Fujian athlete Yao Jinnan wins two gold medals at the 2014 National Gymnastics Championships_1

2014 National Gymnastics Championships Fujian athlete Yao Jinnan won two gold medals
Minnan.com May 13th In the 2014 National Gymnastics Championships and the 45th World Gymnastics Championship Test in Nanning Antiques, Guangxi, Fujian athlete Yao Jinnan, who had just won the women’s personal all-around championship, continued to perform well yesterday with 15.637 points won the women’s uneven bars championship.Last year’s World Championship champion Huang Huidan and last year’s 12th National Games champion Shang Chunsong took 15.300 points tied for second.Today, Yao Jinnan will play the balance beam and free exercise projects, the main highlight is Shang Chunsong.  Yesterday, Yao Jinnan still did not use “Mo Flip”.Her movements are the same as in the preliminaries, with difficulty 7.0 is the highest in the game, the whole action is done in one go, very smooth, only a small jump when landing.After the match, Yao Jinnan’s coach Wang Qunce said: “Just now, after removing the’Mo Flip’, Yao Jinnan’s uneven bars still belong to the world’s leading level.””Mo Flip” is one of the most difficult moves in women’s gymnastics.This year the International Sports Federation Women’s Gymnastics Technical Committee re-confirmed the women’s gymnastics movements finely, even if they did not fail, they will still be 0.3 points deduction point.If Yao Jinnan took this action again at this year’s World Championships, it would be more than worth the loss.(Reporter Shi Leilei)