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6 big star tips to deal with dark circles private room surgery

6 big star tips to deal with dark circles private room surgery

Yineng Jing-The Beauty Piano’s Piano SPA is suitable for people: “Panda” with blue eyes and black eyes and poor circulation. In the book “The Change of Face of the Beauty Leader” started by Yineng Jing, she discovered the secret of eliminating dark circles: with a small square,Immerse in hot water slightly warmer than the skin, and add 1 drop each of mint, lavender, and citrus essential oil.

Wring water to roll the square into long strips, apply the towel to closed eyes, and use steam to activate blood vessels around the eyes.

At the same time, use your index finger, middle finger and ring finger to “play the piano” briskly at the lower eyelid.

  Experts’ comments: The eyes that are not suitable for puffiness use the principle of heat to promote circulation, which accelerates the poor blood circulation around the eyes.

Peppermint, lavender and citrus have a soothing and refreshing effect, and they will have a “bright eye” feeling after finishing.

Please note that this method is not suitable for people with puffy eyes (it may be a little swollen when you get up in the morning), instead it will become more and more swollen.

  Tip: This method can’t immediately see the faintness of the eye area fade, it is estimated to keep pressing.

Feeling particularly relieved, it is very suitable for relaxing the eyes after staying up late.

  Big S-when sleeping beauty is cheap and really suitable for the crowd: the beauty panda da S, who has bad circulation and lack of sleep, has tried everything to eliminate dark circles with pulse light. She objectively evaluated:眼膜和眼霜能‘立竿见影’,但也没办法完全消除黑眼圈。Therefore, it is better to sleep more and beautify, when sleeping beauty is cheap and real.

“Experts comment: Beauty sleep is not the longer the better sleep is a good way to solve dark circles, but too much sleep will deepen dark circles.

Going to bed at 11pm is the healthiest.

From 11 am to 2 am, the time for cell repair and growth is accelerated, which is 8 times faster than other times.

If you go to bed in this essential index and sleep for 6 hours, it is the legendary “beauty sense”, and the light dark circles disappear the next day.

However, once you sleep for more than 9 hours, it is not beauty.

The circadian clock is distorted, blood circulation is slowed, and dark circles are aggravated instead.

  Tips: Make an eye mask before going to bed, the effect of removing black is called a great one.

  Lin Zhiling-first flood and then moisturize for the crowd: edema-type “panda” bags and dark circles coexisting under the eyes and dark circles are particularly fond of gangs, often erupting in a shadow.

Don’t think these are ordinary people’s troubles, stars will also have such an unexpected situation.

Lin Zhiling shared her method of first aid for dark circles after staying up late: put a spoonful of salt in hot water to dissolve it, soak up the saline with a cotton pad, and then put it on the eye bags for 5 to 10 minutes, then apply moisturizing eye cream.

In addition, applying eyes is also effective, but the time for hot and cold compresses is very particular.

Hot compresses are best performed before bedtime to allow smooth blood circulation around the eyes and eliminate the formation of dark circles from the source. The best time for cold compresses is to quickly annihilate the bags under the eyes just after waking up in the morning.

  Experts’ comments: Edema “Panda” is actually deficient in laying hay with cotton sheets, because the salt concentration is very high, and it can quickly balance (absorb) excess water on the edema eye bags, but it does not mean that the edema-type eye bags have waterObviously, on the contrary, the presence of bags under the eyes disrupts the normal blood circulation of the eyes, and the place where there is no sebaceous gland distribution naturally becomes more dry.

Therefore, if your daily routine is very abnormal and it is easy to breed edema eye bags and dark circles, you must put moisturizer first in the choice of eye cream.

  Tip: Don’t put too much salt, otherwise it will be very astringent.

After applying, you can clean the residual salt on the skin surface with toner and then apply moisturizing eye cream.

  Nicole-sunscreen eye cream is not suitable for people: “Panda” Nicole is very pessimistic about dark circles caused by non-sunscreen: if the pigmentation is caused by sunlight, whitening eye cream can be used to improve the circulation and sleepDark circles can be solved with massage and rest; as for other types of dark circles, they are basically powerless.

He regrets: “If I knew how to choose a sunscreen eye cream before the age of 15, my eye condition should be better than now.

