How do women have liposuction?


How do women have liposuction?

Modern women use liposuction for leg weight loss. It is really because this method of weight loss is more effective, and leg liposuction is not done by everyone, so it is best to think twice before surgery.

Hospital experts will fully introduce you to the need for liposuction to lose weight in the leg, and will teach you to judge whether you need leg liposuction.

銆€銆€From the perspective of the shape of the yellow race, the mature female’s body shape is basically similar to the pear shape, that is, the upper body is thin, the lower body is obese, the wide buttocks, and the thick thighs give a heavy feeling.

According to hospital experts, the perfect body shape is the perfect combination of limbs, abdominal waist, hip circumference and chest circumference. The common lower limb obesity (that is, leg obesity) will reduce the female charm, but this part is often veryIt is very difficult to be extra, so it is necessary to use liposuction to lose weight.

銆€銆€The thigh liposuction should be combined with my temperament characteristics, the thickness of the buttocks and calves should be selected according to the appropriate shape. Usually, the legs and legs are not thick, and the muscles of the thighs can be exposed. It is faintly visible to give people a strong and powerful feeling.For those with long legs that are not thin, you need to keep some slightness, so as not to show the unevenness of the buttocks and calves in more detail, but in any case, you need to remove the excess aunt from the upper part of the thigh.Slender.
銆€銆€If you have a lot of aunts, the aunt who hangs down the thighs of the legs will make your image inferior.

銆€銆€Hospital experts have not thought that the center of the thigh is surrounded by strong and powerful skeletal muscles. The thigh’s aunt’s distribution is often uneven. When the front side is slightly stacked, the front side of the thigh is like an arched bulge, and the side and back sides are slightly stacked.Long sagging general knee thighs are particularly short, when the thighs knees are slightly stacked, there will be uncomfortable troubles when the two legs are rubbed in summer.