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Improve Sleep 12 Yoga Exercises

Improve Sleep 12 Yoga Exercises

Some stretching exercises in yoga have great potential for promoting bone growth. Today, I will teach you a few yoga exercises. If you want to become taller, don’t miss it. Let’s do it together!

  Action 1: Cobra: Kneel on both knees, legs slightly apart.

Inhale, slowly bend the spine backwards, and contract the muscles in the buttocks.

Exhaling helps to relax backwards.

  Action 2: Inverted: Put your arms on the ground.

Inhale and lift your legs up to 90 degrees with your body.

  Action 3: Wheeled Wheeled: Lie on your back with your hands on your sides.

Bend your legs, keeping your heels close to the back of your thighs.

Move your hands to the ends of your head and place your palms against the floor.

Inhale, arch your hips, and raise your waist and abdomen.

  Action four: Spine tilting Spine tilting: Hold your toes with your hands, and try to get close to your legs. In the end, the palms of your hands can rest on the ground next to your feet.

  Action five: Spinal twisting Spinal twisting: If there are no difficulties, you can hold your hands directly behind your back.

Rotary spine twist: If there are no difficulties, you can hold your hands directly behind your back.


Edema may be an early symptom of nephrotic syndrome

Edema may be an early symptom of nephrotic syndrome

There are many reasons for edema, some are caused by poor sleep, some are caused by malnutrition, some are caused by kidney disease, but edema is often a problem with kidney disease organs, so once you find body edema, you must first consider kidney function.
It is best to go to the hospital for a detailed examination.
In order to let people know more about this disease, let Xiaobian introduce the early symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.
Early symptoms of nephrotic syndrome 1. The symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in patients with edema are progressively worsened systemic edema, edema in the eyelids, face, and palate in the early morning; edema spreads throughout the body as the disease progresses, and pleural effusion occurs.Fluid, ascites, pericardial effusion, mediastinal effusion, scrotum or labia edema can also occur pulmonary edema.
In severe cases, the eyes can not be opened, the head and neck are thick, the skin can be waxy and pale, plus the presence of chest and ascites, so there is obvious difficulty in breathing, and it is not possible to sit flat.
If there is skin damage, the fluid in the tissue overflows and is not easy to stop.
2, a large amount of proteinuria, a large number of proteinuria is a symptom of nephrotic syndrome.
Glomerular filtration rate, plasma protein concentration and protein intake directly affect the degree of proteinuria.
When glomerular filtration rate is reduced, proteinuria is reduced; in severe hypoproteinemia, urinary protein excretion can be increased, and high protein diet can increase urinary protein excretion.
Therefore, only by the method of protein quantification per day, the degree of urinary protein cannot be accurately determined, and albumin clearance rate, urine protein/creatinine can be further improved (>3.
5 is often a nephropathy range of proteinuria), these are the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.
3. Hypoproteinemia This is also a symptom of nephrotic syndrome.
Serum albumin is less than 30g/L.
In the case of nephrotic syndrome, the synthesis of albumin is increased in the liver. When enough protein and calories are given in the diet, the liver of the patient synthesizes albumin every day.
6g, 15 times a day than normal people.
6g increased significantly.
Hypoproteinemia occurs when the compensatory effect of the liver’s synthetic albumin is insufficient to compensate for the loss of urine protein.
There is a lack of agreement between hypoproteinemia and urinary protein excretion.
4. Hyperlipidemia The total cholesterol and triglyceride levels of the disease increased significantly, and the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDH) and very low-density lipoprotein (VLDH) increased.
Hyperlipidemia is associated with hypoalbuminemia, and LDL/HLDL is elevated only when serum albumin is less than 10-20 g/L.
High density lipoprotein (HDL) is normal or decreased.
Increased LDL/HDL ratio increases the risk of atherosclerotic comorbidities associated with thrombosis and progressive glomerular sclerosis.
Summary: The above is the introduction of the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, edema as a common symptom of nephrotic syndrome, as long as we pay more attention, it is very good to find, so everyone pay more attention to their physical and mental health in daily life, so thatFind the condition in time to avoid aggravation of the condition.