“So, now he brings sunscreen around him all year round.

  Experts comment: Protection is more important than repairing objective facts. Dark circles cannot be repaired and should be prevented beforehand.

Dark circles caused by non-sun protection are rarely recognized now.

From now on, especially in summer, you must insist on using sunscreen. In a few years, you will be several years younger than your peers.

Remember that even light sunscreens cannot be used directly around the eyes, but special sunscreens are better.

  Tip: Eye sunscreen is usually enough to apply once at three or four in the afternoon.

  Chen Songling-Replacement of shallow lenses for “black sunglasses” Applicable people: Eyes are gray and dark, and the genetically derived “Panda” actress Chen Songling with the highest operating rate of Hong Kong wireless TVB said: “I often think that my dark circles are terminally ill,I haven’t left my face since the age of seven, when I was serious, I thought I was wearing sunglasses.

“Later, when she went to the doctor, she realized that this kind of black eye circles derived from heredity is actually a manifestation of kidney deficiency.

In “Songsong Beauty Magic”, she devotes two secret recipes that she benefits from: 1.

Use 2 drops of rose oil + 1 drop of citrus oil + 1 drop of lemon oil + 10 ml of jojoba oil. Use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to dip the eye area.  2.

Add two or three pieces of rock candy with prunella and cook in 10 bowls of water for one hour. Drink as water every day.

  Expert comment: The first formula with external and internal adjustments has little effect on the improvement of dark circle circulation, but it can lighten pigmentation.

But because it contains sensitive lemons, it is best to have an aromatherapy massage at night.

If you find it difficult to adjust the essential oils, whitening eye cream can also achieve the purpose, and it is safe.

In the second formula, Prunella vulgaris has the functions of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, dispersing depression, lowering blood pressure, and nourishing blood vessels. It has a mild tonic effect on kidney deficiency and depression around the eyes.

  Tip: Because everyone’s situation is different, don’t follow the trend blindly, consult a professional doctor before taking Chinese medicine tonic.

  Zhang Zilin-can’t sleep?

Look at the people who are suitable for eggs: “Pandas” who have less rest time and never get full. Some people’s work and living conditions are destined to never get full. You want to teach people to sleep and feel better.

Miss Zhang Zilin has a deep understanding. If she comes from a model, she wants to sleep, she is simply a dream.

“Thanks to this ‘egg recipe’!

“She shared with a smile.” Peel off the cooked egg while it is hot, and take out the hot yolk. It is best to wrap a silver ring (or sterling silver analog) in the yolk, and then wrap the yolk in a par, Scroll directly around the eye for 10 minutes.

Even the darkest “Panda Eye” can be restored quickly, it is amazing!

“Expert comment: The expedient expedience warm egg can be used to improve blood circulation around the eyes and eliminate dark circles through hot compresses and massage.

Because the dark circles of lack of sleep are caused by pigmentation and poor blood circulation.

At the same time, the appearance of the eggs is smooth, which is suitable for massage, so it has the previous disadvantages.

But adding a silver ring to the egg yolk is not a statement with any scientific basis. The silver ring is in the egg yolk because humidity will also cause oxidation and turn black.

The heavier the moisture, the darker the silverware, not the absorption of melanin from dark circles.

Moreover, this method has no effect on dark circles caused by melanin precipitation.

  Tip: The egg yolks are hot and need to be wrapped with a smooth silk handkerchief (gauze has friction and will rub out wrinkles), and the eye sockets are changed to roll back and forth.

Has your skin changed to spring makeup _1

Has your skin changed to “spring makeup”?

