Middle-aged life must also be accompanied by sex


Middle-aged life must also be accompanied by sex

Women, especially those in middle-aged women, have “headaches”, “no spirits”, and “neurasthenia”, which are actually caused by lack of sexual life or too little orgasm.

However, due to the shackles of traditional ideas, many women do not know this. They think that they have really got a strange disease, or they are blamed for the unsatisfactory work, the housework is too tired, and the children are not worried.

These women are often more irritated, embarrassed and troublesome than others in their daily lives.

銆€銆€With the gradual expansion of sexual knowledge, some women began to include what they lacked in sexual life and sexual orgasm.

However, within the existing marriage and family, she is unable to unilaterally change this situation.

As a result, she will reimburse her husband for compensation in all other aspects of life.

銆€銆€Men, especially middle-aged men, have the opposite situation.

Many people who are busy with various undertakings are often due to excessive mental burden and long-term backlog of psychological fatigue, resulting in a decline in their sexual desire.

They have a lot in mind, but they don’t say it.

Because he knows: If you are reluctant to give up your career, this low sexual desire cannot be solved fundamentally.

Some better men will try their best to make up for it in other aspects. The most common is to improve themselves in terms of name and profit. Killing makes his wife feel that his wife is a wife, and there is light in his body, which also conceals the contradiction in sexual life.

If it is a husband who lacks responsibility or does not take a woman at all, it is more likely to be “broken and broken” and more indifferent and alienated from marriage and family.

銆€銆€The most tortured person in life is that it always adds two separate disappointments to the same couple.

銆€銆€Therefore, the author does not have a panacea, but only wants to advise such unfortunate couples: Do not be sexual, you should come to some “urban encircling the city.”

The wife begins with an initiative to improve the atmosphere of family life and assists her husband in relieving the psychological pressure of the cause.

Husbands must make a life choice that they face in the morning and evening: What is more important to you?

If you choose a career, it is best not to delay a woman.

If you still agree that sex is not something you are solely responsible for, or is related to the happiness of another person, then please gradually relax from other aspects of life until you can replace the marriage with the kind of enthusiasm of the healing cause, husband and wife and sex.in.

鈻睸emen allergies, must wear a set of people allergic to peanuts, some people are allergic to pollen, and people are allergic to men’s semen — this is not a joke.

銆€銆€A female reader told me that as long as her husband does not wear a condom and she has sex, she will suddenly have a chest tightness, a burning sensation in the vagina, and itching.

These symptoms come quickly and go quickly. After the supplement, they will disappear automatically.

Some people say that symptoms appear only after a few years of marriage, such as vaginal or perineal edema, itchy itch, heart palpitations, and even nausea and vomiting.

These are all manifestations of semen allergy.

銆€銆€Male semen contains dozens of specific antigens from sperm and seminal plasma that are not found in other tissues in the body.

Some male semen antigens are particularly antigenic. If a woman happens to be allergic, a series of reactions will occur after the same room.

Symptoms often vary from person to person and vary in severity.

Sometimes, women may only be allergic to certain men’s semen, or they may be sensitive to all semen; sometimes, even if men correct condoms or do not ejaculate in the vagina, women will still have these symptoms.

銆€銆€For those women who have been married for many years and have sudden allergies, it may be that their hormone levels have changed. They choose to start a new method of contraception, undergo a hysterectomy or pregnancy, etc.; if a man is taking a certain medicine or eatingSome foods, such as penicillin or peanuts, can also cause allergies in women.

銆€銆€If a woman is allergic to semen, she must use a condom during sex to minimize the risk of allergies.

At the same time, you should go to the hospital in time.

It should also be reminded that women should try to find allergens and brake symptomatic treatment when checking.