How many people say that they are healthy, but the body is light


How many people say that they are healthy, but the body is “light”

Some people died when they were 50 years old, but they lived their self, lived a height of life, and realized self-worth. Some people lived to 100 years old but could not find the meaning of life, turbid and terrible demons.

We don’t want to hear the unfortunate news, but we always have bad dreams around us. We have bad news from time to time in our circle of friends. We are forwarding all kinds of love crowdfunding. Our living standards are getting higher and higher, butWhy is the resistance of our physique so bad that it is always late at the beginning.

We always become vulnerable in the face of illness. A living person, no more, no more, no warning, we always think that we are still young, we have the youthful capital of squandering, because we are young, all of usIt doesn’t matter if you are ignoring our lives, but you don’t know how you treat your body. One day, the body will give you feedback.

Our young body is not worth mentioning in front of the disease and death.

I always hear older people say, how good young people are, what they want to do, but no one has ever told us to live well, cherish everything in front of us, when one day we are lying in a hospital bed, even downWalking on the bed has become our most expensive luxury accessory.

We are all ordinary people. The family is not a family. We are accidentally hit by the disease. The ruin is the material that the family has earned in a lifetime. It is how many families have been ruined. How many misfortunes there are.

The body is our only capital, not young, we love our body well, we are responsible for ourselves, and we are responsible for our family. This pain is unbearable pain.

When you live to a certain age, you will know that it is never young to decide the height of life, but that you have a healthy body.

Lose your impetuousness, don’t always think that you are still young now, don’t convince yourself to use your parents to give your body the capital to settle for your own vanity. There are many ways to get happiness, but exchange it with health.Happiness is the most stupid one.

Think about the old parents at home, think about the children at home, now you are their spiritual ability, you are gone, earning more money, it is the cruelest behavior for them, don’t use health for wealth, becauseYou can’t experience that kind of pain, and this pain will cause pain in your life. Nothing in the world can be happier than a family. You earn one million a day and one hundred a day.Life is the same, nothing more than three meals a day, but laughter is priceless.

This world gives us the right to live, but if you live up to this kindness, one day the good will be replaced, and the one you squander will soon be punished.

Take good care of your body, don’t make a bet on the happiness of your family, maybe you can go back and ask, what do they want most?

Health and wealth are the most important, maybe you can find your answer.

Many people say that there is a lot of pressure in this social life, but in fact, I think that this pressure is actually for myself. The external pressure can cause you to be small, compare it with less, and pay more attention to the value of the individual.The value of money has never been measured by money. This personal value actually refers to how much joy you can bring to others, not sadness.

Exercise your body well, love your body, don’t always stay on your lips, maybe you exercise a little more, love your body a little more, the disease will be far away from you.