Because seasonal changes and climate change will change our skin needs.
However, not all skin care products have to be replaced.
When changing skincare products, it is a very practical principle to change two without changing two.
  Face creams and essences should be changed frequently. The creams that have been used in winter now feel a little thick, and it is troublesome to apply. Taking advantage of the recent mall activities, I just bought a suit suitable for spring.
As soon as spring arrives, everyone can’t wait to change their skincare products. Just like clothing seasons, skincare products have become a habit gradually developed by many MMs.
  Indeed, this is a good habit to keep because seasonal changes and climate change will change our skin needs.
However, not all skin care products have to be replaced.
When changing skincare products, it is a very practical principle to change two without changing two.
  Two changes: creams and essences need to be changed frequently. When buying skin care products, there is a concept of changing seasons. As the weather warms, changing seasons is definitely still needed.
The temperature difference between spring and winter is large, the skin condition will be different, and many allergies are easy to cause in spring. For most MMs, there are requirements for skin care products to change seasons.
Except for the winter and spring season changes, the other seasons are the same.
  For some skin-sensitive MMs, a full set of skin care products may be required.
For these skin-sensitive MMs, it is necessary to minimize the amount of skin care products applied to the face, and to choose skin care products that are suitable for sensitive skin or have undergone anti-sensitivity tests.
But for MM with normal skin condition, it is enough to replace two things, that is, cream and essence.
The cream in winter is generally thicker. In spring, you may feel a little thicker. It is more suitable to use a lighter cream such as a lotion.
  Do not change: toner and eye cream without season skincare products change seasons more often depending on personal feelings, in addition to the obvious difference in texture such as creams, some things do not need to be changed, can be used all year round.
  Toners and eye creams do not need to be replaced.
Toner is usually used for secondary cleaning and moisturizing, and it has little effect on seasonal changes.
The same goes for eye products.
  Of course, there are many products that are suitable for use throughout the year. For MMs that use these products, the season will focus more on functionality, and many products are available throughout the year.

Basic moisturizing dry season skin care highlights

Basic moisturizing dry season skin care highlights

The driest season of the year is winter, with multiple snow storms worsening, and the climate being dry and cold.

Often this time is nearing the end, which is our busiest time, so the task of moisturizing becomes the top priority of maintenance.

Make-up can only be more brilliant if the skin is good.

  First, the important moment of basic skin care and moisturization 1. Cleansing is massage instead of rubbing. Use warm water slightly lower than body temperature to cleanse your face. Now you should foam your cleansing milk in your palm, and then use the foam to massage the face in a circular motion.

It is recommended to choose a moisturizing cleanser during the dry season.

  2Apply lotion to prevent it with both hands. It penetrates deeply into the skin and usually applies the moisturizing lotion. It can be applied twice in particularly dry seasons.

Then, use the temperature of the palms of both hands to apply heat to the skin, so that the nutrients can penetrate into the skin softly.

  3 Focus on the dry parts of the moisturizing essence. After applying moisturizing essence on the entire face, apply it again on the cheeks, lips, and other parts that are easy to dry, so as to keep the skin hydrated.

  4 Apply cream to increase the temperature of the cream. Put the right amount of cream into the palm of your hand. Use the temperature of the palm to increase the absorption of the cream, which can help the cream penetrate more thoroughly.

  Second, the basic skin care recommended product FANCL no added moisturizing cleansing flour Reference Price: RMB 145 yuan / 50g Clinique Clinique Moisturizing Cleansing Water No. 2 Reference Price: RMB 180 yuan / 200ml LANEIGE Lanzhi Snow Melting Water Revitalizing Essence Reference Price: RMB 380元/40ml  L’Oréal Paris 巴黎欧莱雅清润全日保湿特润霜  参考价格:RMB 120元/50ml   三、使用化妆水保湿步骤  DIY敷面,低成本高效果   用平时使用的高机能化妆水或者比较稀薄The moisturizing essence dew wets the cotton pad, and then divides the cotton pad into several pieces of drapes, which has a more complete moisturizing effect and a very low cost.

  1 Wet a cotton pad Soak a piece of cotton pad with water, then press dry the cotton pad so that it no longer drips.

  2 Soak the lotion in the lotion, spread the lotion on the hand, and pour the lotion evenly on the whole piece of lotion.

  3 Decompose the cotton pad. Tear off the wet cotton pad 4-5 pieces in sections. The thinner the cotton pad, the easier it will fit the skin and promote absorption.

  4 Apply a mask and apply the torn cotton pad to different areas on both ends, and remove it after 3 minutes.

If you want to keep the lotion absorbed better, you can add another layer of plastic wrap on the outer layer and leave it for 10 minutes.

