adds a variety of organic herbal extracts to gently condition the skin.

Long raised his head and cut his hair

Long raised his head and cut his hair

“February Two Dragons Rise” is a Chinese folklore festival, which has basically faded away from the modern life of the Chinese.
The “two dragons rise in February” has certain cultural connotations, such as expressing people’s worship of dragons and so on.
  Why is the dragon “looking up”?
  Because in early February before and after the shock pad, the animals dormant all winter have regained their vitality, and it is time to move.
The “Dragon” is about to rise, which means that the Dragon has also acted and has to fulfill its duty of rain.
However, this statement is a common interpretation of “the second dragon rises in February” and is easy to understand.
  On this day, almost all people’s activities are related to the “dragon”.
Eating cakes is called “Dragon Skin”; eating small dumplings is called “Dragon Ears”; eating noodles is called “Dragon Bear Noodles”; eating rice is called “Dragon Seeds”; women do not do needlework on this day to avoid injury”Longan”.
  According to the old custom, the dragon is still a good day to shave his head.
There are many people shaving on this day. On this day, shaving is called “shaving faucet.”
  Haircuts have nothing to do with improving hair quality. Hair quality is mainly affected by two factors: First, it is affected by genetic factors. Generally speaking, if parents have good hair, children’s hair is better, parents’ hair is worse, and children’s hair is also worse.
The growth of hair is the same as the height of the body. It is earlier or later, faster or slower. Many people ‘s hair turns yellow and thin, but with the development and growth of the body, the hair gradually becomes darker and denser.Both have something to do with the inheritance of parents.
  Second, it is affected by the health of the day after tomorrow.
  When the body is poor, nutrition is incomplete, can not keep up, or is weak after illness, the hair may become thinner and dull.
If you strengthen your nutrition, improve your physique, or recover from illness, your hair will grow naturally.
  Therefore, the quality of the hair is not directly related to the haircut. Even if the haircut is raised in February, the main purpose is to cleanliness and sanitation, but according to folk customs on this day, it has a better sign.

Eat hot food and destroy your stomach

Eat hot food and destroy your stomach

“Eat while hot” has always been a polite word for Chinese hospitality, but this etiquette seems to be changed.

Recently, according to a report from the Taiwan Cancer Clinical Research and Development Foundation, eating too cold and overheating can damage the body and body functions. Eating more foods that are close to the body temperature can delay gastrointestinal aging and help people live longer.

  From steaming noodles, to hot stuffed buns and dumplings, and hot pots, the Chinese diet has always been inseparable from the word “hot”.

Bian Jiang, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Cooking Association, said that this is because Asia’s body is relatively weak, and eating hot food can provide more energy to the body and help people keep their temperature from the cold.

Above that, Europeans and Americans have stronger bodies, and usually eat more of the food itself. Therefore, there is no special requirement for the temperature of the food. Therefore, they have replaced cold food in their diet structure.

“当然,中国人爱吃热还有一个原因是,许多食物的美味需要温度来‘激发’,而中国人的味觉和嗅觉早已适应了这种被温度激发出的香味,所以热食成为国人千A hundred years of unchanged eating habits.

Frontier said.

  However, more and more studies now show that overeating is closely related to various digestive diseases such as esophageal cancer.

This is because the human esophagus wall is composed of mucous membranes, which are very delicate and can only tolerate food at 50-60 ° C. Above this temperature, the mucous membranes of the esophagus will be burned.

The temperature of overheated food is about 70-80 ° C. Like freshly prepared tea, the temperature can reach 80-90 ° C, which can easily burn the wall of the esophagus.

If you eat hot food often, the mucosal damage has not been repaired and you get burns, which can form superficial ulcers.

Repeated burns and repairs will cause changes in the quality of the mucosa and further develop into tumors.

  Traditional Chinese medicine does not agree with overeating.

Jiang Liangduo, a professor of internal medicine at Dongzhimen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said: “In the digestive tract, the process of digesting food is suitable to be carried out at a temperature close to body temperature.

Excessive food will cause qi and blood to be too active, and the blood vessels in the graft will dilate, which will stimulate the stomach and intestines.

“So, the most suitable food temperature is” not cold or hot. ”

“Many parents blow the baby to a lukewarm temperature before feeding them. In fact, this temperature is also the most suitable for adults.

It feels a little warm with the lips, and is not hot, which is the most suitable.