Good wife samples for men to see

Good wife samples for men to see

When I went out today, I remembered that I didn’t flush the toilet, and the garbage was still piled in the kitchen. I thought of my husband who had played CS all night and fell asleep last night.

  My dear, I am really wrong, this time, I apologize to you so seriously.

I solemnly assure you: 1.

In the future I will remember flushing the toilet, and I will also remember to take out the trash.

I used to dump garbage once every 10 days. It ‘s really too lazy. In the summer in our kitchen, there are always a lot of bugs flying. You said that you are not Yan Shisan and you are not a little bit red in the Central Plains.Kill.

In fact, you misunderstood, I always thought you were Linghu Chong; if I don’t remember anymore, let the toilet flush me, and dump the garbage.


I do n’t know how to cook, but I should n’t even know that it ‘s the fish head with chopped peppers, and I should n’t pretend to know it. I would like boiled fish as the fish head with chopped peppers, although the pot fish has assured me in private.It must have been fish head with chopped peppers.


I should n’t just wash the pot when I ‘m washing the pot, but do n’t wash the box. Even if I do n’t, I should n’t make a fool of it, saying that someone showers every day, but not necessarily every day.


I shouldn’t have the look of rejection when you first asked me to go shopping with you, even if I didn’t like it, I should pretend to be willing.

The last thing I should do is, when you tried out your clothes, I was playing with my cell phone and texting irrelevant people.

When you throw your phone out in public, I shouldn’t especially fly in the direction that the phone was thrown out.


I know we live in unit 5, but a few days ago, I rang the doorbell of unit 6 for the seventh time.


I should not look for all kinds of opportunities to scold you for being a rotten and broken person. Sorry, I should not always deliberately make excuses to scold you. Next time, I will pay attention to only swearing or broken person. I will never scold both.Hurt your self-esteem.


The other day you said that you cut your hair, I even looked down to read the novel. I should know that your fragile heart can’t bear such a heavy blow at all. I am really enough to watch you with tearful eyes and call you affectionately: handsome~~~ 8.

I should n’t get the bathroom washbasin on the ground when I’m washing clothes, but, dear, your feet ca n’t reach where the basin can hit. You must know that the washbasin is round and bounces around like football.Jumping, you said, it was made of porcelain fixed on a wooden board.

Ah, I was wrong again. I always thought they were relatives.


I shouldn’t keep saying you’re thin, but I still won’t cook for you.

You know that I bear the burden of humiliation. If you are fatter than me, wouldn’t you be charged with abusing your wife?

The one I would rather be blamed is me!


I should n’t have watched you on a business trip, so I went out to play by myself, although I was looking for girls, but I should n’t be looking for the little A and B you least like.

I should play nicely when you are not on a business trip, and find the little C and D you like.


In the future, when I wash clothes, I ca n’t wash them clean, but I should n’t let the clothes smell of strong washing powder. When you go out for entertainment, you are frequently asked which brand of washing powder you use., You blushed and killed without saying, because I told you that it is inseparable.


I shouldn’t stop you from smoking, let alone say that you smoke to death every time. In fact, I am worried that I will smoke you to death sooner or later, and then I will change to a companion at once, how troublesome it is!


I should n’t grab a bottle from you when you drink, and drink more than you, sorry, dear, you know, whoever drinks high will have high martial arts, I have been the martial arts leader for so many years, Let me continue in office!


When we had a fight that day, how could I smash your computer?

As soon as you lose power, you lost several weapons. You see, when you shouted “my weapon”, I immediately reached out to rescue the computer, so I lay in the hospital for two weeks, but I know that thisIt’s all my fault. I should first ask you, is the weapon collected?
Then hit the computer.


I should n’t grab TV with you to watch tennis. The sumo you like to watch is also a good sport. Seeing how they squeeze two piles of meat into a pile of meat is very helpful for training me to chop dumpling stuffing in the future, but it ‘s difficultIt’s a little too high. I can’t bear the fat stuffing.