  Fourth, it is recommended to use lotion ZhaoGui Zhaogui Aloe Gel Juice (original aloe fresh juice) reference price: RMB 56 yuan / 240ml Shiseido Shiseido muscle water skin moisturizing lotion reference price: RMB 48 yuan / 450ml freeplus Fu Lifang silk moisturizing repair lotion type)Reference price: RMB 180 / 130ml

Hemorrhoid diet formula

Hemorrhoid diet formula

Hemorrhoids can reduce constipation and stool pain by conditioning the diet. It is an effective way to treat hemorrhoids. Here are some food recipes for hemorrhoids.

  Mung bean purple rice stewed large intestine: mung beans 50 grams, purple rice 30 grams, pig large intestine 250 grams.

Wash the pig’s large intestine, soak the mung beans and purple rice in water, then put it in the intestine and add a small amount of water. Tie the intestines together with a string and add water to the casserole until it is cooked.

1 dose daily for 7 days?

8 days.

  Mulberry porridge: 30g mulberry (60g fresh), 100g sticky rice, 25g rock sugar.

Soak the mulberry for a while, wash it with rice and cook porridge, then add rock sugar to cook.

2 times a day, morning and evening, 5 days?

7 days is a course of treatment.

  Ejiao porridge: Ejiao 30 grams, brown sugar 50 grams, glutinous rice 100 grams.

Wash the glutinous rice and cook it into porridge, mash it with gelatin, add it to glutinous rice porridge, add brown sugar, stir well while cooking, cook for 3 minutes?

5 minutes.

Once a day for 3 days?

5 days is a course of treatment.

  Silkworm pupa soup: 500 grams of pupae, 7 stiff eggs, 120 grams of brown sugar.

Wash the ravioli and cut into thick slices. Put the boiled eggs and brown sugar in a pan and add water to cook.

Once daily for 7 days.

  Fungus persimmon soup: 6 grams of fungus, 50 grams of persimmon, 50 grams of brown sugar.

Remove and wash the fungus, and cook with persimmon and brown sugar.

Once daily for 5-6 days.

  Large intestine banana tree core soup: 250 grams of pig large intestine head, banana tree core amount.

Wash the pig’s large intestine and banana core, chopped it, put it in the pot and cook it, and add the right amount of seasoning.

1 dose daily for 7 days.

  Blackfish papaya soup: 150g of black fish, 3 cloves of garlic, 15g of papaya

Remove fish from scales and offal and cook with garlic and papaya.

Take 1 dose daily for several days.

  There are many recipes for food to treat hemorrhoids. In fact, there are not many ways to treat hemorrhoids, but the implementation and effect. Most hemorrhoids are bad.

Are you McDull?

Are you “McDull”?

The McDull in the cartoon is an ordinary pig. It has no family worth showing off, no extraordinary ingenuity, and is usually inconspicuous.
But McDull was not troubled by it. It was down-to-earth, full of optimism, and lived a simple and happy life.
In reality, there are a group of people similar to McDull. Born in the 1980s, they have an ordinary background. They sweat and struggle in big cities and work hard in silence to realize their dreams step by step.
They are the object of another new term on the Internet-“McDulls”, specifically referring to the post-80s struggle group in big cities.
  Who is the “McDull”?
  The so-called “McDulls” refers to a group of ordinary little people born in the 1980s.
Unlike the “rich second generation”, they do not have a prominent family background, they struggle hard in the city and run for their livelihood, which is a typical grassroots class.
In everything you do, the dream of buying a house or a car must be achieved through your own efforts.
  3 characteristics of “McDulls”: The word “McDulls” quickly became popular on the Internet after its birth. Netizens specifically summarized several characteristics of this group.
  ”Three Nos”: “Not waiting”, “Don’t” and “Don’t rely on” are the primary criteria for judging the “McDulls”.
The “McDulls” after the 80s completely rely on their own down-to-earth struggle to find a place in the big cities. They have no parental relationships to rely on. They will never reach out to their families for material help after work.We also send regular living expenses to support our parents.
  Positive optimism: Although the huge pressures of life often make them breathless, the “McDulls” always maintain the optimism of McDull in the cartoon: Do not yield to reality, difficult setbacks can not obliterate their simple and beautiful dreams.
“Stay calm in brutal competition and find your own life track.”
  Want to have a room: “McDulls” hope to work hard to make a difference, taking root in a big city is their biggest dream.
Or save money to prepare for the down payment, or save money and save money for the house, and work hard for it.
  The “McDulls” are striving for happiness. “House prices are nearly 10,000. Little people who have worked hard in big cities have become McDulls. How easy is it to find a place to stay?”
A netizen “walking rivers and lakes” posted a self-proclaimed “McDulls”, and he expressed his views on the complaints on the Internet: “I am a student who came out of the countryside. After working in Beijing for many years, I understand that I can only rely on myself.
After my efforts, I also bought a residence in a big city.
He believes that as long as he is positive and persistent, the “McDulls” will also live happily.
  Many “McDull” netizens think that the lyrics of “Mortal Song” “when have you seen this world change for people .” can best reflect their state of mind.
“It’s really helpless to be helpless in big cities, but complaining can only add to the trouble.
The world will not change for the sake of individuals. Only by constantly working hard can we win happiness.

