What snacks do children eat healthy?


5 kinds of snacks to eat in summer

What snacks do children eat healthy?
5 kinds of snacks to eat in summer

There are many advantages to eating yogurt in the summer. There are many advantages to drinking yogurt in children: 150ml of yogurt per day can meet one-third of the energy and calcium required in a day; lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can regulate the normal flora of the body.To promote digestion; galactose contains galactose, which is a component of the brain, the brain system of cerebrosides. Drinking yoghurt can promote brain development.

It is generally recommended that children drink a cup of yogurt one hour after a meal, which is good for growth and development.

Although dried fruit often has news reports that dangerous fruit is stuck in the throat of the baby, it is undeniable that the dried fruit has a very high nutritional value, but the walnut can eat the brain and enhance the memory. The peanuts, melon seeds and pistachios are rich in essential fatty acids.The content of the elements, the zinc content of almonds is very high, the cashew nuts can provide high quality traces, blood circulation and so on, we can not waste food.

It is generally recommended not to eat nuts directly under the age of 3, but you can cook the nuts or fry them into powder to give them to your baby.

Fruits or fruit juices are rich in vitamins and minerals. When your baby eats, it can promote appetite and help digestion.

The time to eat fruit is stressful. Eating before eating has a feeling of fullness affecting appetite. Eating after eating is not conducive to digestion and absorption. It is generally recommended to eat between meals.

The type of fruit depends on the season. In summer, you can eat watermelon, melon, peach, grape, summer orange, plum, etc., but pay attention to the amount of food should not be too much, especially some cold and easy to get angry.

The juice is best freshly squeezed, which is more nutritious than the processed juices that are currently bought.

Bread and cakes are more healthy than fresh biscuits and cakes, and can also be used as baby snacks.

However, because these foods have a certain sense of fullness, take up time away from the dinner, in general, tea time (3-4 points) is a good choice.

For children who don’t like to eat, bread and cake are good choices to supplement energy, but for the chubby pier that loves to eat, bread and cake must be controlled to avoid excessive energy and continue to gain weight.

Summer syrup is hot and sweaty in summer. Many people will eat some summer syrup, such as mung bean soup, sago dew, white fungus soup, sweet potato powder and so on.

Mothers may wish to do some sugar water for the baby as a snack, you can mix the ingredients yourself, the baby will love it very much.

It should be noted that the syrup can be used at room temperature, it is best not to eat cold, so as not to be too cold.

Children’s summer diet should be moderate and reasonable.