You said that Sharapova was a beautiful woman and looked a few more times. In fact, I look similar to her, but the distribution of aunts is not the same.

I hate you most for saying that I have a broken heart, but I decided to be a broad-minded person. From today on, I want to see Agassi and Beckham as broad role models as my role model!


I just slandered that you are Bai Ding. I should n’t bring a book to you every time I meet; I should bring a book to show you. I should n’t bring a “thing like a man” or “a thing like a husband.””Kill the Husband”, “Savage Girlfriend”; I can bring you these books, I shouldn’t take you as an exercise; I shouldn’t take you as an exercise, I shouldn’t hit you until my hands are green and swollenMy colleagues think that I am the victim of domestic violence. I really have a hard time arguing!

  I will do it in the future: 1.

I also wash my face and comb my hair on the weekends, otherwise I won’t get up; go out without pajamas to buy food, and wear pajamas to rest at home.


When you work, there is no complaint, and you have to show a very happy expression. You feel happy, just feed a few small fish into my mouth, and I will work harder.


I will never say good things when you say good things, I will quickly say bad things when you say bad things, and resolutely be an answer bug.


Whoever you say is a beauty is a beauty. Even if you say that the caterpillar is a beauty, I should n’t object, but I will even praise you.


When I cook, Taomi must be clean, and you should not let you eat small bugs, small stones, small nails, small blades, small boots and so on.

  In short, I have to obey and obey, and just keep promises. We must not do anything wrong.

I know your grievances are like torrential rivers. All I can do now is hard work. I will be the vanguard of the 21st century, a good model for marriage, and learn to keep up with the times.

  Please supervise.

8 Nutrition Mistakes of Vegetables

8 Nutrition Mistakes of Vegetables

Long-storage vegetables-fresh greens, bought at home and not eaten, will slowly lose some vitamins.

If spinach is left for one day at 20:00, vitamin C loss is 84%.

To preserve vegetables, store them in a dark, well-ventilated, dry place.

  It is rich in the most vitamin-rich parts-such as bean sprouts. Some people only eat the top buds and throw the watercress away.

In fact, Douban contains 2-3 times more vitamin C than the shoots.

Another is to squeeze out the vegetable juice when making vegetable dumplings, and vitamins will be lost more than 70%.

The correct method is to cut the vegetables and mix with oil, then add salt and seasoning, so that the stuffing will not make soup.

  Stir-fry with low heat-vitamin C, B1 are afraid of heat and afraid of cooking. According to measurements, vitamin C is lost by only 17% in fast-fried vegetables. If you stir-fry again, the vitamin C in the dish will lose 59%.

Therefore, stir-fried vegetables should be cooked with high heat. Such fried vegetables are not only delicious but also have less nutrition loss.

Adding a small amount of vinegar when cooking is also conducive to the preservation of vitamins.

Some vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, are best served cold.

  Cooked dishes are not eaten right away-some people save time and like to cook the dishes well in advance, and then wait for someone to eat in the pot or eat the next meal.

In fact, vitamin B1 in vegetables can lose 25% in the process of warming after cooking.

If the cooked cabbage is warmed for 15 minutes, it will lose 20% of vitamin C, and if it is kept for 30 minutes, it will lose 10% of vitamin C. If it grows to 1 hour, it will lose another 20%., Dissolved in the vegetable soup loses 25%, if it is heated on the fire for 15 minutes, it will lose another 20%, a total of 65%.

Then we have very little vitamin C from the vegetables.

  Do not drink soup-Many people like vegetables but not soup. In fact, most of the vitamins are dissolved in the soup when cooking.

Take vitamin C as an example. After the cabbage is fried, 70% of the vitamin C will be dissolved in the vegetable soup, the fresh peas will be boiled in water for three minutes, and 50% of the vitamin C will be dissolved in the soup.

  Cut vegetables before rinsing-When washing and cutting vegetables, if the vegetables are cut and rinsed, a lot of vitamins will be lost to the water.