How to control the amount of milk

How to control the amount of milk

One of the biggest shortcomings of breastfeeding is not knowing how much milk your baby eats, whether your baby is eating too much or not enough.

  Some mothers use their baby’s milk time to approximate the amount of milk the baby eats. Many doctors and nurses also teach this, but sometimes the baby is sucking dry and does not swallow milk. These dry times are important for judging.It’s useless for your baby to eat a lot of milk, but what is really useful is to watch how long your baby swallows.

  For example, the baby sucked for two minutes at first, let him lie down a little, the baby began to swallow milk, swallowed one mouthful, two minutes later, two swallows, and one minute later, three or four swallows.

Then, the baby continued to suck for three minutes, let him lie down again, and let the baby swallow for two minutes.

In this way, the baby sucks in the mother’s arms for a total of more than ten minutes, and the real swallowing milk is only five or six minutes.

  When a new mother begins to breastfeed, the baby sucks continuously, and the time to truly swallow milk is generally shorter.

Therefore, don’t mistake your baby for a long time because you have nipples for a long time.

With each feeding, the baby swallows the milk for ten minutes (three or four times during which the baby lay down to swallow the milk), and the baby generally eats well.

  If your baby is still hungry, you should let your baby continue to eat.

If your baby vomits his nipples during swallowing, it may be that the baby is tired, so let him breathe before he can eat.

If the baby sucks dry and spit it out when swallowing rarely, it usually means that the baby is full or needs to pat.

At this time, if the breast is soft to the touch, it means that it is clear.

If it is larger and firmer than when no milk is available, it means that the baby with breast cancer on this side has not yet eaten it. The next time you breastfeed, the breast on this side must be fed to the baby first, and even if the other side is milked, it is the mostSo eat the unfinished milk here first.

Anti-deafness with self-massage

Anti-deafness with self-massage

Tuina massage has always been a common method for the Chinese nation to strengthen health, prevent and treat diseases, and prolong life. It has the characteristics of “experience, convenience, and cheapness”. It is not limited by equipment, environment, and other conditions. It does not require needles or medicine.That can achieve the purpose of eliminating disease and strengthening.

In terms of healthy ears and deafness, our ancestors left a lot of valuable massage methods.

The ancient and modern ear anti-deaf hearing massage methods are included as follows: Ming Tian drum: The palms of both hands are pressed against the ear hole, and the middle and index fingers are placed on the back of the head and gently tapped to make the ear rumbling like a drum sound, each timeTap 36 times.

  Press the tympanic membrane: gently insert the index finger of both hands into the ear hole to pull out the ear canal completely occluded; or pull the palm of both hands tightly against the auricle and pull it out suddenly, you can feel the tympanic membrane activity and ear popping 20 times.

  Ear sweeping outline: Put the palms in front of the ears, flat on both ends, and rub them back evenly. After rubbing the ears, push the backs of the ears from behind the ears. Repeat 18 times, appearing in both ears.Feel the heat as well.

  Molar wheel: Use food, rub the Momo up and down along the edge of the ear contour up and down 36 times, causing the pinna to become hot.

  Rub the earlobe: Rub with both hands, thumb and belly, rub the earlobe separately, first gently rub the earlobe for half a minute, change the redness and fever, then hold the earlobe to tilt to the right, then let go, let the earlobe return to its original shape, repeat 10 times.