Jiang Liangduo said.

Similarly, people should pay attention to temperature when drinking water.

It is best to use warm water daily, and the water temperature is between 18-45 ° C.

Hot water will not damage the enamel of the teeth, and then strongly irritate the throat, digestive tract and gastric mucosa.

Even in winter, drinking water should not exceed 50 ℃.

If you are really afraid of cold, you can eat more foods that produce heat, such as ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and pepper, which will not hurt the esophagus and have extra health benefits.

Make it easy for kids to play before 5

Make it easy for kids to play before 5

Many children’s education psychologists believe that parents who are too enthusiastic about early development will force their children to learn when their children are very young, resulting in various stresses that will cause damage to their brains.

It is very important that parents observe and care for their children.

It is a very good way for parents to give them this kind of stimulus very naturally when their children get to certain things.

  In childhood, playing is a direct experience and a great form of learning.

Children’s favorite games can promote their brain development.

In contrast, compulsory education is the natural enemy of memory.

If you can give full play to the curiosity of children, you can develop a child who is good at learning.

Before the children were 5 years old, accompanying them to teach them computers and reading books might as well let them play, draw, and play various games with children of the same age.

Parents should provide children with opportunities to feel a sense of accomplishment through daily activities and experiences such as climbing mountains with children, making games together, and cooking together.

Communication: Learn to remove obstacles first

Communication: Learn to remove obstacles first

The quality of communication directly affects the development of everyone’s life and career.

As the saying goes: “The wine is still afraid of the alley.”
In such an era of fierce competition, it is especially important to effectively promote yourself, gain the approval of others, win the support and cooperation of others, and promote the success of your career.

As a manager, it is necessary to promote the development or maintenance of friendly cooperation with people in different positions within the organization through communication, and to work together to help you establish a win-win cooperative relationship with others. It is naturally self-evident.

  What if communication is extended to the work of the organization?

So let’s first understand communication management.

  Good communication management does not reflect the management and coordination capabilities of managers in the organization, but also reflects a sound corporate system and a healthy corporate culture.

From the perspective of the company’s organization, there must be a set of effective communication measures and information communication channels to ensure that employees can understand and master the company’s development strategy, goals, objectives and plans, and inform employees of the company’s operating activities and problems., Achievements, performance, and concerns.
As a manager, he is responsible for the passing-through role. It is an important part of the manager’s job responsibilities to correctly and quickly communicate the operating status of the enterprise and the working status of employees and increase the scope of management.
In the process of communication management, due to the two-way nature of communication, the effect of communication does not lie in how much you say, but in how much the other party accepts.
This requires analysis from communication.
  First of all, we must understand the obstacles to information communication in the organization process.
Generally, during the communication process, the effects of communication will be affected due to the different mentalities, expression skills, understanding, and the environment and communication methods adopted by the two parties.

In the organization, there will be another layer of communication barriers due to organizational relationships.
The most prominent phenomena are: 1. Delay in communication, that is, grass-roots information is too slow when it is passed upward.
Some subordinates are hesitant to report problems to their superiors, because when the work is not completed satisfactorily, reporting upwards may mean acknowledging failure.
As a result, people at every level may delay communication and step on to decide how to solve the problem.
  2. Information filtering, which is quite seriously related to the previous problem.
This information is partially screened out because employees have a natural importance.
That is, when reporting to a supervisor, only report what they think the supervisor wants to hear.
However, there are reasonable reasons for information filtering.
All information may be very extensive; or some information is inaccurate and needs further verification; or supervisors require employees to report only the main points of those things.
Therefore, filtering must be a potential problem in communication.
  To prevent the filtering of information, people sometimes substitute shorter ones to bypass supervisors, so they cross one or more levels of communication.
On the positive side, this kind of short circuit can reduce the filtering and duplication of information; but on the negative side, it is generally discouraged in management because it is a more advanced reaction.
Another question concerns the need for employees to get answers.
As employees reflect the situation to their superiors, they, as transmitters of information, often strongly expect to receive further communication if managers provide rapid response.
  3. Distortion of information, which refers to information that intentionally changes the information armor to achieve personal goals.
Some employees deliberately exaggerate their work in order to get more praise or gain more; some people cover up problems in the accessories department.
Any distortion of information prevents managers from accurately understanding the situation and making informed decisions.
Moreover, distorting the facts is an immoral act that undermines the trust of each other.
  Through the above phenomenon, we can grind to produce certain obstacles caused by inequality of categories and categories.
The two parties are equal in terms of status, so the barriers to communication are the least, because the mentality of both parties is natural.
For example, when communicating with supervisors, subordinates often develop a sense of awe, which is a psychological obstacle.
In addition, the information held by bosses and subordinates is not equal, which also causes obstacles to both parties in communication.
  So how to reduce communication barriers and improve departmental information exchange?