  Prefer fried foods-Some people prefer vegetables fried with meat in order to lose weight without snacks.

According to researchers recently, all fat-rich vegetables are filled with air between their cells, while meat cells are filled with water, so vegetables can absorb oil more easily. A dish of fried vegetables often contains more oil than a dish.Fried fish or pork ribs contain more oil.

  Being vegetarian and not eating 荤-Nowadays, more and more people are vegetarian, which is really beneficial for preventing arteriosclerosis.

But don’t pay attention to matching, and being vegetarian is not a blessing.

Modern science has found that vegetarianism has at least four major harms: first, most of the necessary cholesterol, and an appropriate amount of cholesterol has an anti-cancer effect; second, insufficient protein intake, which is a risk factor for gastrointestinal tumors; and third, riboflavin absorptionInsufficient vitamins will lead to a deficiency of vitamins. The fourth is a severe zinc deficiency. Zinc is a very important trace element to ensure the body’s immune function. Generally, zinc is lacking in vegetables.

  Like to eat raw without washing-vegetables are mostly contaminated with pesticides or mold.

Occurrence of pesticide poisoning from eating vegetables.

Vegetables are also parasites of molds. Most molds do not decompose water, and some even survive in boiling water.

It can penetrate a few millimeters deep into the surface of vegetables.

Therefore, you must wash and peel the vegetables with water, peel them, and throw away some old yellow rot leaves. Do not be sorry, especially if you eat them raw, otherwise, it will bring harm to your health.

Eight types of diseases have advantages in traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Eight types of diseases have advantages in traditional Chinese medicine treatment

In proportion to western medicine, Chinese medicine has unique insights into many diseases, unique treatment methods and progressive cure, and people who are recognized and trusted.

With the country’s continuous improvement and support for Chinese medicine, the service area of Chinese medicine continues to expand, and the reimbursement ratio continues to increase, and more and more people choose Chinese medicine to treat diseases and maintain health.

So, which diseases are suitable for Chinese medicine?

What should I pay attention to while watching Chinese medicine?

  8 types of diseases have advantages in traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Recently, Ms. Xu caught a cold, itchy throat, and a dry cough, especially in the evening, she couldn’t fall asleep after coughing, which also affected her family’s rest.

After taking a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs, I also took anti-inflammatory needles many times, but the cough got worse and worse, I took a chest radiograph, and there was nothing wrong with the blood test.

Later, I was introduced to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Wuhan City, Hubei Province to see Chinese medicine. Five servings of Chinese medicine were all good.

  At Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, there are many examples like Ms. Xu.

Clinical practice proves that Chinese medicine is more effective than western medicine in the treatment of many diseases, especially for hepatitis, nephritis, bronchitis, chronic enteritis, gastritis, emphysema, anemia, diabetes and aging digestion, endocrine, nerve, cardiovascularSystemic chronic diseases have quite good results.

  The history of TCM complications has accumulated a wealth of experience in diagnosis and treatment for thousands of years, and listed with Western medicine, has unique insights, unique treatment methods and curative effects on many diseases.

So, which diseases are suitable for Chinese medicine?

Huang Jinyuan, deputy chief physician of Wuhan Chinese Medicine Hospital, believes that Chinese medicine has advantages in treating eight types of diseases.

  Functional diseases Many people are conscious of physical discomfort, dizziness, fatigue, palpitations, night sweats, insomnia, forgetfulness, limb numbness, constipation, diarrhea and other symptoms, but no organic lesions are found after western medical tests, fluoroscopy, filming, etc.At this time, you should see Chinese medicine.

  Viral infectious diseases such as influenza, viral hepatitis, and other viral infectious diseases, treatment with antibiotics has little effect, but the traditional Chinese medicine method of “remediating and eliminating evil” has obvious effects.

The role played by TCM in the certification of “SARS” and “Class A” confirms this.