  Press the listening palace: Use your forefinger and belly to contract the listening palace acupoint in the depression in front of the ear when you open your mouth, step in for 3 seconds and release, repeat 20 times.

  The above method is normal and easy to do. Middle-aged and elderly friends can do it once a day, morning and evening. Persistence will help increase blood circulation in the inner ear, delay hearing aging, and correct deafness and tinnitus.

How to empty the shopping cart on double 11 is a good deal-a gift package for parents can do this

How to clear the shopping cart on Double 11?

Gift packages for parents can do this

The annual Double Eleven will arrive as scheduled, and in a blink of an eye, Double Eleven has reached its tenth year.

In this decade, we also seem to be able to grow together through this shopping carnival. From the beginning, I did n’t understand the rules, and now through the battles, I am a mathematician every double eleven, from various coupons., Full deduction, calculate the most cost-effective price in the deposit. On this carnival shopping day, while buying your favorite baby at the most cost-effective price, don’t forget to buy some discounts and practical things for parents on Double Eleven.
  November is the winter of autumn and winter. The immunity of the elderly in the home is likely to decline, especially the hypertension. The elderly in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are more likely to lose their immunity in this sensitive season. Panax notoginseng replaces notoginsenoside, notoginseng glucose,Heparin, flavonoids and other active ingredients have functions of lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar, and improving the body’s immune function.

Compared with other traditional Chinese medicine product indexes, its effect is irreplaceable. There is no substitute. The effect is obvious. It is also very simple and convenient to take. Taking Sanqi powder in autumn and winter can prevent and treat hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Frequent illnesses.

  To play the magical effect of Panax notoginseng, it is also necessary to choose the right Panax notoginseng powder. Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng powder focuses on the quality of Panax notoginseng powder.

In order to ensure the content of Panax notoginseng, Baiyun Mountain and Huang spent huge sums of money to build a GAP planting base in Wenshan, Yunnan, to ensure the most authentic medicinal materials and ensure the quality of Panax notoginseng from the source.

  In addition, the production technology of Sanqi powder in Baiyun Mountain is also very good. It is the first Sanqi powder produced by the dual technology of ultra-micro and low-temperature pulverization. The pulverization time is strictly controlled.More conducive to the body’s full absorption.

  At the same time, it also drafted international standards, using DNA sequencing technology and a medicinal source tracing system to better control the quality of Baiyunshan Sanqi powder and severely prevent inferior products from entering the market.

  On the shopping day of Double Eleven, Baiyunshan Sanqi Fan also joined the ranks of discounts, and staged a pre-sale triple gift ceremony.

At 00:00 on October 20?
During 22:00 on November 20th, as long as you enter the flagship store, a prepayment of 60 yuan can be offset by 90 yuan in cash, and the internal consumption of 400 yuan in the shop can be reduced by 60 yuan, and you can get a mask worth 50 yuan for each purchase., A lot of benefits, value for money, in the shopping cart for parents to add Baiyunshan Sanqi powder is a good choice, discounts and practical.

This article only represents the author’s opinion, and does not represent the opinion of the old Chinese medicine health network. If it involves copyright issues, please contact the administrator to delete it!

