Into the autumn health law: water and anti-drying


Into the autumn health law: water and anti-drying

Although the weather has entered the autumn, but the high temperature in the summer is completely gone, you need to beware of the “autumn tiger” Yu Wei attack.

Health experts said that at this time in the summer and autumn alternate stage, the public should not only continue to prevent heat, but also pay attention to hydration, anti-dry and nursed back to health.

銆€銆€Key words 1- Hydration Dr. Yan Suchun, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, said that white-collar workers in the office often 鈥渄rink the wrong water鈥? which is very hot in summer. Many white-collar workers often eat too much or too much pearl milk tea and carbonated drinks, even everyDaily drinks are used instead of water, which is not good for your health.

What kind of hydration method is the healthiest?

銆€銆€A, the most nutritious direct hydration method: when the homemade porridge soup is alternating between summer and autumn, the best way to replenish water is to drink liquid and semi-liquid foods such as porridge, glutinous rice, soup, pulp, etc. without ice, which contain a small amount of starch.There are B vitamins, minerals and a small amount of protein, amino acids and so on.

At the same time, porridge soup can also promote the secretion of digestive juice, which is conducive to maintaining a better digestion and absorption function in the summer and avoiding the lack of nutrients.

Room temperature porridge soup will not stimulate the vasoconstriction caused by the stomach, and the slightly hot porridge soup can promote perspiration, which is more conducive to body heat dissipation than iced cold drinks.

銆€銆€B, the quickest and most convenient way to replenish water: Drinking a refreshing drink containing caffeine should not be used as a hydrating drink.

Caffeine increases calcium excretion and increases the risk of kidney stones.

Carbonated drinks reduce the amount of perspiration of the skin, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.

In addition, the nutritional value of carbonated drinks is extremely low.

Therefore, under the benchmark, the beverage should preferably be low in sugar and decaffeinated.

In the hot weather, you can prepare some electrolyte drinks, that is, low-sugar drinks containing some potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. These drinks are relatively beneficial to hydration.

銆€銆€C, the most delicious and varied hydrating method: eating fruit, young white-collar workers like to use fruits instead of dinner, and it is not advisable to lose weight by fruit alone. The body lacks protein for a long time, and the essential fatty acids and carbohydrates are bound to cause boring nutrition and even causeCertain diseases.

Some people prefer to use fruits instead of vegetables. The vitamin content of fruits is much higher than that of vegetables. The content of vitamin C in cabbage and spinach is 10 times higher than that of apples, peaches and other fruits.

Experts remind that eating fruits should follow the eight-character principle, that is, fresh, seasonal, multiple, and appropriate.

銆€銆€Key words 2 – anti-dry autumn dryness, easy to hurt the body fluid, so try to eat less onions, ginger, garlic, leeks, peppers and other spicy flavors as well as spicy, fried, wine and dried puffed foods and other flavorsThings, eat more sour fruits and vegetables to help the liver.

According to the principle of health care of Chinese medicine “dryness and moist”, you can eat more honey, sesame, dairy and other foods that have nourishing yin, moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach, and promoting the function of the intestinal mucosa and interaction; even takingXuanfei Huatan, Ziyin Yiqi Chinese medicine, such as ginseng, sand ginseng, American ginseng, lily, almond, Chuanbei, etc., can help relieve autumn dryness; relieve spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, can take spleenLotus seeds, yam, lentils and other foods that supplement the stomach.

In addition, autumn is also a good season for infectious diseases, so pay special attention to hygiene.

White-collar workers with poor constitution can eat some preventive Chinese medicines, such as Banlangen, Purslane and other frying agents, which can supplement the epidemic of colitis and dysentery.

銆€銆€Key words 3 – nursed back to health in autumn, can not be separated from the principle of “receiving, raising”.

In other words, autumn health must highlight a “support” word.

At the turn of the summer and autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature is high and low, which is often the “winter event” with multiple diseases.

In response to the climatic characteristics of this period, it is necessary to take care of the heat while eating and drinking.

銆€銆€Spiritual care should be done in peace, peace of mind, peace of mind, and avoid sadness and sadness.

When you are hot in the afternoon, you should reduce your going out. You can drink a refreshing and soothing green bean soup. When you are in trouble, keep your peace and peace.

銆€銆€When you sleep in the early autumn and autumn, do not blow air conditioning, electric fans, or sleep against the doors and windows, avoid cold winds, it is best to add a blanket or thin quilt.

銆€銆€Diet can be properly eaten with sesame, glutinous rice, previously rice, honey, alfalfa, pineapple, dairy and other soft foods, to benefit the stomach.

Eat more acidic foods (hepatic five-flavored main acid) to enhance the function of the kidneys, such as apples, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, carambola, grapefruit, lemon, hawthorn and so on.

銆€銆€The morning after exercise is the best time to exercise. It is very important to do psychological adjustment. It is a good way to actively participate in sports. Jogging and walking can make your mood cheerful.