  Gynecological diseases Gynecological diseases such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, functional uterine bleeding, breast hyperplasia, menopausal syndrome, pregnancy response, postpartum lactation-free, and returning breast should be treated with Chinese medicine.

For these diseases, western medicine often uses hormonal therapy, which is both alternative and easy to relapse, while traditional Chinese medicine treatment is safer, which can reduce the harm caused by drug substitution to pregnant women and babies.Prescriptions often cure the disease.

  When children with pediatric diseases, especially infants and young children, are not only unable to express their condition, it is also difficult for parents to accurately state the condition. Traditional Chinese medicine pediatrics can adopt the traditional methods of sight, smell, question, and cut, plus modern laboratory tests.Comprehensive analysis can accurately diagnose the condition and remedy the conversion disease.

For children with indigestion, hypertension, enuresis, anorexia, anemia and other diseases, Chinese medicine can achieve the dual functions of treatment and strengthening.

  The overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine for the prevention and rehabilitation of chronic diseases and senile diseases. In the diagnosis and treatment, special attention should be paid to the comprehensive analysis of the functional balance of the internal organs of the human body based on the interrelationships between the internal organs.Coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, deafness and other elderly diseases have better effects in the onset and rehabilitation.

  TCM treatment of incurable diseases is to improve the overall disease resistance and recovery ability of the human body as a whole, reduce the pain, improve the quality of life, extend the survival period, reduce the complications of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and enhance its efficacy.

For another example, for impotence, nocturnal emission, neurogenesis, facial paralysis, paralysis, hair loss, psoriasis, vitiligo and other difficult diseases, you will receive unexpected effects when you look at Chinese medicine.

  Diseases of people who are allergic to western medicine The origin and development of traditional Chinese medicine is closely related to the process of humans looking for food, so there is a homology of medicine and food.

People with allergic reactions to western medicine have a clear advantage in treating traditional Chinese medicine.

  After recovering from a serious illness at the beginning of a serious illness, patients often experience symptoms such as fatigue, anorexia, insomnia, indigestion, night sweats, and low fever.

At this time, the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment can make patients recover faster.

  In addition, Chinese medicine can also play a good role in the treatment of mental diseases, skin diseases and other diseases.

5 best ways to exercise in the gym

5 best ways to exercise in the gym

Many people don’t think of exercise and there are misunderstandings.

In fact, incorrect exercise methods will hurt the body at the same time as strengthening the body. Few people know this, and few people will really pay attention to avoid it.

The average person’s long-term running exercise will definitely hurt the injured joint.

Today’s young people like to exercise in the gym, but there are some typical mistakes.

If you like to go to the gym and exercise in exactly these ways, then you must pay attention to adjustments, otherwise you will definitely endanger your health in the long run.

  Fitness exercise misunderstanding 1: Back stretching This is the most common exercise method in the gym, but it must be known that this exercise method is only suitable for those who have more flexible shoulder joints, and those who have professional sports knowledge, only themIn order to make this exercise distance.

Therefore, if you are not a professional, it is better not to do back stretching for a long time. Improper stretching may cause shoulder muscle strain. The stretched beam often hits the neck and may damage the cervical spine., The entire spine will be deformed as a result.

  Fitness exercise misunderstanding 2: Back weight lifting is the same as back stretching, which requires professionals or people with flexible shoulder joints. It is best for ordinary people not to perform this kind of exercise for a long time. It will hurt the shoulder muscles and causeBack trauma will cause spinal diseases.

  Fitness Misunderstanding 3: Leg Pressing Heavy Weights This is the most common exercise in the gym. There are also such facilities in some community fitness equipment.

Its specific method is to push up the heavy equipment from a lying position, and then return to the original position, which is appropriate.

Most of the biggest misunderstandings of doing this exercise are not knowing that if the angle is less than 90 degrees when replacing the leg, it will hurt the knee joint.

If you really want to be able to do this exercise to exercise your leg muscles, be sure to adjust the angle of the recliner on the back, it is better to be gentle.