  Making a policy or making the necessary publicity is the beginning of a good upward communication.
Subordinates explain that some kind of upward communication is what managers expect.It may be a problem involving transformation, it may also be a suggested improvement plan, and so on.
In addition, the policy clearly states that further measures need to be taken to improve upward communication.
Certain employee complaint systems, employee suggestion systems, work acceptability investigations, etc.
In addition, in the process of organization and management, about half of the management communication requires communication between managers and subordinates, and the rest is communication with superiors, colleagues and external.
The key to good communication is that managers are highly sensitive, carefully prepared, and communicate with sincerity and care for employees.
When communicating with subordinates, you can actively promote communication with employees in the following ways.
  1. Questioning: Managers can encourage subordinates to communicate upwards by asking some intentional questions.
This measure indicates to employees that the leaders ‘opinion survey on employees hopes to get more information and get employees’ opinions.
Problems come in many forms, but the most common are open and closed.
Open-ended questions are a broad subject of dating, giving people the opportunity to express them in different ways.
On the contrary, closed-ended questions are focused on a narrower topic. Recipients are asked to provide both open-ended and closed-ended questions that can promote upstream communication.
  2. Effective listening has two levels of functions-helping the recipient understand both the literal meaning and the emotion of the other person.
The good news is that managers who listen effectively also send an important signal-they care about employees.
Although many people are not skilled listeners, training can improve listening skills.

  3. Talk to employees: An effective way to promote and achieve upward communication is to talk to employees.
At such meetings, employees are encouraged to appoint them to work on issues, their needs, and management practices that promote or hinder job performance.
These talks can try to delve deeper into the employees’ minds.
With the corresponding measures and follow-up measures, employees’ attitudes will be improved, and dissatisfaction and resignation rate will decrease as a result.

  4. Open policy: Open policy refers to encouraging employees to replace their problems with their supervisor or higher level of reflection.
Generally, employees are encouraged to find their supervisor first.
If their problem cannot be solved by the supervisor, they can resort to higher and higher.
The purpose of this policy is to remove barriers to upward communication.
But this is not easy to implement, because there are often real and imagined obstacles between managers and employees.
Although the manager’s door is open, psychological and social obstacles still exist, making employees reluctant to enter the manager’s door.

  For managers, a more effective open policy is to walk out of their rooms and mingle with employees.
Managers can understand more information than ever sitting in the office.
This approach can be described as walking management, with managers initially initiating systemic contacts with a large number of employees.
By getting out of the office, managers get additional important information from employees and use this opportunity to establish an equal and friendly way of working, which will benefit both parties.

  5. Organize temporary cultural activities: temporary entertainment activities can provide excellent opportunities for upward communication.
These spontaneous exchanges of information better reflect the real situation than the formal announcement.
In various departments’ party, sports, and other activities, upward communication is not the main purpose, but actually they can provide a good communication environment for information exchange between departments.

  In fact, the information exchange within the department is good or bad, and the corresponding management staff’s own communication skills and initiative.
The inter-departmental coordination and interaction effect depends on the exchange of information between the departments.
Because of this, no matter what measures we take, we are hoping that managers can actively guide the communication with subordinates at any time in their work; fully consciously promote the smooth communication of information between members; be aware of and improve communicationManagement will determine the vigorous development of your department’s overall performance.

  The reason why humans become the masters of the earth is because humans have highly intelligent thinking and cooperative spirit; advanced computers can not replace the human brain to quickly deal with complex affairs, that is, the numerous nerve centers in the human brain can each other in the shortest timeComrade Mao Zedong said: “Unity is power.”
No one will be more powerful than a group’s outburst. To produce this kind of force, every member of the team needs to work together and react quickly.
“Cohesion generates strength, unites new students and flourishes”. As a modern manager, the enterprise can make you a higher mission, which is to transfer your department, integrate your subordinates, and use communication management to make them a dynamic team.