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Didi Shunfeng Car Launched the Shunlu Colleague Function

Didi Shunfeng Car Launched the “Shunlu Colleague” Function
On March 11th, Didi Shunfeng Motor announced that it will launch the “Shunlu Colleagues” function urgently to open authorization for enterprises or units in need, helping you solve the problem of safe and convenient travel during special periods.The announcement shows that both self-driving owners and passengers can identify co-travel colleagues through tags in the itinerary list after authorization, and invite colleagues to travel together.At the same time, in order to meet the user’s travel needs at different levels, the authorized company will extend the service time from 5:00 to 23:00, and all enterprise users who meet the “no safety complaints within one year and pass the night scene learning exam” are allowed to use.Didi said that he will actively listen to the opinions of all parties and gradually release more scenes.In addition, Didi Shunfeng has launched a number of anti-epidemic measures, including vehicle owners and passengers who need to make a health check before daily travel; they need to put on an entrance mask to travel.The platform will also conduct spot checks through AI intelligent identification methods; establish offline disinfection points in cities where trial operations are opened to provide vehicle disinfection services for vehicle owners for free; provide special insurance against new coronary pneumonia for drivers and passengers, and provide good health protection.Sauna, Yewang. Note that in November 2019, Didi Shunfeng gradually returned, and launched trial operations in cities such as Taiyuan, Changzhou, Harbin, Beijing, Wuhan, Foshan, Nanchang, and Changsha.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Wang Yu proofreading Liu Jun

30 points difference missed the finals, Lin Dan rushed to the Olympic President

30 points difference missed the finals, Lin Dan rushed to the Olympic President
Lin Dan’s competition for Tokyo’s qualifications is still grim.Data Map / Visual China Lin Dan lost to Changshan Gantai in the men ‘s singles final of the World Badminton Professional Tournament Korea Gwangju Masters Tournament and missed the finals by 30 points.With 5950 points on this site, he temporarily returned to the top 16 of the Olympic standings, but the competition for Tokyo’s qualifications is still grim.The last time Lin Dan participated in the Badminton Finals was in 2011, and it is currently likely to be the only finals in his career.At that time he won Chen Long (2 times), Taufik, Tian Erxian and Gade won the championship, losing only 1 game in 5 games.And this year, he most needed to participate in the finals, but the final difference is very small, missed at least 6600 points.Before this site, Lin Dan ranked 21st in the Olympic standings, but after finishing second at this site, his ranking will temporarily return to the top 16.This is also the first time that Lin Dan has received the most points after the Tokyo Olympics.After failing to meet the annual finals, Lin Dan’s task this year also came to an end.After the start of the Olympic points competition, he lost to the Sudirman Cup, and the second round of the World Championships was the worst personal record. The two most important competitions in the first half of the competition scored very few points.Of the 11 open tournaments he participated in, 5 of them suffered a “round tour.”Looking forward to next year, the Olympic points to the finals of the Asian Championships, before this is almost all open, the most important thing is the All England Championship in March, leaving Lin Dan only 4 months.If Shi Yuqi recovers smoothly, he will catch up soon.At the same time, opponents from other associations will also pay close attention to grab points, and Lin Dan will face more intense internal and external competition.