  Fitness Mistake 4: Step on the treadmill Many people go to the fitness center to enjoy treadmills, and even have treadmills at home.

Some people who exercise on a treadmill like to attach the tibia directly to the machine, hold the armrest firmly or hold the elbow against the instrument. This method is very wrong. It twists the joints, spine and other parts and causes damage.When running on a treadmill, it’s best to hold the handle with your hands, raise your chest and raise your head, with your eyes looking straight ahead and exercise rhythmically and not too fast.

  Fitness exercise misunderstanding 5: Partial weight loss Some people’s body parts are relatively thick and oversized, so they always want to reduce the slightness of some parts through exercise. For example, many people deliberately reduce thighs, abdomen, and large amounts of excess meat.In order to achieve the goal, at the gym and sweating at the expense of time and money, but with little effect.

Because the exercise for local weight loss is not suitable for the gym, gym equipment can help exercise muscles, in fact, it is likely to have an adverse effect on the situation of weight loss, because those equipment and exercise will make local fat sacs extra meat.Turns into muscle mass, stronger and more prominent.

Therefore, it is best not to use gym equipment blindly for local weight loss, especially those girls who don’t want to wear clothes with one muscle and one muscle.

  Fitness exercises are very beneficial, but you must be moderate and appropriate to avoid going into the wrong zone so that you can exercise and health without delay.

Everyone has a mental clock

Everyone has a mental clock

Lead: If you want to make any demands on your partner as a woman, wait until 6 pm to act!

According to a British survey, men’s ears are “softest” at 6pm.

Of course, if you want the boss to raise your salary, it is most effective to raise it at 1 pm, not when the boss just went to work in the morning.

  3 pm: Mo’s quarrel with his wife revealed that at 6 o’clock in the evening, that is, after the day’s work, it is the easiest time for men to meet the requirements of their partners.

For those who are afraid, don’t quarrel with your wife at 3 pm.

Because according to surveys, this time is a time when women are more likely to have the upper hand in quarrels.

  1:00 pm: The best way to raise a salary This survey also found that in a working relationship, if a woman wants to raise or raise a boss (both men and women), it is best not to ask when the boss goes to work in the morning, or evenWait until 1 pm.

Because according to the survey, 1 pm is the easiest time for managers to meet employees’ requirements.

  Women are often called “emotional animals.”

But this survey shows that men actually experience emotional changes within a day.

Of all 1,019 men and women surveyed, 86% said they knew their emotional ups and downs throughout the day.

However, less than half of them are allowed to take advantage of this emotional ups and downs.

  The above survey findings show that the rational use of the human biological clock makes it easier for people to think of things.

  Scientific explanation: hormones affect emotions People’s emotions are affected by hormones (hormones).

And hormones in daily diet and contraceptives can affect people’s mood.

  ”Every biological clock is regulated by the brain.

The brain controls the types and amounts of hormones produced to balance the body’s functions.

A large part of people’s daily physical, emotional and mental feelings are caused by the biological clock.

Mushrooms are a good helper for regulating plasma

Mushrooms are a good helper for regulating plasma

Studies have shown that mushrooms are nutritious, with their broth or meat umami, and can reduce the use of salt when cooking.

  With the advent of autumn and winter, mushrooms will soon be on the market.

The US Health website recently introduced several reasons why mushrooms have become a healthy diet.

  The unique umami mushroom itself has the umami flavor of the broth or meat, and because this umami is “pungent”, it can reduce the use of salt when cooking.

A study showed that using mushrooms to replace 80% of beef ingredients in burritos reduced the amount of salt used by cooks by 25% without changing flavor.

Vitamin D Contains Vitamin D The only plant source of vitamin D. The main source of vitamin D is skin exposure to sunlight, but it is also found in food.

Mushrooms contain a small amount of vitamin D in their natural ingredients.

  Nutrition experts who help control weight in American clinics have found that fungi are actually a low-energy food.

A study published in the American Journal of Appetite showed that participants who consumed mushrooms temporarily reduced their intake and thus produced more weight.

