Summer solstice health: heat and summer recipes


Summer solstice health: heat and summer recipes

Lead: June 22 is the summer solstice, TCM health believes that the summer solstice solar energy into the most prosperous time of yang, this season’s health care, to adapt to the characteristics of summer yangsheng, pay attention to protect yang; diet should be light, not fatSweet and fragrant.

Here are two health recipes for the summer solstice heat-clearing summer.

Stir-fried purslane material: purslane, salad oil, salt, ginger, garlic (white skin), sesame oil practice: 1, wash the purslane, cut into 3 cm long, into the boiling water pot after drowningDrain, drain the water; garlic, ginger and minced.

2, set the pot on the fire, put the salad oil, burn to 70% heat, ginger, minced garlic, add the salt and stir fry evenly, add the sesame oil, and serve the pan.

Efficacy: Purslane is also called longevity dish in the folk.

This dish has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, diluting water and dampness, dispersing blood and cooling blood; adapting to eyesight, cardiovascular disease, nephritis edema, heat toxic diarrhea, blood in the stool, hemorrhoids bleeding.

Note: The purslane is used with the armor.

Seaweed green bean ribs soup materials: pork ribs, seaweed, mung bean, ginger, pepper practice: 1, small ribs, ginger patted, seaweed soaked washed, mung bean soaked.

2, the pot is filled with water, ribs, ginger and the amount of pepper to cook.

After the water is boiled, the foam is removed.

3, cook for about 1 hour, under the mung bean.

After about half an hour, the laver is boiled, and after boiling, it is simmered for about 1 hour.

4, before the bowl, add some salt and chicken essence according to personal taste.

Efficacy: appetizing detoxification, clearing heat and water.