Three carcinogenic foods should be careful to eat as much as suicide


Three carcinogenic foods should be careful to eat as much as suicide

The so-called disease from the mouth, especially cancer, due to lack of diet, mouth and food, the last case of cancer is everywhere, it can be said that the first line of defense against cancer is the mouth!

Manage your mouth and control your diet to be effective in transcending cancer. If you are only gluttonous and overeating, cancer is not far from you.

Three kinds of carcinogenic foods should be careful 1, eating warm foods, so-called warm foods, one refers to directly known high temperature, too hot foods, such as hot soup, batter, etc.; the other refers to Chinese medicineWarm foods such as alcohol in the division of medicinal properties.

Because it is too spicy, it is easy to damage the mucosal epithelial cells of the digestive tract, so foods of this nature are most likely to induce tumors of the digestive system.

2, five-flavored Chinese medicine believes that the diet should be mixed with five flavors, sweet, bitter, sour, spicy, salty foods should be adequate to eat, any partial eclipse can cause disease.

Among the factors that cause tumors, it is a common factor that the fat is too thick and too salty.

3, edible denatured food Aflatoxin toxin has been recognized as the most serious carcinogen, and aflatoxin toxins in moldy grains, corn, peanuts, the bacteria become growing and breeding in a warm, close environment, researchIt has been found to induce a variety of tumors in experimental animals, a factor that contributes to the high incidence of cancer in some parts of Asia and Africa.

In today’s society, the incidence of cancer is getting higher and higher, and the types of cancer are increasing. Cancer is a major disease that threatens human health. Anti-cancer engineering is not a day’s work. It is necessary to understand what can’t be eaten, but also to understandAnti-cancer foods in life, through the mix of diet, cancer is shut out.

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