  A study conducted by Bangladeshi scholars that regulate plasma showed a correlation between edible mushrooms and decreased total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in participants.

As long as participants stop eating mushrooms, this will increase blood biochemical indicators and will rise.

Family Recipes

Family Recipes

To prevent lung cancer, in addition to quitting smoking, you must pay more attention to the maintenance of your lungs.

For healthy people, they should adhere to the concept of diet therapy, incorporate nutritious and nutritious food into their daily diet, and unknowingly raise a healthy and strong lung.

In autumn and winter, when the weather is dry and arid, the lungs are particularly vulnerable to attack.

At this time, you should choose some recipes to nourish the lungs and moisturize, and put on your lungs a warm “coat”.

  Recipe 1: Nanxing Pig Lung Soup Ingredients: There are two types of almonds: sweet almond (South apricot) and bitter almond (North apricot).

South apricot is a kind of apricot tree seed, which is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

Contains bitter almond compounds, a small amount of oil, sugar, protein, resin, lentils powder and almond oil, etc. It is a substance that nourishes and relieves lungs and cough.

Because fatty oils are rich (about 50% or more), the moisturizing effect is better.

  Pig lung, sweet and flat, can cure lung deficiency cough, hemoptysis, and has the function of nourishing the lungs.

  Method: Wash a pig’s lungs repeatedly with water.

Cut the pig’s lungs into slices, try to squeeze them, and wash off the foam in the trachea of the pig’s lungs.

Then choose 15-20 grams of apricots (note that you need to supplement the apricots, not the apricots), put them in a clay pot and add water to cook, season.

  Function: It can be used for hot and cold cough caused by dry weather in autumn and winter.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the lungs can not be opened, dry cough without sputum, dry stool, dry throat and so on all have certain effects.

  Recipe 2: Ginseng, Yuzhu, Laoya Tang Ingredients: Ginseng, commonly referred to as North American Ginseng, sweet-smelling, slightly cold, into the lungs and stomach.

Contains alkaloids, starch, ginseng, etc.

It can nourish yin and clear the lungs, nourish the stomach and promote body fluids, and eliminate deficiency heat, and cure dry cough.

  Yuzhu, sweet in nature, slightly cold, into the lungs, stomach meridian.

Yuzhu quality multi-liquid, containing lily of the valley, lilies of the valley, behenyl phenols, carotinol, vitamin A, starch and mucus.

Can nourish yin and moisturize, moisten intestines and laxative.

  Old duck, sweet and warm, warm, non-toxic, into the spleen, stomach, lungs, kidney meridians.

Function nourish yin and blood.

  Method: Pick an old duck (note that you must choose an old duck), remove the hair and wash it.

Instead of 30 to 50 grams each of Ginseng and Yuzhu, add them to the earthenware pot, cook for at least 1 hour, and season.

  Function: It can treat dryness of the lungs, dry cough, etc. It is also effective for constipation caused by physical weakness and intestinal dryness after illness.

Still a very nutritious recipe.

  Recipe 3: Lean Seed Lily Clay Pot Ingredients: Lily, sweet and slightly bitter, flat in nature.

Into the heart, lung meridian.

Contains various alkaloids such as colchicine and starch, protein, trace amounts, and multivitamins.

It has the effects of moistening lungs and relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat, clearing heart and soothe the nerves, and improving qi and moderate effects.

  Lotus, “The Book of Materia Medica” says that it has “the main supplementary, nourishing the soul and strengthening energy”.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” also believes that lotus seeds have the functions of “heart and kidney, thick intestines and stomach, solid essence, strong imprisonment, imprisonment, tonicity, ears and eyes, and cold and dampness”.

  Pig lean meat, Chinese medicine believes that the main parts of pigs are beneficial.

Pork lean meat is rich in animal protein and can be coordinated with lily and lotus seeds to produce better results.

  Method: Choose about half a cat of lean pork, then add 30 grams each of lotus seeds and lily, and moderate amount of water, simmer in water and season.