American children take death education class

American children take “death education” class

When bad things happen, we will subconsciously keep silent in front of the child, trying to isolate disaster, horror, darkness, etc. from the child’s world to avoid being hurt.
In fact, the best protection is for the family to tell the child bad news and teach him how to face reality.
This is the case for American parents. They will allow children to receive the right death education from childhood, let children treat life and death correctly without any shadow, and improve the quality of life by achieving more meaningful things.
  Many families in the United States have pets, and the death of pets is the first “bad news” that many children encounter.
Parents will tell the child directly that it will never come back, but there are many ways to commemorate it, such as giving it a funeral, collecting pet’s favorite items, and keeping it at home.
  When children sometimes forget that their pets have died, and when they ask “why hasn’t they come back”, American parents will tell their children firmly: “If you die, you will never come back again,” so that your child knows “death.”What’s going on, let him endure the whole process: from pain, disbelief, and slow acceptance to finding and restoring new happiness.
  Kindergartens and elementary and middle schools in the United States have specialized “death education” classes.
Teachers help children understand death correctly based on life events, such as the death of a small animal raised in a kindergarten, and the death of a sick student in the class.
  The teacher will let the child sit around him, tell the child bad news in a simple and clear way, and explain unambiguously: death is the fact that we will never come back, no matter how hurt we are, we cannot change this.
The teacher will take the child to commemorate it in various ways, and sometimes arrange a special time to bring everyone together and remember the past, so that the child learns to forget and treasure in the process.
  In addition, the school will invite professional funeral staff or intensive care nurses to give their children a unique “death class”.
“Specially invited experts” will discuss the real situation of the death with the children, and let the children simulate the death of their loved ones in a car accident and other situations, so that they experience the desolation of suddenly becoming orphans.
Teach them to cope with grief emotions: honestly accept “bad news”, release their emotions, improve their ability to resist setbacks, and establish a healthy attitude to life.
In the process, the child develops true emotions towards death.
  Chinese parents are often worried that their children will be hit in the process and cannot bear it, but American parents believe that this is their necessary growth process. If something, such as the divorce of a parent, the death of a loved one, is a blow to the child, butThat is also a real fact.
Since appearing in his life, then he has the responsibility and the need to actively assume and face, and grow quickly, rather than fail.
  Of course, parental companionship is essential in this process.
The school and the family will maintain communication to ensure that the child’s emotions are given special and timely care.
Parents will grieve with their children and tell their children that death is unavoidable and sadness is a normal manifestation, but there are more things in life, we must be grateful and cherish, and then move on.

Hair care tips to make hair more beautiful

Hair care tips to make hair more beautiful

No matter the perfect man or the beautiful mm, everyone wants to have a black and beautiful hair, and the hair completely affects a person’s appearance and temperament, of course, it can certainly reflect the health of the human body.Because of poor blood circulation, the pigment cells in the hair follicles cannot get nutrients and can no longer be produced by melanin.

How to make hair black?

Here we will teach you a few small methods: Grasping the hair to make the white hair black: Following the angle of the head, grasp the root of the hair with both hands at the same time, lift your fingers slightly.

Stay 4?
After 5 seconds, slowly release your fingers.

Fingers must be completely relaxed before starting to grasp the roots again.

If you feel pain, it means that the meridians in this place are dual, so you can catch the pain or relieve the pain.

  Guanyuan Point Shiatsu Massage Hair: Guan Yuan Point Location: 4 fingers below the umbilicus.

Hold your four fingers against the abdomen, open the tiger’s mouth, and press the thumb and abdomen to press down.
After 6cm, the fingertip strength is slightly zigzag, stay for 7?
After 8 seconds, slowly release your fingers.
Fingers must be completely relaxed, then start again, until no pain or pain relief.

  Shiatsu massage on the head: finger force is deep 5?
After 6cm, the strength of the fingertips is grasped slightly, and the fingers are slowly relaxed.

Fingers must be completely relaxed, then start again, until no pain or pain relief.

Massage is good for activating the blood circulation of the whole head and clearing the air nodes.

Not only can it activate the cells and make the hair nourish, it can also relieve any discomfort in the head.

For example: headache, dizziness, swollen head, dullness, forgetfulness, unclear thoughts and care for hair: carefully choose shampoo, Polygonum multiflorum, shampoo made by ginger, all are good choices.

Condition your hair before shampooing.

Choose an anion hair dryer to minimize damage to your hair.

After shampooing, apply some bitter tea oil to my hair. This is my 80-year-old grandmother’s secret recipe for hair care!

If you have a lot of dandruff, please wipe the scalp with lemon juice after shampooing to relieve the dandruff.

Bald people can use cream essential oil to condition the base oil (10ml base oil and 2 drops of essential oil), and apply massage on the place without hair follicles until the place is hot. The purpose is to make the blood flow and hair regenerate.

  Foods that are good for black hair: Polygonum multiflorum, black sesame, black dates, black beans, black chicken, angelica, nut foods, peanuts, red dates, kernels, sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, dried longan . At ordinary times, you can use Polygonum multiflorum and Angelica stew,Or drink Polygonum multiflorum as tea.

Eat 2 a week?
3 times.

You can also eat black sesame paste or black soybean milk alternately every day.