(Special note: Water-proof stew means to cover the containers such as food bowls and steam in the steamer.

) Function: The lean meat of lotus seed lily pot is actually a nutritious combination. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing the lungs, it can also treat neurasthenia, palpitations, insomnia, etc. It can also be used as a nourishing and strong food supplement after illness.

The summary is a good dish that is not bad.  In addition, you can also add 60 to 100 grams each of lotus seeds and lilies, add an appropriate amount of sugar and water, and drink in sugar water. It tastes sweet and delicious, and has high nutritional value.

  Recipe 4: Rock Sugar Tremella 羹 Ingredients: Tremella, also known as white fungus, snow fungus.

Tremella is sweet and flat, and enters the lungs and stomach.

Contains protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, crude fiber, inorganic salts, etc.

  Function nourish yin, moisturize the lungs, nourish the stomach, nourish the body.

Rock sugar, sweet taste, flat, into the spleen, lung meridian.

Buzhong Yiqi, and stomach moisturizing, cough, phlegm saliva.

  Method: Instead of 10 to 12 grams of tremella, rinse it a few times, then put it in a bowl and soak in cold water (no tremella can be used).

After soaking for about 1 hour, the Tremella swells, and then picks up the debris.

Then put the white fungus and the right amount of rock sugar into the bowl, add the right amount of cold water, and simmer for 2 to 3 hours.

  Function: It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, and promoting health and quenching thirst.

It can treat dry coughs in autumn and winter seasons, and can also be used as a tonic for those with weak constitution.

1 minute rapid anti-aging maintenance techniques_1

1 minute rapid anti-aging maintenance technique

Do you think the maintenance steps are many and complicated?

And it seems that it takes a lot of time to complete a complete set of maintenance procedures. It seems difficult for busy office workers. In fact, as long as you master a little tricks, you can achieve the highest maintenance effect in a very short time to make aging late.Skin glows naturally!

  After getting up: cleaning + moisturizing and synergizing to generate oxygen skin Step 1: Quickly clean for 10 seconds Use a facial cleanser or facial mousse with moisturizing ingredients, so that the skin will not be taken away with excess moisture, there is no tension and discomfort, and naturally delay aging.

After the skin is cleaned, the surface moisture is easily taken away.

It is recommended to use the introduction liquid before the lotion to promote the penetration of subsequent skin care products, and use the foam while washing the face to massage at the same time.

  5 seconds: Gently massage the left and right cheeks, chin and forehead with a circular motion from bottom to top, and draw 5 on the face up and down?
10 round massages.

  5 seconds: Particularly strengthen the strong areas of oil secretion, such as the T-shaped part and the nose, and then rinse the foam with plenty of water.

  step2: High-efficiency moisturizing 30 seconds after using cleansing essence to help penetration and absorption, high concentration, powerful moisturizing products make anti-aging in one step!

  5 seconds: After the skin is cleaned, use a cotton pad to dip an amount of about one yuan, and the introduction liquid should be soaked into the back of the cotton pad.

  5 seconds: Use spiral massage to strengthen the dark skin and large pores. In addition to accelerating skin metabolism, there are also follow-up maintenance ingredients to absorb.

  20 seconds: The focus is on gently massaging the entire face.

Specifically, press on the face in sequence, gently wipe, and lightly press it a few times in order to use it on the entire face. Pay attention to using the piano to gently touch the eyes. The limbs should be pulled up and massaged along the skin lines.Tila can’t be ignored too!

Only when the introduction liquid can really absorb and permeate can we really quickly resist aging.

  step3: Deeply moisturize for 20 seconds to do a second cleansing and moisturizing. The next step is to lock the moisture in the skin. The deep nourishing cream comes out.

  20 seconds: To make full use of these 20 seconds, we must grasp two key points: the strength of moisturizing cream + moderate massage intensity.

After dipping the cream, use your middle finger to gently spread your face along the edges of your toes, and then spread it out in a circle.

Moderate intensity, pull up and massage, the nourishing ingredients really enter the skin.